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Monday 23 January 2012

A YEAR OLDER…..BUT WISER? (23/01/12)

I’m back at Lowthrop Fell…..you remember pie country from a couple of weeks ago.

I have to sort out my finances, pay my bills, get paid or not, spend time studying new investments like the National Lottery. The latter have actually lost far less on my pound a week investment than the Royal Bank Of Scotland. I’m twenty two pounds fifty pence in front. Not six grand behind. Bastards….Fat bastards. And bugger all dividend. Fatter fat bastards!

I wonder if Her majesty the Queen has ever considered her liability here. She wanders about sniffing fresh paint but to some of us ‘Royal’ means something…..I have never been sure what the something is…..I suspect it’s something I don’t understand. A bit like religion…it gives solace if one doesn’t question ones betters.

On no account give them money. Back your local crack dealer. It’s the way forward……financially.

The Americas (far north to far south) seem pleased to see Royals. They’d be on the streets and punching or worse if such a figure appeared in their democracies, plutocracies/ plutarchies and in odd cases, juntas and out and out dictatorships. I suspect we live and try to survive in the penultimate two categories…… I’m not sure. No choice is there? The fat cats always get fatter, fact of life!

Now I’ve had a couple of comments about comments or to be precise lack of them or the ability to post them. Fair enough!…..You are all blogging because you find satisfaction in doing so. Google do their best. I think they are doing nine out of ten best.

First, any problems read Blogger Buzz. If you are anything like me you will find it unintelligible. Second download Google Chrome, it’s free gives them some money, more than Queeny does, it helps to keep Blogger free. Not just financially free but really free….like pubs used to be…a state of mind free.

Most of us sort of blundered our way in, some had help setting up their blog.

Keep abreast of what is what and embrace change or discard it as I do…..I suspect it’s why you were in Blogland to start with. Go back to your roots and expect a bit of work for your pleasure. I want to keep my blog pure and simple. I don’t want flash backs or anything else. Background images, the awful new blog interface that takes ten minutes to load. I want it there and in my face. No pissing about. DeeBee are you listening?

When all that fails go to MARK AT CODE FOR COFFEE DRINKERS. (It’s something along those lines). He can sort stuff ‘quick sticks’ and even I can understand what he’s saying. It always works but I never trust myself, I copy my current template to my desktop prior to arsing about….Arsing about means messing in the gobbledegook of advanced settings it involves HTML or Java Script. I suspect they may be one and the same. Most likely the same as Geordie, Erse and Scots  is to the pinched bum language HRH Queeny speaks I find them all equally unintelligible.

Don’t panic! Leave that to me!

……last January I recalled being a great month…..I've just gone through my pictures …..it was just as bad as this one.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe most famous lake in the Lakes….. Windermere.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The dogs had had a hair cut.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Today they are scruffy mutts. Funny how a year on it’s still Moll who is ready to escape and Alf who follows. They are away to Keswick next week for a haircut. I’ve now got them trained. No matter what they are doing I whistle and they come back……when they have finished what they were doing!

You will find, if you fancy commenting that comments fly up in a pop up menu. I like embedded comments so enjoy luditeville whilst you can. I will go back to embedded a week from now. Remember, I don’t ever ask you to type daft words. I appreciate the daft words you have typed, I hope we have a reciprocal policy here!

I do have odd problems with funny folk. The majority I delete. The minority of the head bangers are good. I reply. It takes all sorts to make a world.

Have fun,


  1. Oh those dogs are just adorable, with or without their coifs. And that second, golden image is just marvelous.

  2. Adorable dogs Adrian.....lovely shots.

    greetings, Joop

  3. A year older, is it your birthday?
    Your dogs are so adorable.
    Great shots.
    Our dog comes back too..when she's finished with whatever she's doing.
    Have a great evening.

  4. Enjoyed this post Adrian. A good read.

    First shot of the lake is very moody; I like it.
    And the dogs are so full of character.

    Hope you manage to get your finances sorted ok.

