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Saturday 21 January 2012

LIGHT AND DARK (21/01/12)

The dogs and I enjoyed a rain free walk down through the reserve. It is very windy, very little about. Two Puma helicopters passed low overhead and then the Pheasant shooting got underway so most birds had dived for cover.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The Causeway.

_1211122_3_4_5_6_tonemapped_edited-1  Light on Leighton Moss. There is not much light but a lot more than yesterday.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Grey Lag Geese.

I sat around waiting for otters but not a sign today. They are elusive animals. The Marsh Harrier was irritating the Wigeon. I’ve never seen it catch one but presumably it must. It has to live on something! Whilst down at Leighton Moss I called in at the shop. I needed a new fat ball feeder. The bloody pheasants have broken the old one.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                       The female woodpecker approves. I suspect there are two pairs here now as the feeder usually has one on it. They fly off in different directions.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                        For some inexplicable reason they seem frightened of the Long-tailed Tits. These turn up twice an hour a dozen or more at a time. A grand little bird.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                      The Nuthatch is getting brave or hungry.

Another half hour till the starlings come back…..it’s not looking good it’s far too dark to see them. I really hate this weather. There are breaks in the cloud but not for long and the wind is ferocious. A wonder there are any birds around at all.

I’ll see what tomorrow brings. More vile rain and wind I expect. It really is depressing.

I hope you are enjoying a more clement weekend.


  1. Wonderful series of pictures, in spite of your weather. Today we're having a snow storm here - not a bit tempting to go out in.

  2. The sun trying to break through the clouds, a phenomenal photo. Let's hope for a bit of sun tomorrow, though I don't think so.

  3. Stunning light in the second shot Adrian.

    You're certainly attracting some quality birds there.

  4. Its blistering hot here. I really envy your cold climate :) Thankfully I'd be moving to a better city next week!! I love the first three shots! I guess I'll borrow your third shot. Looks easy enough for me to draw.

  5. Dismal weather here Adrian :-(

    You have some lovely birds on the feeders. I hardly ever see Nuthatches and never in my garden. I know I said it a couple of days ago but I do love the Ltts, such cheery little birds... We need cheery at this time of year!

  6. Some good bird photos here .

  7. Love your post today, lots of grand photos of birds and landscapes. I hope you have a great Sunday even if the weather is not so great.

  8. Lovely birds to see Adrian... the winds have destroyed my garden fences.
    I could really do without the hastle of replacing them..

  9. Things do look a bit grim but you are still getting lovely bird shots. Really like how happy the Tits look. Grey overhead and light rain here today but thanks to having a bit of farmer in my soul, I can appreciate it. Soon the summer will arrive, I know it!

  10. Great bird on the feeder shots Adrian. Would love to have another try for the Bearded Tit at Leighton Moss. I believe they come to a gravel tray for some grit. If memory serves me well ...it is sighted in a small clearing in the reed beds.

  11. A real bonus bag of birds. I've really taken a fancy to the first picture though. It speaks to me!

  12. such beautiful birds, Adrian! the road seems inviting!

  13. The LTTs are going to miss the free nosh when you move on.

  14. Monica, I would love to walk in snow. Knee deep in mud we are here.

    Bob, thanks, there may be a bit of sun.

    Keith, the farmers wife feeds them so it's down to her really.

    Ruby, I look forward to seeing the result. Have a good and stress free move.

    Jan, the little birds keep me going in weather like this.

    Petrus, thanks.

    Horst, thanks as (nearly) always I'll do my best.

    Andrew, one of the advantages of the van. Should a fence blow down I can move on.

    Pauline, I'm still hoping for some winter first.

    Trevor, the trays are still there but nothing on them and only wrens and robins in sight. I suspect they aren't here anymore.

    Graham, the first is my favourite. There's not much competition though.

    Norma, the road is a swamp. Less so than last week but still a swamp.

    John, I borrow them from the farm feeders. They are good to have around.

  15. Love this causeway, it seems to take us into an imaginary world, or maybe a Wonderland, who knows...

  16. Great shots Adrian, the first one is a beauty, each time I look at it I can imagine walking along it and finding something different at the end every time!!

    And any image with a Long-tailed Tits in it is just special!...[;o)

  17. DeeBee, it is a wonderland....wonderfully wet.

    Trevor, The Long-ailed Tit's are keeping me sane.....Well, almost.