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Friday 26 August 2011


A nasty wet day so I’ve been stacking macros with mixed success. I’ll start with larger as it’s the worst.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I also know what it is………………..It’s a Thistle………. a very prickly one. This is thirty images combined in Helicon Focus.

Yesterday or maybe the day before I promised Heather so here it is……………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Far fewer images went into this as the depth of field was much less. About ten…………I like this one. I also like the next but don’t know what it is.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I thought it may be a very small Eyebright The pound coin is 7/8ths of an inch diameter or about 22mm. If you rub Eyebright in your eyes it dilates the pupils……..why anyone would want to I’m not sure. If it isn’t Eyebright it’ll either do nothing or blind you.

Have a good weekend whatever you are up to.


  1. Hi Adrian...whatever focus the thistle it is nice...I almost took a shot of one last night in the rain, but figured you would beat me to it, so scrapped that. lol

    I love the Heather..about time you got it posted, I've been waiting ..wanted to see it before the hurricane hits here....I may not make it ..get blown of the face of the earth or something...the way the weather forecasters go on you'd think so...hmmm hope there not right!!
    Be on the look out I may be flying by your camper!! lol

    It looks like Eyebright( I looked it up) : } Pretty plant!!

    Why would'nt people want to..they sniff unknown substances up there nose don't they !!! idiot's!!

    Have a good one...Grace

  2. Superb macro flowers. With a bit Eyebright...........I find it hard enough keeping my eyes open.

  3. I love that Heather Adrian.
    Looks like Eyebright to me; a lovely little flower.

    Been a wet one here too. Got soaked this morning.

  4. The Heather is brill! It was worth waiting for.

  5. Adrian, the Heather is excellent. [;o)

  6. Grace, good luck with Irene. Or better still I hope you never meet her. There are lots of different Eyebrights this one is very small and easily missed. The heather is blooming but not impressive yet.

    Bob, try Eyebright. Thanks I like looking at macros. It's a new world.

    Keith, I was pleased with the Heather.

    John, many thanks.........I am hoping for sweeping panoramas of purple. We'll see.

    Trevor, Thanks they are wonderful little flowers.

  7. Cheerful colourful photos is exactly what we need to go through the rainy days!
    A good week-end to you too :)

  8. Lovely images and another very amusing read.

  9. Dee Bee, the weather here is mixed. No wind so it could be a whole lot worse.

    Andrew, many thanks.

  10. Both heather and eyebright are superb! Great use of focus stacking.

  11. George, some work better than others.......the software appears simple but there is plenty of control........pity I've not mastered it. Still a bit too much luck involved.

  12. I love the second image & you blind me with visual information that I have not seen before in the last one.

  13. The heather did turn out well......it's a bit hit and miss this stacking job.

  14. Hello Adrian! I googled 'tiny flower like eybright' and your blog came up! I live in the Scottish Highlands and have just discovered this tiny little clump of eyebright growing in the grass in our garden. I wonder what camera you are using by the way. Very nice pictures.

  15. Annie, There are dozens of Eyebrights. This is the smallest I've seen.
    Camera is Olympus E-5, the lens is a Sigma 150mm f2.8 Macro. Software used on the first three images is Helicon Focus for stacking the fifteen images or so that go into these then colour management and sharpening is done in Photoshop. Enjoy your Eyebright a beautiful little plant..