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Wednesday 13 July 2011


Now I know a day cannot compete with a year, our Queen famously remarked that she had experienced an annus horribilis. So have I on occasion……..usually the morning after a good curry!

The dogs and I were out early for our constitutional wander. A dull cool day, nothing of interest noticed. The sparrows are still demolishing the feeders.

I have spent all morning arranging camper insurance…………..I thought I could do it on-line and did start out that way. It takes me ages to fill out the forms, then hunt for all the little red stars……..apparently the box marked [SEX?] was not soliciting the answer………….Very Occasionally. I did think it an odd question. I couldn’t see that any insurance company would be underwriting the risks entailed by my indulging in a carnal activity in a moving vehicle.  (Perhaps I’ve just not lived!) We are not even allowed to talk on the phone and drive in this country. I digress…………..having eventually managed to send an acceptably completed form away into cyber space……I then waited with anticipation for rock bottom quotes to flood my in box. Excitement is definitely lacking in my life.

I waited…. and waited some more and then five hours later my phone rang……………..I had to go through the self same information verbally………….good job I didn’t tell fibs! The memory is not what it was! Then the phone rang again………….MY!………I am popular today. Same rigmarole. I listened to two calls and got two quotations. Saved three hundred pounds in five hours so the most money I’ve ever earned in ages. I’m still not covered for fornicating in a moving vehicle on the public highway……….One can’t win them all.

Tomorrow we move back north for MOT, dog food, bird food, Adrian food and a new tyre. maybe a couple of springs and shock absorbers……Oh Hum! Better than Annus Horribilis though.

Here are a couple from the last few days…………………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMegaliths……..if this doesn’t look spooky then tilt your screen and it will go lighter or darker………….the latter is the effect I was after.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   When I shot this a couple of days or so ago I meant to tag it with juvenile Blue Tit or juvenile Great Tit it is one or the other………it’s also a silhouette at dawn

I may be missing for a couple of days………..no problem. You all have a good time while I sort out the annual paper work and bureaucracy. It’s in bold because it took me five goes to spell it. It is a reely dificult wurd. Thank god that Mesipotamiya is now called Libya at leest I hope it is.


  1. LOL - I always love it when you go on a good ramble. DARN, here I was hoping you were all insured up for some high speed carnal fun. :oP

    I love the megaliths shot; just the right amount of colour and the right balance of light and dark. Really pleasing, that one.

    The silhouette is a no-brainer for me. Love birds, love sunrise, LOVE silhouettes. A great work too!

  2. Krista, bugger insurance. You drive. Ladies can multi task........no worries!

  3. Excellent colouring on the Five Wells photo Adrian. Really works!

  4. George, Isn't Photoshop the dogs bits?

  5. Adrian, both your images are awesome, great work.

  6. Welcome mirth this morning Adrian. Enjoyed reading that.
    The stones look good with the popping, and the tit looks to be of the Blue variety.
    Hope the MOT goes well.

  7. Horst, many thanks.

    Keith, glad to spread a little cheer. MOT is on the twenty first. Always a worrying time.

  8. Bad paperwork, I can't do it, I have to get someone else to do it. Really, really nice photos.

  9. Adrian i really enjoy your great sense of humour!

  10. Bob, thanks and sorry.

    Dee Bee, I am glad about that.

  11. The silhouette is hot but insurance is not. Those sparrows must be costing you a fortune... obviously getting value for money out of you in compensation for denying them their privacy rights a few days ago !!
    Keep well and don't get all that food mixed up.. now that would be a horribilis moment .

  12. A lovely read Adrian... I am finding Leyburn and the surrounding area wonderful to visit.
    My first trip to Richmond today a lovely place.

  13. Jay, I'll get it all sorted. Muesli is dearer than bird food but I expect a mix up would hardly be noticed.

    Andrew, glad you enjoyed it. Yet again we are an inch away. I'm in Darlington........Glad the weather is being kind on your holiday.

    Petrus, thank you.

  14. Incredible photo of the bird. The silhouette looks perfect against the background.

  15. Not just another of your entertaining cracking posts Gromit but also two new and interesting techniques. Is there no end to your talent?

  16. Olga, the bird did have a colour boost.

    Graham, The talent is only skin deep. I enjoy colour popping images. This one also had a spot light added.