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Thursday 11 August 2011

JUST A MINUTE (11/08/11)

I got really down yesterday, down and blue. I made it worse by listening to BBC I Player, reporting on our problems. I hadn’t a paper and couldn’t get the radio. Odd that my mobile and 3G worked fine. The BBC is free, the others cost a small fortune. Daft I am, spending money to increase depression.

Just A Minute is a radio programme on BBC Radio 4. Contestants are given a subject and have to speak on it for one minute without Repetition, Hesitation or Deviation. Listening to our politicians last night I fear they would not have done well. Robust seems to be the word of the hours and hours and was repeated incessantly.

This is not going to be a rant, though it easily could be. I’ll content myself with a couple of observations. Hazel Blears was allowed to go unchallenged on the BBC when she stated during an interview that. ‘Tough sentences should be passed on those that misappropriate the assets of others.’ OH! RIGHT!………That’s a bit strong coming from the mouth of a thief. She got away with it. Why shouldn’t a black kid from Peckham? David Cameron seems at long last to have got his dream of a big society…. I wonder?….. Does he still like ‘Britain as it is and not as it was’? No Worries……….he will be ROBUST. Robust on what; he will have trouble recollecting. Never mind………or maybe little mind?

On with life as I know it. I am back at the Tan Hill Inn. The home of all things acceptably insane. We stopped on the moor for a quick walk and to sample some high altitude rain……….it made a change….. It is cooler!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The cloud lifted giving a wonderfully robust view of the Lune valley.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARobust Gill. I even got rid of the rain on the lens. Felt a bit guilty for leaving it on yesterday.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA On the left Great Wygill, on the right Rea Gill again and after the confluence……….Ease Gill. We take our Gills seriously round here…………………Should that be?…. We take our Gills Robustly?

As I got back to the camper I found this little beauty………….


A young Lapwing…………………….and knock me down with It’s feather………..just as I switched lenses back from the telephoto, I had to switch them back again……………Dithery David’s problem must be contagious.


Along came it’s mum. These are uncropped so will enlarge with a click as usual. Don’t forget……..click Robustly!

Have a great end to the week and try to be positively robust. I look forward to suitably ‘Serious’ comment………..I’m bored with the ‘R’ word. Pound to a penny you are too. Your aversion will make no difference, you will be hearing it an awful lot. This government don’t have literate ‘Spin Doctors’ so have to work within a limited vocabulary.(Seriuos is hard to spell and harder to reed).

Just e-mailed the BBC asking for the’R’ word to be bleeped out of future statements and interviews.  Bleeps are annoying……I always enjoyed a good F..k. More than I’ve ever enjoyed a Bl..p……..Bl..ps are really, really annoying.

All the very best.


  1. Robust, there I can use that as well. Beautiful Lapwing, especially the last one, robust amazing.

  2. HI Adrian....well now what can I say after that ...
    I think you should have a job as a critic columnist in some local rag...I'm not sure you could you the f' word though..., but then again someone might criticize you for spelling "reed" instead "read"!! Did you do that to see if anybody was actually reading you rant? lol

    Well talk is cheap...if politicians and goverments would just put some hmmmm "strong action" (how did I do) behind those words instead of just dribbling of at the mouth, thing could happening!!

    Enough...look at that, of looking for a good photo and there was one right under your nose ...nice on the Lapwing ..lovely looking bird!!
    Like the others to...beautiful country!!

  3. Not forgetting how robustly they all use 'absolutely clear' when they are actually saying Sweet Fanny Adams. I wonder how many looters will have it all forgiven if they say sorry - just like many MPs not so long ago? 1984 didn't have a monopoly on double speak.

    At least you have some serenity around you there.
    Cracking shots of the Lapwing's mum.

  4. I'm with you on the enjoyment statement :-)

    Beautiful part of the country you're in Adrian; just wish I could join you right now.
    Last 2 shots of the Lapwing are excellent.