  5. Yes Adrian I'm listening! Sorry, i know you don't like the new interface but it is really brilliant, believe me! they try to get rid off all the junk people add to their blog, but will re-introduce selected widgets in time. I made the sacrifice of loosing (for the time being)my Followers display (they are still there in the background)and my Stats counter (as well in the background) - it's a pity as my hits went through the roof and nobody can see them... :(
    My blog can't look any sleeker (as i said no rubbish Ads and multiple links to this and that, etc...)
    Are you aware that eventually everyone will have to switch to the new interface?! i am sure you do because you seem to read the Buzz!
    For me it was "the earlier the better". I like change.
    Anyway, so now that you know that I listen Adrian...
    Cute clean little doggies! they look like two little stars!!
    keep well, and don't hate me for using the new interface :))))
    Keep well! DeeBee

  6. Deebee, ce n'est pas le futuree, ils vous emmènent vers le passé.
    Vous aimez votre blog et comme une bonne femme vous serez alors le défendre.
    J'ai du mal à parler en français mais votre interface, avait à regarder tout ça, n'est pas l'avenir .. il est des bonbons cerveau.
    I had to run my awful French through Google.
    Je t'adore. we northerners are crap at language and so is Google.
    Have fun.

  7. A wonderful rant Adrian..
    I hope you have got a lot of angst of your chest mate..
    Take care.

    The dogs look wonderful.

  8. Oh look, I'm commenting!
    Thanks for the weeks reprieve. I'll try to try Chrome, I'll get brave.
    Loved your wayward post!

  9. Hi Adrian...I prefer no pissing around to...that all I have to say about that!!
    As Keith said a good read...lol!!
    I like you dog training.. well done ; ]!!
    Love the mellow affect on your photos and those little ones are cute clipped or unclipped. : }

  10. Good rant Adrian, love the dogs, don't usually get to see them close up.
    I like this comment window, it is the first time I have not had trouble leaving a comment in some time.

  11. Second attempt to comment -
    I've never understood finance and understand very little from Blogger Buz. But I do know two cute dogs when I see them.

  12. I'm with you on the dynamic views Adrian. They are absolutely terrible. I really can't understand why anyone would choose them over a customized template. On my machine not only do they look horrid, but they are really slow to load and use (no matter which browser I use), and believe me when I tell you it has nothing to do with the horsepower of my machine!

    There is a way of seeing the original blog. If you disable javascript in your browser then it goes back to how it should be, but then none of the gadgets work. The other option is to add a v=0 parameter to the page. So you can go to DeeBee's blog without the horrid interface. Unfortunately all the links still point off to the horrid interface. I'll have to see if I can come up with a clever way of fixing that :)

  13. Beautiful pics..and the dogs are so awesome..have a nice day..

  14. While the new interface is eye catchy, it takes an awful lot of time to load everything and is missing several features. Hope they fix it before it becomes mandatory. A very good rant Adrian. It was already dark when we went to Windermere, so please post some nice pictures you have.The dogs are adorable but I prefer the scruffy picture :))

  15. Great rant Adrian. I'm of the opinion that if things are running okay, why mess with them? "that's progress" is the answer I usually get!!

    Love those 'moody' shots.

    And the last two shots? Mischief waiting to happen, I'd say!!...[;o)

  16. Keep on ranting, its the best. The dogs are looking great, in either picture.

  17. was yesterday your birthday?
    happy birthday...

    the two dogs are so cute :-9 I can understand very well the love you have for your dogs, they are sure two great and true friends!

    ... they are so cute...

  18. What's all this about a new interface? Where have I been that I know nothing about it? I certainly don't want to do away with all my bits and pieces - I like my blogland and my blog the way it is. I'm sorry DeeBee but apart from taking ages to load it is completely impersonal - no information about you or anything so far as I can find. It also takes a huge amount of upload for those on restricted mobile internet.

  19. I'm not sure I know what anyone is talking about today but I like the first two photos!

  20. Great "before" and "after" pics of the dogs.

  21. To get round the silly popup comments window I right click and open in a new tab where I can see everything full size. Unfortunately a few bloggers have disabled the right click facility.

    For I moment I thought you had two pair of pooches. What a difference.