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Wednesday 24 August 2011


It is still dry here but not for long looking at the clouds rolling in. We were out for sunrise but it was not very impressive. I was totally underwhelmed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    This is a panorama looking south over the Howgills…………The highest bump is Green Bell. The view east over the North Yorkshire Moors was even more depressing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     We had a long chat with this friendly and sociable Grey………….I only just managed to dissuade it from following us through the gate………………It is the same colour as the dogs so thought it had acquired two new friends. This view looks a little strange but the only way I could fit it in was on the slant……….A handsome lad, I’ll take him an apple later.

_8246450_1_2_3_4_tonemapped_edited-1I was out again at half past nine but it was too cold for butterflies so we walked down into Newbiggin-on-Lune to investigate some ponds I’d noticed on the map……………turned out they were a trout farm so of little interest to me. This image I shot in HDR it’s not a bad day as you can see. Probably just me not being in the mood. I’m not sad just not in the right frame of mind for photographs. I cheered up when I found a dozen of these…………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Shaggy Ink-cap also known as Lawyers Wig. It’s Ink cap omelette for lunch. I only took the one so more egg than lawyer………..These and Giant Puffballs are my favourite fungi.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     This one is mine……………….if you pick one it has to be eaten within an hour or two and be picked young. this one is six or seven inches tall.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       These are Stump Puff Balls………………….edible like all Puff balls but only when they are white inside. These are a long way too old. They are purported to cure cancer. The spores are a styptic so should you cut yourself shaving then a quick squeeze your chin will be covered in black dust and you will stop bleeding………..useful things.

Tomorrow I have to go shopping then it’s on to Tan Hill. I have booked in here again on Monday so I’ll get back up Smardale next week.

That’s all for today.


  1. He looks a fine horse Adrian.
    Mushrooms look good, but I don't eat them myself.
    Smoked a few in my time though.

  2. Nice photos, particularly the landscapes. Don't think I'd find the hills in the first shot depressing, even in that dull weather. The light on the clouds in your other landscape is lovely, although it's a pity about the power-lines going across!

  3. Keith, It was a grand lunch. The horse is a friendly mite.

    Jeremy, power-lines, TV aerials and wheely-bins are the bain of my life. I spend ages cloning them out.

  4. I love Ink Caps too - to photograph. Never tried eating one even though they are one of the more easily recognised species. (Yes, I'm a wimp - ever since a friend had a kidney transplant after a fungi foray dinner.)

  5. The Ink Caps are living in the right condition, and they taste really GOOD.

  6. Excellent images Adrian, Love the spotty horse!

    Be careful with those mushrooms, they can send you mad, you know!! lol. [;o)

  7. I am really looking forward to the puffballs next month Adrian... a lovely free breakfast sliced and fried.
    Lovely images of your day.

  8. HI Adrain...I am more than a bit behind , but my daughter came to visit, and spent the night and today!
    I don't do any mushroom unless it comes from a store....they a nice to photograph though!!
    Puff Balls we loved to step on and see the dust fly when we where kids ...I have been known to do that now : }}
    Beauty of a horse ..liked his color and angle!!

    Happy tripping

  9. I see the secret of your humour is in the mushrooms. The Howgills ... I've no excuse for going but I need to force myself to do it sometime.

  10. Yes of course we are in mushrooms season as well. There are not very many where I am, wonder if it has to do with the chalky subsoil?
    Anyway nice photos as usual Adrian.
    Hope you enjoyed your omelette! :)

  11. I like those landscapes, cloudy or no. I've never dared eat a wild mushroom, I'm glad identifying them isn't a lost art.

  12. John, I only eat the ones I'm sure about. Most are not seriously deadly. Field mushrooms and Horse mushrooms I find I get mixed up. The latter give one awful stomach cramps.

    Bob, they are a favourite....I'll get some more next week.

    Trevor I suspect they have already.

    Grace, Puff balls have to be very young to eat. These horses are known as Flee Bitten Greys.

    Jay, I'm back next week so will have a look at the Howgills given a reasonable day.

    Dee Bee, it's only just the start of fungi season. The omelette was very good. Thanks.

    JoLynne, It's easier in France you just take them into a pharmacy and they tell you if they are poisonous.