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Wednesday 3 August 2011

MISTY MORNING (03/08/11)

A warm and misty morning. There was very little around so a few landscapes is all I have for today. _8035916_17_18_19_20_tonemapped_edited-1  You will either love or hate these. All are HDR and have had some heavy handed pushing and shoving.

_8035911_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1Reflection in a dew pond.

_8035901_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1     Looking across the Wye valley…………………………………………………..

_8035906_07_08_09_10_tonemapped_edited-1And a similar scene.

That’s all for today………..I’ll see what tomorrow brings.


  1. I like #3 and #4, even if they push reality a little. It's a great interplay between mist and clouds and light.

  2. I've been trying to puzzle out No2. Does the stone / snow / salt or whatever belong or was it added? No3 has great atmosphere.

  3. HI Adrian..Wow I really like these landscape scenes.
    Refections in the pond is a great photo!, and that sky in the next to last is gorgeous!!
    It looks interesting to me ...I like to see the way things look in other places!!
    I see your little doggies...cute!!

    How warm does it get where you are..and is it humid to??

  4. JoLynne, they push reality a lot.

    John, it is limestone and belongs. This is a reconstructed old dew pond.......most were concreted. This is made by digging a hole then lining it with clay. These are on limestone country which can't hold surface water The stone is to stop cattle and sheep from poking their feet through the clay and letting the water out. they were replaced by drinking troughs much to the detriment of newts frogs and toads.

    Grace, these images are heavily processed and the colour and contrast is nothing like reality. Today is hot and humid 19*C in the shade 68F.

  5. love the landscapes
    only 68F, eh? a blog from Kansas shows a temp of 114F. I'm very glad that I am not experiencing that high of temp!

  6. You're a great landscaper, and these are superb.

  7. These are excellent Adrian. I really love the pushing in these; especially like the last.

  8. Er... Interesting ;) I think I like the third one best, impressive sky and landscape. Hard to tell about the effect of the pushing sometimes when one hasn't seen the original though...

  9. I strongly suspect that nobody dislikes... much less hates any of your beautiful photos, Adrian. No matter how they come about, they're always works of art. Beautiful.

  10. There is something about HDR images.
    It really works wonders for landscapes and these are lovely examples.

  11. Norma, thanks......it is not too hot here normally.

    Bob, not great but some are okay.

    Keith, I'm trying to get my head round the new Photomatix......it's better than previous editions but somehow not the same.

    Monica, I'm just in after a damp walk so will do some before and afters.

    Dee Bee, thank you.

    Hilary, I can think of at least two people who dislike them...............Philistines!

    Andrew, I love the effect on both landscapes and vintage machinery. Thanks.

  12. Some good HDR work here Adrian, not sure if it's a bit too much for my tastes though. Sorry! {;o(

  13. Trevor, no need for sorry.....I often feel a little queasy doing them.

  14. I've come to accept your HDR even though, as you know, I never used to be a fan. I now look at the images as art and not necessarily as reality. With that in mind I think today's landscapes are a real pleasure.

  15. Graham, I just like playing.

  16. I can't quite decide whether I prefer number 3 or 4. I love the cloud and variety in 3 but the tightness of 4 is good as well.

  17. Jay, it is number three for me. Though perhaps none are very good.