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Monday 8 August 2011

SIDESWAYS (08/08/11)

Last night after tea and just before dusk in came the squalls again. I spent thirty minutes getting wet and rainbow watching.

I have never seen a rainbow so close so short of popping on a fish eye lens I couldn’t fit it in. I stitched two images vertically and have posted it lying down………it looks a little odd, the author is a little odd but it will save you scrolling.


It is very noisy but I really had a wonderful time. Looking at it scrolling would have been the better option…………..I have a crick in my neck already.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a similar view taken ten minutes earlier. There was a complete bow but it kept coming and going and the right hand side was rubbish.


I am just sorting the van for the run up to Cumbria via Sheffield. We are not going to the lake district but to Kirkby Stephen which lies between the Howgills and the North York Moors. Coincidently it’s a hop skip and a jump from the Tan Hill Inn. One of my many watering holes. I’ll call there on my way back to County Durham on Thursday or Friday. The dogs are ready for a haircut………….so am I looking in the mirror.

Have a good week.


  1. Not the easiest of things to photograph. I would have been very happy with those.

    Your pooches ready for a haircut and Bobby has his six monthly check up this morning.

  2. I hope your week is as colourful as the rainbow......


  3. Wonderful Adrian, just wonderful.

  4. Beautiful, Adrian. It must be difficult to capture the momentary wonder of the rainbow - the second photo does it so well. The first photo really captures my imagination..... it's like a rainbow path leading to whatever lies behind that glowing light. I like it.

  5. Now what was that saying again?...........Only mad Englishmen and dogs go out in the.....er,...evening rain!!
    Great photo's though, worth getting wet for!! [;o)

  6. A superb rainbow for beginning the week...what else can you dream of?!

  7. Well I hope the crick in your neck gets better; your rainbows are terrific!

  8. HI Adrain...that is really spectacular...a least you didn't stand on your head to get it!
    You didn't go looking for the pot of gold????
    Have a good time jumping around this week !!

  9. You made a good job of the second one.

    Have a safe trip mate.

    Rumours are, the finish date could come earlier :-)

  10. John, I will have to look but I would normally drop 1 stop.....may have been two as it looks pretty dark.
    Wish bobby good luck. Worse than an MOT is a visit to the quacks.

    Trevor so do I the forecast is pretty grim.

    Lesley that cloud had a swipe with the saturation sponge. It was a good show and lasted on and off for half an hour.

    Trevor, you've got it mad as a hatter am I.

    Dee Bee, it was a good start the better for being unexpected.

    Daniel, I'll post it the right way up. Silly thing to do but after only one espresso it seemed a good idea.

    Grace, as is usual it didn't come of the camera quite like that. Now I did think of the pot of gold as it was so close. No I didn't look I'm not that daft.

    Keith, ta, you know where I am if you are at a loose end. Be good to go out and have someone tell me what I'm snapping.
    The first one was much harder to stitch. Anchor points were required but no longer available. It just about hit the business on the third go.

  11. Nice job Adrian good job at stitching. Middle one my Fav

  12. Kevin, it is the best, the middle one but the first would make a good six foot tall print. I'll give it a go next month on the big printer at APG in Sheffield..............www.archipelago-art.co.uk. They are good ask for Rupert.

    Hilary, She was......and is for as long as the WWW lasts. The RAW files are savers. They have enough range to be pushed every which way.

  13. Lovely images of the rainbow Adrian...
    I did a detour to Kirkby Stephen on my way to Leyburn the other week as I hadn't visited before (just saw a signpost and followed it) I only did a quick drive around but the town square looked quite nice.

  14. It is a good town early or late in the day in winter. I bet your quick drive was curtailed by the traffic lights.

  15. Great shots, that's enormous! Well worth the wet.

  16. JoLynne, one of the best rainbow shows I've seen. It's still warm rain here.

  17. So only daft folk go searching for the pot of gold? Might be daft but it can be fun! Love the middle shot!

  18. 'Tis magical ~ a prismatic spectrum of nature's palette presented wondrously...

  19. Pauline, you are making me feel bad but I'm not falling for it............I know one can never be at rainbows end.........I'm not completely stupid.

    Glo, thank you. it is a real gem.