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Saturday 9 July 2011

TUNNEL VISION (09/07/11)

It was a damp and dismal dawn to the day……………..I thought about playing on Photoshop but listening to the weather forecast on radio four at just turned half five thought a walk in relatively clement weather was a possibility. Took the dogs out for a quick mile or so and came back for breakfast. I really fancied a fry up but it’s only Saturday…………Fry Up day is Sunday. Bother!

I am only a mile or so from my old home. The Matlock to Buxton railway was closed in 1968………How time flies……I used to go to Bakewell Station with my Allen train spotters book………….Sad, I know. We didn’t have a television………my excuse.  As I recall I’d also bought my first record, Petula Clark singing Down Town…..The smell of that plastic……..Should be bottled as an aphrodisiac.

It’s taken them forty years to reopen the tunnels. So for the first time I was able to walk the railway. A bit of a horror show as it’s also a cycle route……..one of those jobs that had to be done. The walk by the river Wye is far better and follows the same valley.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ten minutes from the camper is this view of Tunstead Quarry. Is it going to rain? No I’ll risk it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   A dew pond at the start of the Chee Dale Nature reserve. They are rebuilding these  about five hundred yards apart. Why? A Great Crested Newt can walk five hundred yards. They were once a common feature of limestone uplands and  constructed as watering hole for cattle and sheep. The livestock have plumbed in troughs these days…………..Are there any Newts left?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Chee Tor Tunnel…………it’s very posh even lit up posh.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I’m sorry I couldn’t resist it. Set exposure to a second and wave the camera.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf a second is good……three seconds has to be better, maybe not.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Sensible head back on. I like these tunnels. The little arch was for track layers to hide in as trains came through.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis I include because I liked the textures.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Finally back into daylight and a view down the Wye valley.

That’s your lot for today………….Have a good weekend and lets keep fingers and toes crossed for Jenson Button in the British Grand Prix.


  1. Great set Adrian,love that tunnel,great textures.

    I think JB will have to get Charlie/fia to tweak the rules again. Webber is the man tomorrow!

  2. A long, long time ago, I used to do multi drop deliveries around Buxton, and surrounding areas.
    And Pet Clark; I got that record too, and I now understand why my dad liked her. lol
    Love the tunnel shots.
    Beautiful part of England you're in.

  3. The romance of rail. Fascinating to see the tunnels from in a way we would never have seen them if the trains had still been running. A tiny bit spooky though.

  4. Beautiful images, and I had a Pet Clark record, I was very young.

  5. Love Pet Clark's music. The tunnels are wonderful, and I really love the landscape of your last image, what beautiful countryside.

  6. Beautiful images of a favourite place I love to visit. Ashford itw is lovely.
    I have a lovely old black and white photo of my cousin Alison as a youngster sat on Pet Clarks knee.
    Thanks for the memories there are many.....

  7. Wonderful music. And the photos are very interesting. Visiting a tunnel always leaves such an impression.

  8. Trevor, thank you........we'll see. A brace of Red Bulls in the gravel would open things up a bit.

    Keith, it is a cracking part of the country but very busy.

    Graham, It is beautiful in these tunnels......This line has more than it's fair share. The downside is it's a cycle track. There will be an accident. My solution would be to have walkers on even days and bikes on odd.

    Bob, it is a different venue...quite exciting.

    Horst, I am lucky to have had it as a base for forty years.

    Andrew, It's only a hop skip and a jump for you.

    Olga, I don't know why it took so long to open them up again.

    Petula obviously made a big impression!!

  9. Thank you Adrian for these interesting photos and texts. I discover a bit more of the UK!
    The pond you photographed resembles those built for the sheep in Aveyron, in the south of France. They are called lavognes and are unique to that region. same design, round and lined with stones or clay to avoid or limit water loss.
    A good Sunday to you.

  10. Dee Bee, they used to be very common, virtually every field had one.......usually concrete. This is a new one made in the traditional way, clay then the stone on top to protect the clay. Limestone country cannot support ground water so they were essential for grazing land.

  11. That tunnel is impressive. Good that they reopened it. So much work must have gone into building it in the first place!

  12. Monica, it is an impressive feat of civil engineering. It is great to be able to walk through the tunnels. Not so good to have to share the trail with cyclists.

  13. What's this Adrian? Following in my footsteps? Nice photos as always.

  14. George, yes but my 'ome turf. Great they have opened up the tunnels. They are brilliant if a touch hazardous. I'm a fool and couldn't help waving the camera. You did a similar shot with decoram.

  15. I like this a lot ... the text, the tunnel picture, railway nostalgia and scenery at the end. Everything changes but lets hope that PeakRail can breathe some new life into some of this area at some point.

  16. Jay, thanks. Peak Rail have been trying for years to open it but I suspect now it's a cycle route they have had it.