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Saturday 30 July 2011


I really am going down to Derbyshire today. Dogs and I were out, in daylight, but before the first rays of the sun had broken the horizon. It felt freezing.

The Farthing was a British coin worth a quarter of an old penny, in todays money a handful of mud from the canal bank is worth twice as much. The way inflation is going, four times as much next month. Numismatics out there will remember a little bird embossed on the reverse side of this coin.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     The Wren……….now it was hiding in bushes and the sun had just risen……….These images are not pin sharp so I still have more Wrening to do……………I’m like a dog with two tails…………the best I have ever taken of this elusive and lightening quick little bird.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    These images are not cropped………..they are brave little things so getting close isn’t the problem. They just never sit still.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This one is a bit better…..it has a beak full of breakfast……………that’s my next job.

Enjoy this weather while it lasts and have fun.


  1. I really like the way that wrens cock their tail up like that. Incredibly loud song for such a small bird too......

  2. Your little bird is gorgeous, Adrian. ... just beautiful!

    Have a lovely day!

  3. Phil, I love them but have binned more pictures of the Wren than possibly anything else. I'll get a good one one day.

    Claudia, they are a lovely little bird. Very vocal and very brave. This is a young one.

  4. Cracking little birds. I've been watching a family of these this morning at the local. Lively little things lol

  5. Glad you got some wren shots, Adrian. I look forward to seeing more.

  6. You'd thinks that the Wren was tired out with all that moving, but, he/she keeps on moving. Gasp!!

  7. Hi Adrian...you was lucky to get close to the little guy...we have them here and they are gone in a zip..
    Interesting about it's coin day's ....the economy here is not so great either...people don't even stoop over to pick up a penny! Safe trip

  8. Congrats Adrian lovely images of the Wren.
    I did a post about the Farthing/Wren (7th May) and the images are my best to date.
    Your last image is far better.
    My little video clip is going to remain my best effort for a long time ...me thinks.

  9. Keith, I've been enjoying them all week. Was a bit dark this morning. Your shot is a real beauty.

    JoLynne, I'll find some more and superglue a twig. that will slow them down.

    Bob, they never seem to stop flitting about.

    Grace, They don't mind me or the dogs being within a couple of yards, they just keep moving.

    Andrew, there is room for much improvement. I can't access your blog archive. I can get the last few posts in May but not the earlier ones.

  10. The last pic is absolutely brilliant! as you wrote these little birds are moving all the time so it's quite diificult to photograph them...so very well done Adrian!! and it's sooo cute!

  11. You should be able to click on "older posts" to see more at the bottom of the page... I think.
    Thanks for trying anyway...

  12. if you can be bothered to re-type this link it is here.

  13. Andrew, I went with your original suggestion and found the little beauty. Thanks.

    Dee Bee, they are fascinating little things. Now for the Firecrest. I have seen these several times and had lots of pictures of twigs and branches.

    Norma the last is the best of a mediocre set. The best I have mannaged so far though.

  14. Horst, yes a lovely little bird.....noisy and frustrating though.

  15. I still have a few farthings tucked away somewhere - waiting for them to come back in fashion.
    Local Wrens are not as obliging as that one.

  16. John, these were young, the young are usually tamer, by a millisecond!

  17. Well done with the Wren Adrian just the Kingfisher to go now! {;o)

  18. Trevor.......I can do better......fortunately there are dozens of little beasts to snap.
    I'm going for Button today......Hamilton should manage a coming together with Vettel. Alonso as an outside chance. Don't let me know because I watch the highlights on IPlayer tomorrow.

  19. Button it was. Well done. Fantastic result.

    Cocky little coin it was and cocky little bird it is. I've never managed it without a long focus lens but I have managed a few posts. I haven't managed the ones that CJ and I have been chasing round the garden last week though.

  20. Quick beasts aren't they. The fence post in the last image gives some idea of the scale.

  21. Jay, they are definitely a manual focus job.