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Monday 18 July 2011

ON THE WRONG SIDE (18/07/11)

The weather is changeable, the changes are a little difficult to predict.  I have been soaked twice today.

Things are much worse for our PM who has sought sanctuary in South Africa, he says he is on a trade mission……..Why? Who would pay him? He has never done a commercial days work in his life. Probably had a winter holiday booked and considered that ruining the country is only a one day a week job.

I feel sorry for poor D’D’Dithering David. He never ever thought he would be elected. So sad for us that he was or maybe he wasn’t, it was too close to count. D’D’David there may be a house for you to rent just outside Cape Town………Mark Thatcher once lived there. Before, even a liberal and modern South Africa, kicked the fat crooks backside out.

A sorry state we are in. Our two most senior police officers have just resigned. At that level it is usually a euphemism for quit before one is sacked and loses a big fat pension……I suspect they live in Chipping Norton as well.

Yesterday I went down to Darlington and had a wonderful day. I watched the German Moto GP on a wide screen television. Took me a few minutes to persuade the bar manageress to switch from golf but what a wonderful race.  Nobody fell off, an exhibition of perfect bike control. Brilliant riding by one and all and from the front to the back of the field. A race nobody should have lost.

I did miss bits……..I was multi tasking…………Taste testing Grolsch! I missed the bar manageress’s bottom once! Her cleavage ….Twice!. That V. Rossi owes me a drink. All right for him, sitting out there on some one else's bike having fun in the sun and finishing midfield. I like ladies curves! Exhausting concentrating on four things at once……….I need more eyes or a red button on my forehead. That way I could just give it a touch and get the highlights from six camera angles.

We then switched back to golf! It’s like snooker but the table takes up half a small  country. Now I’m very happy that Darren Clarke won. I’m very sorry his wife died of cancer………wait a moment……Is  It Me? He is poking a ball round a links course near Reigate that doesn’t even let ladies in and he is a hero. No way, he only won cos it was windy……………and cos the others were worse! He earns twice as much as a motor bicyclist.

There is little justice in this world. If the Five Counties want heroes they have to look no further than the late Dunlop brothers. He misses a putt by three inches and he’s standing still, has a helper to carry his sticks, pick the one he is to swipe the ball with and offer advice in which direction the ball should go.. The bike riders have to position the bike lap after lap perfectly. They are heroic a golf or a tennis player isn’t. The hardest decision for a golfer is what daft pair of trousers to wear today……………I don’t play golf unless there are little tunnels, a plastic clown or two and windmills. If I fancy a walk by the seaside I don’t want it ruined by having to hit and chase after a ball. That’s what dogs do!

Here are some photos………………….

_7175351_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1           Croft Bridge………………..ante MotoGP

_7175366_67_68_69_70_tonemapped_edited-1            And the lake I parked the camper in post Moto GP.

Today is much the same, went out……………got wet……………came back…………..moved. Set the feeders up and shot these……………


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA young Great Tit cleaning it’s beak.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA House Sparrow. It’s a bit windy today………….This one came through the window and into the van. No harm done the dogs were good and didn’t snap at it. I caught it and away it went straight back to the feeder.

Sorry for the rant but I really am beginning to let d-d-dithering David get to me. Time to open a can of beer and forget him. With a little luck he will have mislaid his passport and be refused entry upon his return. ‘From a freebee holiday in a Murdoch company villa?’. I invented the last bit.

I’ll get out of bed the other side tomorrow…….mean taking a hacksaw to the back of the truck but worth it.  I just thought I could move my pillow to the other side of the van………….that’s lateral thinking.

Have fun.


  1. I was chuckling, chuckling 'cause it belongs to you. You're one that never get rich, but, your happy all the same.

  2. Bob, Yes I have my happy head on. I am also considering anarchism. This country is being ruined by a class of folk who should be a hundred years extinct. People are hungry in England but does anyone care. Yes they do but they care more about themselves. I train dogs better than Eton and Oxford train our 'Betters'.

  3. A rant it really was Adrian but a good one straight from the heart.
    D.D.David must be given time as I think he has one hell of a mess to clear up.
    I am not into politics and will walk away from debate but we really do have a big deficit that needs cleaning up by someone.....
    Brimham Rocks is a must see by the way preferably on a nice day.
    National Trust so as a member I parked for free.... OK I reduced my membership fee.

  4. Andrew, it's not about politics. It is about moral values. Who paid for Prince William to learn the intricacies of helicopters.....we did......is he ever at work........not often. Is his wife happy? I suspect not, most contented folk put on a pound or two.........she must have lost a stone or two.
    Is there a hight barrier at Brimham?
    The deficit is way beyond any adding up and taking away I was taught. It's a con. they do nothing to tackle it because it is just one of those things.......even dddDavid can't understand it. What he can work out is if he screws me then there's another shilling in his pocket. If he manages to do the same to everyone then he's laughing. The wealthy don't feel the cuts.

  5. I think I'll stick to the Greenfinch!

  6. Back to the really serious stuff Adrian...
    No hight restictions at Brimham....
    Take care..

  7. Enjoyed the rant Adrian. I'm not a fan of politics or politicians; I think Guido Fawkes had the right idea.

    The bird shots are excellent, especially the in-flight Sparra.

  8. Graham, a wise decision.

    Andrew, That's fine, it opens at eight so another few weeks and it should be a dawn job.

    Keith, The sparra nearly ended up on the camera. I am amazed the dogs didn't grab it. They were satisfied with a quick sniff when I caught it.

  9. Nothing like a good rant. I sort of miss the ones I used to go off on when that Clark woman was our PM. Love the sparrow in the wind!

  10. England is a wonderful country full of opportunities...

    The bird pictures are excellent!

    Have a lovely day!

  11. Pauline, I'm in a better mood today.

  12. Claudia, it is fine in most respects. You enjoy yourself as well.

  13. Love the sparrow shot! Very dynamic.

  14. Class text. Worlds apart, bit like Darlington and Chipping Norton, but it depends what you make of it and you always make "Daarlo" look good.