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Sunday 14 August 2011

GOING TO SEED (14/08/11)

I’ve not been out snapping for a couple of days so this morning I took the macro lens for an outing…………..Not a successful trip, it was just a little too windy but I  had a happy hour watching Hoverflies.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Autumn will soon be here………….I am going to call this Hogweed. It has gone to seed unlike me, I’m just heading in that direction.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Indian Balsam and a Hoverfly Episyrphus balteatus.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Indian Balsam and Syrphus ribesii. There were also the beautiful and rarer black and white ones. needless to say I failed to get a picture.

Tomorrow it’s haircut day for the dogs, maybe for me. Though it is getting a little cool for a trim.

Have a good week and let us hope it is less eventful than the one just passed.


  1. Nice set love the hoverfly. Did you know there are around 270 species of Hoverfly in the UK. Thanks for your kind words can't wait for tomorrow have to learn to drive Bulldozer and Excavator, boyhood dream fulfilled.

  2. The 1st pic looks like coming from an alien film, quite fun actually! :)) A good Sunday to you!

  3. The first pic is quite scary really. The last one made me look more closely at the flower structure than I usually do. Thanks.

  4. The first one is quite unusal, but I think the third one's the best Adrian.

    Haircut!? Blimey, I came over all hot then lol

  5. HI Adrian...that first one looks like something from one of those wierd scary monster movies...interesting though : oooo!!
    The Indian balsam is so beautiful , and I love the water drops on them. I like the last one, but darn I'd would love to pop those seed pods...did you?? Great fun!!
    It was 85F here yesterday : }}

  6. Cool shots. I'v had trouble trying to snap Indian Balsam with a visitor on it.. though the opportunities are many. Nicely done.

  7. Kevin, I new there were a lot but not 270. A book to themselves....There were five or six different ones but i need a perfectly still day to catch them.

    Dee Bee, it does look spooky. I took some of Willowherb seed pods but they were blowing about too much.

    Graham I really am pleased with this lens....I love looking at macro shots..........most of today's ended up in the bin.

    Keith, it is the best of a botched job. It was flat calm when i set off. I'll have another go.

    Grace, I didn't add water today though I do carry a water spray with me. It's always good to get out.......your temperatures would finish me off.

    Hilary, I spent ages trying to guess where the flower would end up with a bee inside it. The Hoverflies don't weigh enough to move the flower heads too much.

  8. beautiful pink flower, especially the raindrop on it!

  9. Lovely images Adrian.
    I really like the last two...

  10. Norma, thanks they are common but none the less beautiful.

    Andrew they are the best of thirty the other tweny six are in the bin.

  11. Great first image Adrian, as are the hoverfly shots.
    Do you get a discount for a job lot of three haircuts? [;o)

  12. The Balsam is beautiful. I would never have realised those hoverflies are different species unless you named them.... and now I can see the difference. :)

  13. I like the hoverfly on the Indian balsam. That first photo is fascinating, too. It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

  14. Indian balsam is a beautiful flower,but we are plagued with it here.The public are asked to pull it up before it seeds to stop it spreading.We have acres of it along the river and canal,looks pretty though.
    Love your close up of it.

  15. Whhaa...
    The first image...abstract...so clear...
    I like the depth of field...
    My compliments!

  16. Trevor, not really crisp enough for me.Thanks I'll keep trying.

    Lesley, it's a plant I can Identify! It gets a plus in my book. Hoverflies are as Kevin has said there are two hundred and seventy to snap, some are really wee though. Others are fat and look like bees. Amazing how they learnt to do it. I would quite like to look like Brad Pitt or David Beckham.......one never knows a millin years from now....Adrians could be handsome.

    JoLynne, I have a dozen of the Hogweed seeds. I suspect cropped and printed they may sell. If not a good texture.

    Carolyn, So are we it's a pest but like the giant Hogweed it is an impressive flower. More so than the Rose Bay Willowherb it displaces.

    Wind, this one is shot with a Sigma 150mm Macro lens at F16. I have several more where I swapped both focus point and aperture. It's good fun and I'm grateful I'm not paying for film.

  17. Shine or rain I just run the trimmer over what's left of my hair these days. No waiting, costs a lot less to charge the trimmer and gives the hoverflies a decent size skating rink ;)

    The first plant looks like some alien invader from Mars - very different.

  18. John, I'm much the same. The only area of my head that produces hair is my nose and ears. The Hogweed does look very odd.

  19. Really beautiful captures, but first and last picture are amazing.

    Have a lovely day!

  20. So, about the dogs, haircuts all round, even you? Grand photos.

  21. Claudia, I like the first............the last is half all right.........thanks.

    Bob, no worries. We all need a clean up now and again.

  22. Nice shots of the hoverfly, pleased you included the raindrop for scale.

  23. Jay, a posh bit of kit is this macro lens. The very devil to get results from but when it works it does the business.