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Thursday 25 August 2011

I’M A ‘RUM UN’ (25/08/11)

We are back at Tan Hill. I promised heather…….I was duplicitous it is flowering but no good light on it so you are in for a view north in HDR.

 _8256561_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1     Nothing special to you but I love this place…………….It has beer, weather and goes as far as I can see. I decided, after trying for star trails last night, cloud kept blowing in and despite an hour and a half, plus half an hour remembering how to set the camera up. To really give it the works today, I am happy with what follows.

_8256601_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1    Ten images in two sets……………..Tone blended and then focussed stacked. Only two were stacked! It’s better but not worth it…The rain was a serious soaking……………..Am I the only anorak to look at images for hours? If I find something out of place or focus, unless the latter is  intentional, I couldn’t live with the picture…….. Why most of mine are binned!

_8256616_17_18_19_20_tonemapped_edited-1   This one was done the same way. I risk being called a.perfectionist by at least one reader but when I shot the ten frames for this it was going to be the star of my show. I need to think again.

_8256576_77_78_79_80_tonemapped_edited-1      The bestest…………….HDR with moving sheep, I can see for eternity. The sheep add foreground interest i suppose. I did tell the dogs ‘To Lay!’ It is impressive what Photoshop can do. Stop sheep moving……….Really impressed I am.

As usual a quick click enlarges and CTRL or Command, plus the (+) will enlarge even more biggerer. Don’t go two far. Even God isn’t perfect…………..he rushed our world in seven days but perchance he was busy somewhere else.

I’ll leave with the best joke from the last month………………….I went to buy a spoon on Amazon, they wanted an Eight Character Password. First thing I thought of of………………………..Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!… Boom Boom!……Gotcha!…It doesn’t fit………….BUGGER!

Have fun I will.


  1. A fine quartet Adrian, but the second does it for me.
    Enjoy the Hill!

  2. Love these photos!!
    And you make me laugh a usual with your sense of humour!

  3. Good laughing stock. The pictures were outrageous.

  4. HI Adrian, my perfectionist,ADD, humorist friend . : }}}
    The place is breathtaken ...whatever you do to them they are still beautiful!!

  5. Great images of a lovely landscape...
    Reading this post has put a big smile on my face!

  6. Are you sure you don't prefer dry martini's to match your dry wit? ;-)

    Peaceful surroundings and your HDR (stacked)images convey the imagery really well. Bravo!

  7. Well done, great images. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. For a minute there I thought you were going to say Photoshop got the dogs to stay still. I'd rather those low threatening clouds stay with you, not just because I've had enough rain but you do such beautiful things with them.

  9. Hello, ADRIAN

    Lovely your works, full of JOY!

    Thank you world-wide love.
    and, your encouragement.

    The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good weekend.
    from Japan, ruma ❁

  10. "Duplicitous!" You sound just like GB.

  11. Keith, thanks. I always enjoy this place.

    Dee Bee, it is worth a visit.......the highest pub in Britain.

    Bob, you have got it..........I like outrageous.

    Grace, I'll have you know I was multitasking with this post. I had a van full of folk. Reading it I can tell.

    Andrew, it is one of my favourite haunts. It will get chaotic on Saturday.

    Daniel, know I'm a beer and whisky man. It's difficult to take a truly bad picture here.

    Horst, thank you and I will.

    Pauline, it's the rainy season here too but in between it's grand.

    Ruma, thank you very much.......love to all in Japan.

    John, I find it impossible to write and talk about something completely differentat the same time..........as you can see!

  12. I can't quite believe how you take a photo of what initially to me seems to be nothing and yet the more I look, the more I see... Art.

  13. Jay, I try my best to capture light and contrast. Some work, others don't.