  5. Bob, The next to the last is my favourite. The wee chick is for sale.........sorry sold.

    Grace, thier is nothnig wrond with my spilleng. I spilt reeding proper. As I did sirious. I am damanoryxic. Sorry.
    It is a beautiful bird and usually shy. Tomorrow the hooray hunters will be out. The Glorious Twelfth they call it. They shoot the Red Grouse but the Lapwing, Curlew and Black Grouse all benefit from the land management.

    John, I'm a wee bit embarrassed........they are an easy target. Six hundred and fifty odd recalled from their hols. No doubt at our expense..............for what. A load of wee tykes!
    What planet,never mind earth, or country are these plonkers getting paid to mismanage. Looters should be treated like bankers and politicians........A crook is a crook.
    All summer I've been after the Lapwing and, like buses two at once.

  6. Keith, nothing really alters pop round any time. I tried the Sowf. Wasn't impressed. So I'll stick with what will accept.....tolerate me. Look forward to your company........27th this month is a monster weekend up here.

  7. Aw come on Adrian fancy taking a swipe at our poor defenceless politicians. Anyone would think that duplicity, fiddling and incompetence were crimes. If we the populace don't respect our politicians what hope is there? Ah yes. Come to think of it, what hope is there?

  8. Beautiful images of the Lapwings Adrian... I will leave the R-word alone...

  9. Gosh, is 'Just a Minute' still going. Used to be a favourite of mine forty years ago. I liked your vigorous, full-bodied, strong, hardy, hefty, lusty, broad-shouldered, rough,tough, stout and vital approach to the rain.

  10. Graham, I'm sorry they are a big and soft target. Not much satisfaction to be had from laughing at them.

    Andrew, lucky Lapwing shots.

    John, Yes JAM is still on Saturday lunchtime and repeated at least once. The rain has been the saviour of our cities...........good stuff to have

  11. Love those Lapwings. They seem to be in abundance up your neck of the woods. Robust buggers as well.

  12. Trevor, looking at the first two I suspect they have managed two broods this year. I like a well managed grouse moor. Plover and Black grouse have also done well. I was surprised to see them at 1400' this late in the year. Today is the massacre of the grouse which have also done well on this shoot. The keepers here are okay....I have seen Merlin and no end of Sparrow Hawks. Yes they will shoot them but not if numbers remain constant. They accept, acceptable losses. All the birds benefit from treated grit. They all benefit from sheep who pick up the tics and are then sprayed every few weeks.......apart from the shooting it's a win win. Without shooting it's a tremendous loss loss.

  13. Hello, ADRIAN

    The graceful sense wraps your artworks.

    Thank you for the warmth of your heart.
    Have a good weekend...

    The prayer for all peace.
    from Japan, ruma

  14. Stunning shots of our beautiful countryside Adrian. I'm leaving politics well alone..... I get enough of that from my dad a.k.a. Alf Garnett!

  15. p.s. He's a robust 93 year old. :D

  16. I quite like photos taking on a rainy. Once more i would say that it gives interesting shades of green and greyish...
    As for the program Just a Minute, it is a brilliant one, very clever!
    Have a good week end.
    The sun is coming back in the south (well, i am not talking about heat-wave though - this is England, let's not forget it!!! :))

  17. Ruma, Many thanks and peace and happiness to you.

    Lesley, I should leave politics alone. They are a load of mealy mouthed useless buggers. Nothing wrong with the Alfs of this world.

    Dee Bee, I like bad weather it's the waiting for the light that is frustrating. The first shot took an hour and then I missed the sun in the valley by a second. C'est la vie!

  18. Love your photos of the Lapwing! I hope that things calm down in Britain soon.

    Best Wishes,

  19. Abby, the lapwing isn't my best but the juvenile is my first.........you can tell cos is legs isn't orange/red. I also realize you are pushy........I'll let it go this time.........Don't push your own blog on other folks sites. It is not how it should work. I see something inspiring on your blog. I'll link it. Okay! Hey don't panic the rain in the UK sorts most things. I'm harsh.......you are young. Keep blogging.

  20. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  21. Fabulous shots! Congratulations!