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Sunday 15 January 2012


These are mostly from yesterday a few of the feeder ones have been snapped over the past few days.

In an hour or so I am heading off to The Old Hill Inn which lies in the shadow of Ingleborough. If I’m fit enough tomorrow I’ll have a wander up it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Frosty vans at dawn.

_1141001_2_3_4_5_fused_edited-1      I had a really good walk and found this barn and a small tractor. All I did find!

_1141006_07_08_09_10_fused_edited-1      Just after I took this the sky turned almost black with geese and ducks. The shooters are out today massacring pheasant. I bet the birders were happy. I can imagine just getting set up in a hide and all the birds heading west as fast as they can. It could have been worse the shotgunners could have been wildfowlers!


Male and female Pheasant……there are anything up to a dozen visiting the feeders. In two weeks they will be safe for another year.


Long-tailed Tits and a Blue Tit. There are dozens of each here.


Greater Spotted Woodpecker and a Robin.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The starlings almost stole the show for me but by a short head, the socially and intellectually  challenged among,  the visitors to RSPB Leighton Moss have beaten them. I’ve had so many conversations, most informative and pleasant but at least one a day which was almost surreal. Hard to pick a favourite but…….I was passing the public Hide on the causeway when the girls from the stables caught up exercising the horses….I was just passing the time of day with them whilst the dogs had a sniff when the hide door opened and out reversed a chap, tripod and giant spotting scope. He turned round and said… Bloody hell! What’s that? I told him They were Horses! It’s nice to be able to return an ID. favour to a birder.

I’ll be incommunicado for a couple of days. Then I’m coming back here. It’s a grand spot.

Have a good week.


  1. Love the frosty landscape and would love to get a photo or two of Long Tailed Tits.

  2. Lovely birds. U have a good week too!!

  3. Nice frosty shots! And yes the shooters were out yesterday, on the kill again> I always feel sorry for these poor pheasants when they are bred and released, they are almost tamed...shooting in these conditions is hardly what you can call "sport"!
    Hope you'll have a successful couple of days.
    Waiting for the new set of photos and witty comments! :)
    have a good Sunday Adrian!

  4. Nice set of images Adrian.

    That's funny, I've been wondering what those funny contraptions are that I've seen about just lately...Horses did you say they are called?

    I hope you've forewarned everyone there that you're planning a return, or perhaps maybe it's best just to surprise them!!

    Have a good 'couple of days off'...[;o)

  5. A wonderful set of images, Adrian. ...but the last picture is amazing.

    Have a lovely day.

  6. 'Frosty vans at dawn', Love it.
    Shame about the Pheasants :-(

    Nice quip to the birder.
    Those Starlings really are the business.

  7. I do envy you being so close to a Starling roost. Must be quite a sight, and sound. Seeing video is one thing but it must be really spectacular in the flesh.

  8. I will look forward to your return to this place. When you return, how about a video of the starlings? Would so love to see them in action.

  9. Great shots of the pheasants, and that starling cloud is amazing. Enjoy your travels!

  10. I MUST get around to going to see murmurations sometime. Great photos.

  11. The last picture is phenomenal, and the rest of 'em, thanks Adrian.

  12. Graham, there are lots of them here.

    Ruby, thanks.

    DeeBee, they are tame. It is a bit daft.

    Trevor, yes they are similar to cows but don't have horns. That's how I tell.

    Claudia, I will and thank you.

    Keith, cheers. It is fun here.

    John, better than the TV.

    Pauline, I can't take video anymore at least for the time being.

    JoLynne, thanks and I will.

    George, it is a sight not to be missed.

    Bob, thanks.