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Monday 2 January 2012

SNOWED IN (02/01/12)

I have moved from Tan Hill to Stockton on Tees. The forecast was for seventy mile an hour winds and I have to be here tomorrow in any event.

I hardly got a wink of sleep last night. A really wild one it was. Snow and hail being driven by sixty mile an hour gusts in the squalls. The old van was rocking away and for all the wrong reasons.

I took the dogs out in a lull at first light. It takes them ages to get anywhere in snow, sniffing, rolling…..irritating the grouse. By the time they had finished messing another blizzard had arrived. Chilly in the wind it was. I told them. It’s a tad cold for mucking around and to get their backsides in gear! I also told them I was getting cross and wet! They couldn’t  have cared less…..I remembered to say…. RIGHT….I’M OFF FOR BREAKFAST!… Both trotted back to the truck and near enough to heel. I’m thinking of taking them to Crufts. I’ll just have to recall the correct commands for the obedience test……I’ll also have to persuade Alf that it isn’t the done thing to stuff ones nose up lady dogs bottoms……That’s as good as he gets….it can quite easily get a whole lot more embarrassing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Alf waiting for his breakfast. The camper gets like a swamp the amount of wet they drag in.

I packed everything away ready to move. The gritter came past the skies cleared so I thought all my birthdays had come at once.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I took this panorama just prior to departure. That’s posh speak for going. Yes! That is a tent with a couple of motorcyclists in, Mad as a sack of spiders are hellys angels.

The yellow bit is roughly what I’m aiming for. It’s twelve miles of single track slippery slidy road betwixt us and it. The van is a fool in skiddy weather……No I didn’t make it the road or the van. We got stuck. Fortunately there were some of the party people in a Disco. (That’s a Landrover Discovery). Not the best things in snow but good enough. Six wheels churning away and my posh tow rope got us to the main road. I did a post years ago on the manufacture of said rope. IT’S HERE.

I messed about for two minutes trying to find it but then remembered I have POSTVORTA.  Mark is an all round good guy. He can also make software sing and dance to his tune. He wrote Postvorta it’s free and does work. I found an old post. Magic!! How do folk invent such things? I have a day spent getting a new header to fit.

I’ve got to go now as it’s cooking time. I have a meal to do for a young lady……….when I was little the ladies cooked. I just waited and waited….. Better I do it now and wait and wait for her to turn up and eat.

I’ll finish off with new Years eve again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I love Tan Hill and hope it remains a refuge for all people with disparate views……….some are a wee bit annoying, though they are not allowed to be abrasive. Neither am I!… It’s a delicate balancing act between freedom of speech and action without it becoming anarchy. It’s the best place in the world. Hells Angels to Citroen CV aficionados and their well behaved dogs, cats, hens, sheep and children are all welcome.

I suspect tomorrow will be rained off but we will see.

Have fun.


  1. Hi Adrian!Looks like you had a great time. Great photos and Alf is so sweet..

  2. I had frost this morning but had wonderful sunshine for the rest of the day.
    Thinking a visit to Dunham Massey was a good idea I ended up joining the masses.. in fact thousands of visitors.
    Hey Ho back to work in the morning.

  3. Exactly the sort of post I enjoy with my first cuppa in the morning. Tan Hill sounds like a version of heaven.

  4. What a wonderful start to your year - variety and beauty, colour and sound. All the best Adrian!
    I'm intrigued, though... I hope we hear more about the lady you cook and wait for.

  5. Looks like you had a grand time there and managed to depart safely.
    I'm hoping it isn't too icy tomorrow morning for out trip to the vets. I prefer to use the unclassified roads as there are far fewer idiots trying to push me to break the speed limits.

  6. Faylinn, We mostly have a good time Alf is not sweet. he looks it but is an evil wee beast. I love him though.

    Andrew. I need a back light cover for the camper. See you soon. First sale of the year if you have one like wot I want. Seen your post.....Hell!!

    Graham, Tan hill is heaven or what I hope it will be. A touch more fire for the winter months wouldn't go amiss though.

    Katherine, there is always variety. The lady is a wombat.....she eats roots and leaves.

    John, it was awfull slippy. The back catching the front slidy. I actually quite enjoy driving on it.
    We wish you all the best at the vets. I really do hope Bobby is okay.
    I raced as a hobby.............only idiots risk it on the public highway. You take your time.

  7. Much more wintry looking than here! Great to have a tow rope at the ready, and the link showed a fine job on the splicing etc. Thanks also for the link to Postvorta. I have registered and they'll email me when they have room ;) After your rescue, hopefully you made it safely along the slippery road.

  8. Glo, the weather is from the west so only annoying. Not serious.
    Just so you know Mark is Scriptor Sennexes's son in law. The brightest lad I've met in web land. He can write two feet of code and tell you where to put it!

  9. Happy New Year Adrian, Molly and Alf..
    I really enjoyed your post. The sight of that tent
    in the bleakness just shows how resolute we British can be when the need arises or the beer is the best around.

  10. Enjoy the meal.
    Hope you keep warm.

  11. The panorama is brilliant. The travel to your next destination sounds adventurous!

  12. Glad you got out safely. Not sure I'd want to walk on those icy roads let alone try and move your van (especially given that I don't know how to drive).

    Thanks for the Postvorta advert! I'm building indexes for everyone who has requested one as we speak. Hopefully they'll be as impressed as you with how it works.

  13. Adrian, in your spare time you should write a book..
    I'd read it!

  14. Trevor, Cheers to you lot too. The lads in the tent were full of antifreeze.

    Keith, it's still too warm for the time of year. I'm heading north. The meal was so so. The wine was good.

    Ruby, Thanks, the van is a fool in snow. I put new tyres on but it has made little difference.

    Mark, not knowing how could be an advantage in such conditions. It's the downhill I hate the back catching the front up.
    Postvorta is really good. I wasn't using it properly before. I left all the boxes checked. I'm a real Muppet at times....most times!

    Laura, I can only write around the pictures. I wouldn't have a clue how to structure a book. I have several that have bogged down....much like the camper did. There is no tow rope for a writer.

  15. That's an expansive landscape view and it looks like no-one has a care in the world.