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Saturday 27 August 2011

THE SKIES HAVE IT (27/08/11)

Another wet night………….another wet morning. There were moments of clarity and here are four for your delectation………….feel free to slag them off if you don’t like them. I’ll just delete the negative comments. This blog tries to reflect the positive side of life.

Here we go…………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    A scene looking north from Tan Hill……………nothing special about this sky and I wasn’t close enough to get the inversion drifting up the A66 from Brough. It’s on the left just below the horizon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Looking  westish.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Pointing south and the road to Keld.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     The moor looking south.

There is a Grouse shoot this morning. The dogs thought it was wonderful with a score of Springer Spaniels to chat to. I have mixed feelings………..on the one hand shooting Red Grouse seems a little strange in this day and age. On the other the money generated provides much needed income and the land management has certainly made a perfect breeding environment for Lapwing,  Golden Plover and the Black Grouse that are colonizing the lower altitudes of the moor. They also benefit from the control of Tics and other diseases as they eat the medicated grit the keepers supply to the grouse. I’ll not sit on the fence nor sit in the heather………………I am in favour of the Grouse industry.

It’s a three band night at Tan Hill …………….I’ll get some pictures………….I’ll no doubt get tired and emotional. I’ll definitely have a sore head tomorrow.

You all have a great Bank Holiday weekend.


  1. Like the top of the world; I imagine.
    The sort of bareness I like.

    I don't agree with the shooting personally, but then it wouldn't do for everyone to have the same opinions.

    Enjoy the weekend Adrian.......I'm sure you will :-)
    I look forward to seeing some pictures; and I must get myself up there soon. No excuses now.

  2. Hi Adrian love the road one the best although the last is also very good. Have a great weekend lets prey for at least some good light. Kev

  3. I think these are good,I love big skies and the cloud formations are dramatic.Have a good weekend.

  4. This disastrous weather generates a huge variety of shades of blue,grey and green that give an amazing depth to the photos. I spend my time trying to catch the "moment" just for the pleasure of it. Skies have always fascinated me as they change, evolve and move before you have time to get your camera out of your bag (I am a woman...so my bag is huge and full of stuff...) :))
    A great set of photos once more Adrian. love the one with the suns playing in the greyish-blueish sky!

  5. HI Adrian...I don't know your problem, because I love these shot's! : }}

    My fav's are the no ending road..that's a great one for pondering....and then I like the first.

    I am on the fence when comes to the hunting thing ...I know there are pro's and con's to either way....!!

    Take it easy there with the outings...no crying in your beer and feeling like crap tomorrow !!!
    I have to go button down the hatches as the hurricane is heading my way....pick up anything that can fly away in the wind and hope the tree in the front yard doesn't fall on my house !!!
    I may be off line to for a bit if I lose my interenet service!! Oh yeah lol


  6. I love the skies, a bit cloudy I think! I don't like hunting in any form.

  7. I was going to be negative but I'd hate to be deleted - it sounds painful! I like the road to Keld best. Hope your head isn't too bad in the morning....

  8. Lovely images Adrian and even a wildlife lover like me realises what managing the shooting estates does for wildlife... I also enjoy eating meat... Have a great weekend.

  9. Beautiful images Adrian..I surely love that road into the peaceful meadows as it stops time and creates such stillness within. My dad was a game warden and I have had my share of moose, deer, pheasant, partridge, and of course hamburgers..plenty of beef from local farmers...also milk from the farmer down the road...I spent a lot of time in the woods, always loved nature and so love to hear of anyone's nature stories..Your photos always tell a wonderful story...I love how you give the clouds movement by the angle you chose! I have just got back from Las Vegas and it means a lot to me of your comments on my photos..Thanks my friend, Linda (I will plan London too in my near future and so look forward to the great photo ops there!)

  10. Beatiful landscapes photos. Well done.

  11. My pick would be the road but for some unknown reason I don't want to go where it leads. (That's not negative, is it?) I wonder why that is? Perhaps the clouds overhead are too threatening and make me want to stay put. Enjoy your night out.

  12. Keith, I don't like it but can see no alternative way of financing the upkeep of the moor.

    Kevin, thanks it will be a good weekend.

    Grace, I am fine just one more day to get through.....it is a favourite haunt of mine.

    Bob, as i said to Keith I'm not keen but at least the birds are free and well looked after through their breeding season.

    John, I don't really mind negative. The heads is fine.

    Andrew, It is a delicate balance. Pheasant shoots are a different matter with eggs being incubated and chicks caged just to be shot at. Not even much sport or challenge in the shoot. Grouse are the very devil to hit.

    Linda. many thanks......if you like cities then you could spend a year in the UK my favourite is Glasgow......superb architecture.

    Hilda, thank you very much.

    Pauline, it leads into Swaledale......I'll do another post on it.One of the better dales.

  13. The third picture is really awesome.

  14. Monica........it is the best. It could have been better. the sky had a blue hole in the clouds and I ambled as fast as possible then lost a dog so missed the lead line of the road pointing at it.

  15. Such beautiful scenery, Adrian. What a lovely area.. and very fine photography.

  16. I like the image with the road in it. Tarmac textures & definitive sky. I'm not sure if I could hack 3 pub bands !!

  17. Jay, the road is also my favourite. You don't have to listen to them all.......or all of them. I spend most of the time chatting.