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Wednesday 17 August 2011


Well we were up long before the lark this morning for a wander about in the dark. Not a very successful outing as the Tees Barrage wasn’t lit up and the Infinity Bridge was only lit a bit.

The dogs enjoyed it……..they found a fox……little devils will get me arrested. It’s illegal to let ones dogs chase foxes in this country. I didn’t shout Tally Ho! So maybe that’s all right. Reminds me of an old joke……..

A chap won the Pools and with his new found wealth bought a horse a pink jacket and joined the local hunt. After his first meeting the Master of Hounds approached and enquired how he had enjoyed his day. Wonderful, wonderful he replied. The master said that's good but if I may say we would prefer it that in future when you sight a fox you shout Tally Ho and not After The Wee Brown Bugger!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Always use a sturdy tripod for long exposures………..this is what happens if one ignores this advice. I like the effect.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Planets went down quite well yesterday so  here is another of The Infinity Bridge.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Bridge as it should look.

That’s all so far today………..I’m going back to bed for a while then we’ll have a wander round the nature reserve and see what I can find to annoy with my camera. The forecast is good for today but hopeless for tomorrow so I’ll do my best to find a good picture or two while the sun shines.

All the best.


  1. Yup, planets are a hit.

    Good luck at the reserve.

  2. Looks a winner Adrian, lights and other things.

  3. Agree with Keith. I Lime 'em.

  4. Adrian,excellent images, love the last one.

    Worth getting up early for !! lol. [;o)

  5. HI Adrian...What can I say hmmm...sure is interesting getting up early lol
    You do know that people have made a lot of money selling what they call "art" and I think you got a good thing going here!!
    I do like the affects, especially your planet, pretty good stuff for a early riser!!

    So do we get to see the jeans later????

  6. Keith, 'm not long back in and with precious little to show for my efforts. Glad you like them....cos there's one more coming along.

    Bob, I enjoy snapping and low light images but it's a winter job really.

    Trevor, so do I one more today and then that's it for a while.

    Herald Trevor, it is and very little noise for an sixty second exposure. Forgot my star filter that would have sparkled it up.

    Grace, Jeans new shirt the works on Sunday. I'll get someone to take a piccy on Saturday.
    I'm usually awakish by three thirty. it just takes me a while to start functioning. There is one more planet in the pipe line then that's it for a while. there are loads of people posting them on Flikr. Some are stunning. I'll have to have another look.

  7. Good night shots...there is always a different edge to this sort of photos, everything looks so different at night!
    Have a good cloudy day!

  8. Dee Bee, The last is as crisp as crisp can be. This pvenue benefits from the dark. It's only just getting cloudy here. Been a wonderful day.

  9. I have lots like the first one. Way back in the sixties I used to take my camera out and wave it about in the dark. It's amazing the effects one can get. Must post them some time.

  10. John, it can work without reflections. I've had no success but a burst of second curtain flash on a long (2-8s) exposure is worth playing with.
    I have some from film days.......they are rubbish.
    Post yours. I miss your B&W day period.

  11. I still haven't been to that bridge yet although I did go near it on the A19 on saturday night as the A1 was closed again ... bah.
    The planet thing looks interesting here with the bridge shape. It's good how you got all those lines to do the same thing in the first one !! ha ha

  12. Jay, it is a cunning trick........I use a tripod and stop Panning half way through the exposure time. It all passes an hour on. Get up here. You are no more than twenty minutes away. The North east Has a fine set of bridges..........they are worth a book.