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Tuesday 3 January 2012


The van has been to the doctors. Well I did it. The other day the engine wouldn’t switch off so I had a furttle about and gave the fuel shut off solenoid a clout. That didn’t work so I got a bigger hammer. Unfortunately the bigger hammer disintegrated the wire between the solenoid and the wiring loom. It is now under jury rig but works.

I’m here tomorrow as I have a load of pictures to edit and get away. Thursday I fancy Scotland for a few days. I’ll call and see Skip Bridge Garage on the way and let them deal with my handiwork. I must also call for dog food and diesel and petrol  for the genset and fags and food. I’ll shut up you didn’t come here for a shopping list or as they say in Scotland a list of messages.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA At last the White Water course is finished. There was one here before but I never saw it. For the last couple of years it was a construction site. It looks good enough for the Olympics…It is very windy so I’m afraid this image would not even get a bronze medal.

It’s a Pity the Olympics are a London thing. A great pity as the Northeast has the highest unemployment in the country. The Olympics would have been a real boost. There is a language Barrier as well as a Tees Barrage. The former is no problem it was held in Greece last time, even Greek has got to be easier to understand than Byker! The latter provides the head of water for these artificial rapids.

The local scroats would have loved all the visitors and the unheard of opportunity to mug folk that have something worth nicking. It would have supplemented their dole a treat.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     This is Planet Middlesbrough with Portrack Nature Reserve at it’s core.

It’s been a busy day. I have got the van working, washed up from last night, had a shower, walked the dogs (twice) and now it’s time for a siesta. Perhaps not….there is a particularly vicious hail storm blowing through.

See you all tomorrow, have fun.


  1. Usually the hammer works a treat on mechanical stuff; still, glad you got it sorted.
    The water course looks interesting.

  2. Keith, I've yet to see it working. Time it's taken it must be the dogs bollocks.
    Hammers never work....I was being a cheap skate.

  3. yes this looks intresting! You are always on tour Adrian! Congratulations

  4. The watercourse looks amazing. Its really a shame whoever decides on games and other such events don't think of the local economy. Its almost always in a major city and it really is a hassle to the already crowded place.

    Scotland!! I can't wait for the pictures :)

  5. Wonderful pictures Adrian. It is a beautiful place.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Middlesborough beautiful? Eye of the beholder and all that. The water course looks quite amazing though.

  7. I'm pleased you got your home mobile Adrian.. Lovely images to see..

  8. I thought duct tape was the fix all. I'm glad the hammer worked though.

  9. Laura, if I stay more than a week people get sick of me. You keep well and keep painting.

    Ruby, they put games where the politicians are. They want their slice of the action.

    Claudia, thanks and happy new Year to you.

    Graham, not beautiful but it has spectacular bits.

    Andrew, I'm getting to know it's wee foibles. Damn thing.

    Horst it is awful but thanks.

    Gillian, Duct tape or gaffer tape as we call it mends most things that tie wraps and silicon sealant fail to cure. WD40 is usually the first port of call.

  10. The Olympics mean nothing to us in the north, it's just another London occasion, however your planet Boro speaks volumes in other ways.

  11. Jay, I like the place in a perverse way it is photogenic. It just needs two to walk round it with anything worth anything.