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Monday 22 August 2011

A LITTLE PRAYER (22/08/11)


Our father, who art in prison, my mum knows not thy name,
Thy Riots come,we had some fun, in Birmingham, as it is in London.
Give us this day our Welfare bread and forgive us our looting,
As we're happy to rob those who defend their stuff against us,
Lead us not into employment
but deliver us free housing,
For ours is the Blackberries, the Burberry and the Barcardi,
Forever and ever.……………………. Innit !!!!

I received this this morning which if nothing else gave me something to share. We have walked for two hours and have absolutely nothing to show for it. It was however a grand if chilly morning. Almost gloves cool.

I’ve just been out in search of insects for a spot of macro work. A crane fly. Red admirals and Peacock Butterflies all of which I failed to catch. They were in superb condition………..you’ll have to take my word for it.

The feeders are doing little business either…………it must be one of those days OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A Greenfinch shot almost into the sun…………….I enjoyed this effect, so much so ………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     I did the same to a Blue Tit. Sitting on the new peanut feeder…….Peanuts are a small fortune at the moment so I invested in a Squirrel proof dispenser……bet it isn’t. Peanut butter must be back in fashion though Lord knows why. Nasty dry tasting stuff.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The only other visitor is this young female Blackbird.

Tomorrow I’m away to Kirkby Stephen. I hope you are all enjoying whatever it is you are up to. Have fun. I will I’m going to polish the front of the van again.


  1. Hi Adrian...What's with the glove weather,
    It has been very warm here 90f at least for the last 4 days humid and hazy...with very little signs of cold weather, but I am sure when it does we will be ranting about that to ...never satisfied!!

    I love peanut butter ..it is a got to have for me that and popcorn...none of the Mico-Wave stuff either...

    Did you do anything to that Greenfinch...or it that the way it appeared ..I like it!!

    Stay safe:


  2. Beautiful as always. I love the way the sunlight tickles those downy feathers in the second image. Such a lovely little bird.

  3. I've always worried about you, Adrian. Not liking peanut butter! Very sad.

    Love the Blue Tit shot - obviously liking peanut butter is not needed for the art of photography!

  4. Grace, cancel the gloves. Air Con. on now. Peanut butter...........I can eat it just.
    The Greenfinch...........no not really a levels and sharpen is all. I don't mess with wildlife shots as a rule. I do with landscapes, almost always.

    Hilary, that is the best The Blue Tit, the first is a little strange.

    John, I never really thought about it but it must be twenty years since I had any. I'll give it a try this week. I can always donate it to a fellow camper.

  5. The Blue Tit has stolen my heart away, it is glorious.

  6. An amusing prayer Adrian... beautiful images and another nice read.

  7. Brilliant prayer. Gave me a real smile. Needed that after an app wrecked my smart phone this am. Have passed that on to a friend in Brum. (the poem, not the phone) If you think that Windozy can throw a wobbly, you should see what Android can do.
    Love the Greenfinch - looks almost embossed. The seed is lasting well here. Has been for over a week.
    Remember to drive away from the rain tomorrow, not towards it. I know how you love getting wet.

  8. Great prayer.
    The last two shots are excellent.
    Have a safe journey.

  9. I was sent the Riots Prayer this morning too...alas so true!
    Hope you are you recovering from your party!

  10. I like the blue tit. The prayer made me smile in a sad way. Hope it's getting back to normal over there.

  11. Bob, it is a little beauty. Let us hope it has a good winter.

    Andrew, thanks......let us hope I get some pictures.

    John, glad to spread a little cheer. The hammer didn't work?
    The weather is looking as if it may be damp.

    Keith, thanks......it's not far to drive.

    Dee Bee, I rewrote it a bit. I am fully recovered thanks.

    JoLynne, Thank you. I hope so but one can never tell.

  12. It's all been said. Great photos - I particularly liked the Blue Tit although I was fascinated by the eye clarity on the Greenfinch. I've photographed enough of them, heaven knows, but not looked properly at their eye's surround.

    Your just about tolerance of peanut butter is a source of bewilderment. After all you are just as nutty as Scriptor and I.

  13. As much as the recent riots have disturbed me, along with most people, that 'prayer' really made me smile. I wonder how they'd recite their Hail Mary's and Our Father's?! :O)

    The bird pictures are so lovely and clear.

  14. Excellent photos of birds. I know how difficult it is to take a shot of a bird in real life.

  15. Graham, These are a bit over sharp....I forget to reset for the web. Peanut butter is 'Orrid. I like hazel nuts but not the gritty ones from supermarkets.
    Guess I'm not as nutty as you and John.

    Lesley, they only disturbed the victims and those that got caught...........me away scot free and with a new phone.
    Glad you enjoyed the birds.
    You post their version of hail Mary.

    Olga, thank you, I never have a problem. Pop em in the view finder and press the button is my technique.

  16. Top quality images, it was the look at the larger version.