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Tuesday 2 August 2011

STACKED (02/08/11)

An odd day yesterday. Very humid and the rain that materialised did nothing to clear the oppressive heat. My son called round, I took the dogs a couple of walks and then settled down to some macro malarkey.

These images are focus stacked and some have worked better than others.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALady’s Bedstraw…..Not a good one.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACommon Birds-Foot-Trefoil…… I still didn’t manage to get front to back sharpness……..I quite like this one.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARagwort………….Why this sort of ghosting happens I’ve not yet worked out.  Not horrible but definitely strange.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAField Scabious……….This is okay.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATufted Vetch…………A scruffy little plant and almost impossible to find in good condition.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   I don’t know…………….there is a better than outside chance that I didn’t know the others either so any ID help, as always, will be gratefully received.

Today I’m off out for a bit of culture………I’ll see how that turns out.



  1. Hi Adrian, last one is pineapple weed (scratch and sniff) - fascinating pictures!

  2. Phil thanks, Helicon......is an odd bit of software to use and expensive. I'll try and get my head round it.

  3. This new technique you are using is very impressive. It does bring a new depth and reality to the subjects.

  4. The Macro, very good. I must get mine out and try it. Yours is in the right hands.

  5. When I saw the title, I though............

    But, the macro is excellent. this stacking business produces some good results.

    Good luck with the culture. Summat I could do wiv.

  6. Graham, I'll keep playing around......I like the DOF.

    Bob, thanks, I like macro.

    Keith, cheers, I still haven't got it sorted.

  7. Some good work there Adrian.

    How long does it take for one image, time consuming I bet ?

  8. Well, I like very much this kind of images.
    It gives the sense of space and somehow three dimensions.
    Wonderful Adrian!

  9. even though I don't use my macro lens much, I love the results. such beautiful flowers with such unpretty names!

  10. Hi Adrian... very interesting ..stacking huh hmmmm.....if you hadn't said a thing about these photos I would just say lovely even as I think they are with you quirky humor and comments on each funny guy : }}}
    Culture..whats that...LOL ???

  11. PS I think your wrong and I hate to go against the experts...but I am positive it is a ???? mark! : }}

  12. Trevor.......it does take time and the software I find quirky. Between fifteen and thirty images for each picture then the programme lokks for sharp edges and creates layer masks....I have done it manually but it is a days job. It's power hungry so unless you have at least 4GB of Ram it would be very slow.

    Wind, the programme will develope both 3Dand animations......it's free for thirty days. There are several free programmes for focus stacking but I find them hard to use. I really admired your latest post.......perfect work.

    Norma, it's grand to look at things close up......such beauty in the detail. I didn't name them........Botanists and peasants do that.

    Grace, it keeps me out of most mischief......unfortunately not all. It's a ,,,,.

  13. My neighbours thank you for improving my flora knowledge once again !!

  14. Jay, always double check.......i tend to guess.