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Tuesday 2 August 2011

MINE (02/08/11)

Another funny day, warm, pleasant after yesterdays humidity. the threatening clouds didn’t give us a soaking and we had a good walk round Magpie Mine.

_8025858_59_60_61_62_tonemapped_edited-1    Magpie Mine……..an old lead mine. Just Google it for all the words and music.

_8025853_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1The head gear.

_8025848_49_50_51_52_tonemapped_edited-1The winding drum. My son gave me a run out so all pictures taken in a hurry………….It’s an antisocial habit is snapping.

The best thing about this place was the carpet of wild flowers. Absolutely stunning and I haven’t an image that does them justice.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Absolutely drop dead gorgeous……………..a pity you can’t tell. I should have used a telephoto to compress them up but had left it in the van.

Before I went out I caught a Hoverfly and popped it in the fridge. The idea was to place it on a Dandelion and focus stack it. It was too lively and then flew away so that was a waste of time.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Here is the Dandelion. Twenty five images shifted a millimetre at a time and stacked in Helicon.

This is the uncooperative Hoverfly.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Then it flew away………….so no stacking for this little mite.

That’s all for today…………….I was going to Haddon Hall but couldn’t face the hordes.

All images will enlarge with a click.



  1. Hi Adrian...I love your since of humor...hoverflies in the fridge ...Okay!!
    Sorry that didn't work out!!
    What an interesting place, I can't get over it!
    I know what you mean about doing justice to a lovely field of flower, but lovely all the same. :} Grace

  2. Grace, that is normal here.........chill a butterfly or bee and it stays still till it gets back up to temperature. Hover Flies are obviously different. I'll try the freezer next time.

  3. The stormy weather generates fantastic colours though, i like this blend of grey,blue, green and beige, it's very attractive...so are the wild flowers but i agree it is sometimes difficult to capture their full beauty, don't know why...

  4. Looks like a wonderful place to vist Adrian.
    The flower meadow and distant landscape is stunning... we seem to be slowly realising how colourful the past was (when only captured in black and white) and the importance of maintaining the countyside...
    I felt a rant coming on so had another view of the meadow.... calmer now.

  5. Snapping is only antisocial if noone else is doing it. Gaz, CJ and I don't have that problem.

    I know it's not a 'proper' camera but one advantage of the cross-over camera is that the 600mm equivalent lens is never left at home.

    Have you had a look at the hoverfly's face? It's right out of a cartoon.

  6. Love that first shot Adrian.
    The Hoverfly turned out good, despite not being frozen :-)

  7. The Magpie Mine - and you went without a flag! A son might be the next best thing. Love the first shot of the old mine with the moody sky. The wildflowers look great to me!

  8. Excellent HDR work on the mine Adrian, especialy the first one.

    Great Hoverfly images too.

    I bet it's difficult to get sharp focus when your subjects shivering? lol.

  9. Dee Bee, I have been here many times........it's usually freezing.

    Andrew, it is odd how a meadow full of flowers lifts ones spirits.......despite my addiction to Marlboro, they smell wonderful.

    Graham, the days of the SLR are numbered. They are fun but the weight is a real crippler. I love insects......such variety and delicacy.

    Keith, thanks, odd about the Hoverfly. they usually take ten minutes to come round after twenty minutes in the fridge. this one had three hours.

    Pauline, our magpies are timid. it was a good morning.

    Trevor, thanks, they are difficult subjects. I suspect that many macro images are of dead insects.

  10. The pictures of the buildings are a first, and the Hover-fly, well, it is precious.

  11. As the title suggests it has your stamp on it !!
    Snapping is something I get used to as I am very often in locations that I wouldn't choose to be at but ... in the company of others who always want to move on.
    The hordes of Haddon Hall ( could have been a caption for the picture !!) ... I've never been in the place as everytime I have passed (not often) the car park looks full... a 9am visit looks like the business, but that'll never happen for me !

  12. Bob, thanks.....a lively little fly.

    Jay, I suspect it doesn't open till ten. Mid week in autumn I suspect is favourite.