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Monday 30 January 2012

WINTER IS HERE. (29/01/12)

By Gum! What a wonderful morning. I went out for a quick stroll and was gone for four hours. It was overcast but frosty and bright. Wonderful!

_1291199_200_201_202_203_tonemapped_edited-1    The view from Scarr Head looking towards Coniston.

On we wandered on the old packhorse trail that skirts The Old Man of Coniston. Plenty of water in the becks.


Torver Beck as it exits the old slate quarry…….This is an area well worth exploring. It looks an eyesore but has numerous hidden waterfalls.

_1291230_2_tonemapped_edited-1     The quarry.

_1291234_5_6_7_8_tonemapped_edited-1    The sheep bottom right give an idea of scale. It would be a grand place on a sunny day.

_1291244_5_6_7_8_tonemapped_edited-1  I’ve still not reached the snowline but can just see the lake.

_1291254_5_6_7_8_tonemapped_edited-1   A packhorse bridge.

con2 291   This was about as far as I got. The col is Goats Hawse with Dow Crag to it’s left and a bit of the Old Man of Coniston to the right. A wonderful and uplifting day.

_1291284_5_6_7_8_tonemapped_edited-1 The view back home and a well earned Sunday lunch.

I am here till the Keswick site opens on Thursday, then booked into there till the following Tuesday then back here for a few days. Let’s hope this weather holds. It’s grand.


  1. Looks like you've found a real jewel of a place Adrian. A lovely selection of pictures.
    That first shot of the quarry is beautiful.

  2. It's a wonderful place Adrian.... and your pictures are excellent.

    Greetings, Joop

  3. Nice one Adrian. The pictures of the quarry are tremendous.

  4. That's a grand walk you had there Adrian, lots of beautiful scenery to explore...and you got some great images, especially the ones of the quarry. Hope the weather holds up for you...[;o)

  5. It's a bit like that here too at the moment. Cold and sunny with snow on the mountain tops.
    That quarry looks very still and deep, but very beautiful. I agree it's so easy to forget time when you're out in the hills. I love it, and your photos do justice to that beautiful big empty landscape.

  6. That's truly beautiful. I love the bridge.

  7. Some very nice images there Adrian.....


  8. Impressive wateerfall in the quarry... And I like that bridge a lot too.

  9. Another grand set of views. Makes a change to look down on a waterfall.

  10. Awesome photos, Adrian. Love the Quarry photos. This place would be great to visit in the summer. I envy your ability to wonder all over the area with such lovely views and countryside. I love the roughness of the area. Are there fish in the quarry? What an interesting place.

  11. Where is the snow?? I thought that by now you would be skiing your way through the surrounding countryside! We had a few flakes this morning and fortunately they didn't settle! Nice pics though Adrian, I like all this greenery! Keep well in the Big North! :)

  12. Hi Adrain....finally ...goodness me the your previous post and this one are just marvelous...love the snow on the mountain tops and the waterfalls today are gorgeous...
    Very nice thanks ..for showing what you see... it is wonderful looking there!!

  13. One of my gripes about The Old Man of Coniston was that you could see out of the Lake District. Of course this was a gripe about most of the Lake District fells because its strength (ie its accessibility) was, to me, also one of its principal weaknesses.

  14. What a bracing environment! Wonderful views ... really enjoyed sharing it with you.

  15. Very beautiful photos, you have a beautiful blog.

  16. Beautiful images, what a great walk that must have been! Hope the weather holds for you.

  17. The bridge is fascinating. I wonder how old it is.

  18. I just found your blog, and your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  19. Beautiful photos!
    What a great place for a walk.
    Love the bridge.

  20. Great scenes & wonderful work.
    Have I seen that Packhorse bridge before ;-) ?!
    ...However you have done the whole bridge more justice and you have achieved what many wanted to do by disposing of the metalware !

  21. Keith, it is a cracking spot....come up next week.

    Joop, it is one of the better spots.

    Bob, the beck runs across it and a gap was made to produce the waterfall. A good move!

    Trevor, I like new scenery, I love the hills, I know I'm on limited time to enjoy them.

    Annie, at my age it is one of few pleasures available. How I wish I hadn't used hills as a purely physical challenge when younger.

    JoLynne, thanks. The bridge has railings. I removed them....badly.

    Trevor, thanks.

    Monica, it is a good place. These bridges are common in the UK and vary only as to the stone used.

    John, I want to spend some more time in this old quarry. I love old workings and there are bigger but less accessible ones further up the hill.

    Horst, it is heaving with folk in summer. The fish up here are left from the ice age. Folk do fish the pools and tarns. I believe the fish are a type of Char.

    DeeBee, there is snow....it's mainly ice. Not a good winter so far.

    Grace, you are more than welcome. Thank you.

    Graham, it is compact but if you have a problem look the other way. I like being able to see for miles. The weather usually reduces visibility to a few hundred yards.

    Glo, many thanks....I'll try and make it to the top.

    Pantherka, good to see you and many thanks.

    Gillian, it was a bit murky. No rain so very good for this winter.

    Deno, impossible for me to tell how old. Probably Roman originally.

    Mike, I'm really glad you came around. Even happier you enjoyed what you found here.

    Mette, it's hard to take truly bad pictures in an area like this.

    Jay, I will redo the angle grinder work. I left shadows in the sky.

  22. The quarry pix is real grand Adrian. your blog and photos make me want to forget about mortgage and start travelling.