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Tuesday 16 August 2011

A BIT OF A MISH MASH (16/08/11)

It’s been a funny old time the last three days. Yesterday the dogs and I had a haircut. I purchased a new shirt and a pair of jeans. Jeans are almost impossible to get unless one is prepared to accept that the new purchase will be in little better condition than the ones they are replacing. Terrifying it is. A new pair of almost pristine Levis are £70.00p. I have been living in cheap ones but as I have a party to attend this week thought I should make an effort and get polished up. Levis are polished. For me!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I got the dogs home and the very first thing they do is roll about trying to achieve a semblance of their normal disreputable state. We make a good trio!

I have moved back to Stockton on Tees for a few days and if it stops raining I’ll get out for some low light or some low life pictures. There is also a large nature reserve here………..It is full of pond life and wild life. Last year whilst wandering about I was accosted by pond life………It wanted my camera. Fortunately it decided that a belt round the head with a tripod wasn’t fair exchange.

Last night there was nothing I fancied listening to on the radio…………I can remember when it was called the wireless………….Odd…… They are full of wire! So I played with my shopping……..not the jeans, the food I neglected to mention I also purchased.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This will enlarge with a click…………..it’s up to you………….took me ages.  From now on you can call me Adrian Wardhole. This is a relish I would hate to be without the other is this…………………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I only did four of these……..I was getting fed up……………I’ll not be at all surprised if you say the same. I could do more if anyone fancies dipping in their purse for a new pair of trousers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This should do it if the previous ones didn’t…………….The blurry bit bottom right is my customary muppetry showing…………..These are called planets………………Here’s another………………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This one is not worth a frame. For those interested go to Distort and polar. Again I can do a Seeing To if anyone is interested.

I’ll try tonight for some snaps of the Infinity bridge and the Tees Barrage. They look really good in the dark.

Keep grinning if you can’t laugh out loud.


  1. By the title I though you'd bought a pair of MishMash jeans. I do like jeans which look as though they have been lived in a while but I object to new jeans complete with holes. I can make those myself very easily. All it takes is a bit of exploring or gardening.

    I do like the polar pics. The second one does deserve a border.

  2. Forgot - I still call it a wireless and still think of the Home Service and Light Programme, much better than numbers.

  3. HI Adrian...jeans are formal wear...lol
    I have to have them a little faded ...if they aren't a couple of bleach washes will take care of that !! So why not show the jeans??
    Your dogs are the cutest little things...they must help to attract the ladys.. ; }
    I'm not sure about your being alone with just those dogs after this post..lol, but it is interesting to see that you have proven that the world really is round LOL : }}
    Here's hoping you can get out for some photo's!!

  4. The first of two polar (I think) is the best of them, it is superb.

  5. Adrian, I knew there was a good reason for always carrying a tripod. lol.

    Some great effects you've created there, love the 'polar'(?) effect on the last two. [;o)

  6. John, I like the lived in look but not when it takes a year or more off their life.
    I like planets.......only certain ones work though. I can't tell before I start whether they will or not.
    There are so many channels now even on the BBC. They have to have numbers I only listen to Radio4 and Radio2 when the bloody Archers comes on.

    Grace, I'll get dolled up tomorrow and take a snap.......about time I had a new avatar as well. This one is two years old.......I'm much prettier now.
    The dogs are great company. Though a pair of wee tinkers. The ladies love the dogs......it's me they struggle with.
    I enjoy a good planet........these are cheats. The ones ive done before are from a 360* panorama.......a nightmare to do and set up for.
    It's looking a bit thundery here I'll go out at half three in the morning.

    Bob, you are right the second is naff. They are interesting........and fun.

    Trevor, It is a bit rough round here but no way near as bad as folk paint it.
    These planets are easy to do compared with the old way. Next rainy day I'll do a Seeing To Pictures. These start off as a regular photograph not a monster panorama. ThePop Arts I could speed up. I like the silk screen effect.

  7. Ha ha, love the one of Molly and Alfie having a good scratch around in the grass after their haircuts. :O) I also LOVE the pop art ones - they'd make great posters for the kitchen.

  8. Haha my fave has to be the Marmite I have it on toast every morning... the dogs are beautiful Adrian.

  9. I am with you on the Sharwoods but the other....no sir. The planets are superb. You are a clever devil behind the joker's mask.

  10. love your dogs, and your shots of them!
    GB described Marmite for me. (Never heard of it.) I can't see that stuff substituting for my orange marmalade that I have daily on English muffins. YUM!
    I remember, as a kid, loving jeans that were brand new and dark blue. Many of my clothes were hand-me-downs from my two aunts who were only slightly older than I. Of course, that did make for a lot more clothes than I would have had. I think of my creamy-colored jeans as my dress-up pants. Nothing is as comfy as denim!

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  12. Sharwoods a big yes. Marmite..no sir.
    Superb planet photographs. You are a clever devil behind the joker's mask.

  13. Adrian Wardhole.....I like that. So does Google; yer number 1 again on the search.

    I like the last two. Interesting effects.

    If you go out later, take the tripod, just in case.

  14. Loved your spacey images.
    You make me smile!

  15. Lesley, They are mucky little dogs. Feel free to stick one up in your kitchen.

    Andrew, good stuff is Marmite.....it's supposed to stop midges biting. It would but one would look a little odd covered in it.

    Norma, I love them too......most of the time.
    Jeans are my favourite......pity they don't do the stiff old denim any more.

    Trevor, I've tried other brands but none I've found come close. The planets are easy done this way.

    Keith, thanks. It is odd that Google picks up odd words.
    I like planets........I'll take the tripod. There are some rum buggers round here.

    Laura, thanks........nothing like a smile. A laugh is better.

  16. Mango Chutney and Marmite - a man with excellent taste!

    It took me over 60 years to buy a pair of jeans (ok I was doing other things too) but now I almost live in them (in this country especially given that we seem to regard 24 deg as hot).

  17. Graham, not staple food but almost a necessity. Jeans are not what they once were.

  18. In recent years when money has been a bit tight, I tried a supermarket pair of jeans. The first few were acceptable but I was caught out & a bit short of material (for want of a better phrase) on my welsh trip when the stitching was wrong and it ripped south of the zip going down the leg.
    I was always taught never to play with food !! Nice one of Planet Adrian, looks like the trees are disturbing the balance of the church !

  19. Jay, cheapo is cheap. Planets need things poking into the skyline......I'll keep trying. I'll keep being very Trying! A bit of Pop Art seemed like a good idea. Playing with food.......wash your mouth out........this is art.

  20. Like the planets ... and LOVE Marmite! Have you tried the XO variety? More expensive and in a soffistikated jar, but I'm not sure I can tell the difference in taste!

  21. George, yes and i can't tell either.......I prefer the XO jar though.