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Thursday 4 August 2011

DYNAMIC!! (04/08/11)

The title is not a reference to me………….that would be ‘SLOTHFUL’. Yesterday I posted some High Dynamic Range or HDR images. Not just yesterday, I do it frequently………….sorry!

This morning I got out before the serious rain and popped off a few frames. This is not a tutorial……..I can do one if there is enough interest…………one of you will do! A little mild curiosity would do!

The other day I was being silly and posted the Bottamist instead of Botanist. If you Google the former I have a page to myself……………fame! Thanks Jay for pointing this out, his informative and extensive travelogue can be found here J-on-Tour. Now how that word made it into a search engine is a mystery……..it was right at the end of a blog post full of the usual gibberish. It’s good to think that Google’s Spiders have a sense of the absurd.

On with the post……………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       The scene as the camera saw it.

_8045938_39_40_41_42_tonemapped_edited-1       Five frames tone mapped with 1EV spacing………three would do with 2EV spacing but Olympus don’t give this as an auto option…………I believe CanNikon do.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     One frame at +/- 0EV.

_8045933_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1    The same vista Tone Mapped.


_8045928_29_30_31_32_tonemapped_edited-2   HDR……………….I leave it with you. These were all shot hand held with manual focus and in aperture priority. It is important to use a tripod as I didn’t and these settings which I did. The last thing this job needs is focus and DOF whizzing about all over the place.

When I got in I thought I'd have another play. I popped on a fish eye lens and fired off five shots shifted round a hundred degrees and fired off five more. These were then tone mapped to give two images which I stitched together. To be honest Photoshop stitched them together. The distortion was as bad as one would expect with a fish eye lens but using the Interactive option and nudging them together something like and hitting OK this magic was performed.


Untitled_Panorama1 It doesn’t seem five minutes ago that one was mucking about with anchor points, the clone stamp and then after an hour of that malarkey chucking them in the bin.  This panorama is over two hundred and twenty degrees. Impressive software is PS Elements. All I had to do was even up the sky with a gradient and tone the grass down.

Now what shall I do today? Plan a mission for tomorrow and clean the van I think.


  1. Great post Adrian. I really like the last HDR image, and the final 'fish eye-stitch' is excellent.
    And you'd better watch out those Google Spiders are everywhere!!

  2. Trevor, I was amazed it managed it. I would have thought it completely impossible.
    I'll keep an eye on the spiders.

  3. I love that word Bottamist.

    and the panorama.

  4. Keith, I do too, far better than the proper word. I suspect Phil wouldn't agree.

  5. HI Adrian...I am so glad you explained all that..I can't explain in words how I didn't understand one darn bit, half of what to heck you are talking about lol...(Cheater)HAHAHA!!
    Hey.. I think it's great that you have fun doing this !!
    I do like the normal one!

    Bottamist...well I wanted to go to college to study botany ..but I didn't want to become a bottamist!! lol Wish I had now,but .....
    PS ..what is CanNikon

  6. Grace, I don't understand it and I wrote it!
    Bottamy is legal here.......soon be compulsory!
    CanNikon..........another invented word....Cannon/Nikon.

  7. Very interesting and instructive for me!

  8. There's no end in sight to your editing and entertainment is there? Thank heavens. My days (and those of others) would be so much duller without you.

  9. Hi Adrian, your HDR's are awesome.

  10. A wonderful read... of your comments.
    Lovely images..

  11. Dee Bee, you are welcome.

    Graham, it would be better if I knew what I was doing.

    Horst, Photomatix must take most of the credit.

    Andrew, I sometimes fear for my sanity.

  12. There are times, like these, when HDR / tone mapping really does pull out the detail in a view.

  13. John, it does increase the dynamic range. I now sharpen using unsharp mask......Noise is always a problem in flat areas but it seems to do the trick. I was more impressed with the stitching job. So much to play with and so little time.

  14. Thanks for the mention, the tutorial & the ... entertainment !