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Thursday 19 January 2012

I’M HAPPY (19/01/12)

It’s been a peculiar morning. Vicious hail squalls just prior to and just after dawn. They coincided with my visit to Leighton Moss…….lovely it was! Last week when I was here I saw an otter, another visitor said if I went out at dawn then there were usually three swimming around. They were somewhere else this morning. I’ll try again tomorrow. On the way back a rabbit shot across the track and a second later a weasel in hot pursuit. Good job the dogs were on the lead! It could so easily have been akin to a scene out of the Keystone Cops. Rabbit…weasel…terrier…terrier all heading over the horizon. As an aside I never realised a weasel could move so fast. Impressive it was. The rabbit escaped. I love the wildlife here. Kestrel, buzzard, merlin and marsh harrier all chasing the little birds. It doesn’t put them off, the feeders are doing brisk business.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    This is a big hit……It was on special offer down at the funny farm. £1.30p a bag, if memory serves me correctly. It’s not as good as the picture on the bag but does include meal worms, dried berries and suet. They love it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Whilst on food this is Cullen Skink. A meal I find irresistible. It has to be made with properly smoked fish, not the dyed stuff which is revolting. Like a curry it is better left for a day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA              This is one strange pheasant. The Thai ladyboy of the pheasant world?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA              There are some strange pheasants here. This lady is convinced she is a blue tit. 

            OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                    I’ve moved the feeder nearer the hedge. The kestrels are a real pain to the little birds. I do like raptors but dive bombing my feeder without posing is a big No, No!

I’ll try for proper pictures tomorrow. Have a good day.



  1. The bag is a must, and what you are eating smells really good. Ms Pheasant is with red eyes, thinks she its about time she learned how to fly.

  2. Very good pictures Adrian.... i like them

    Have a nice day.

    greetings, Joop

  3. WOW...imagine my surprise when I clicked on comment as I have been for over a week and poof I didn't get the "blank white page" !!
    Hi Adrian ..long time..I have missed my laugh of the day...you never fail to provide...the Pheasant at the suet ball what a laugh lol..and the strange one she hangs out with..what happened there!!
    Good to see you and the birds are eating well I wouldn't mind a bowl of the stew myself!!
    You got bird snatcher to huh!!

  4. Great post Adrian; and it made me hungry.

    Mrs Pheasant is a beauty. Never seen them on feeders before.

  5. Nice to hear you Happy! Those little thins are the salt of life!! Have a wonderfull day Adrian

  6. I am waiting to see the images of the Otters that you WILL get. They are great little animals. I got to spend some time last weekend taking photos of one in the wild near Jackson Hole Wyoming.

  7. I've hardly ever seen an otter in the wild despite living next to what I'm told was, at the time when I moved to Eagleton, an otter run.

  8. PS The best cullen skink I ever had was in Barra at the Craigard Hotel. I wonder who has that now and whether they still do it. So near but yet so far.

  9. Cullen Skink is wonderful Adrian.. I recall a wet day in Scotland at Crinan after going to see the famous canal.
    The Crinan Hotel served up the best soup I have ever tasted..

    Sounds like you are enjoying yourself at the moment.

  10. So nice bird you got. Great job with the food.
    Have a lovely week to you.

  11. Adrian, can you do an 'how to' on the Cullen Skink, if photoshop will handle it!!

    Looking forward to the Otter pictures for tomorrow!!...[;o)

  12. I'm glad you're happy Adrian and I'm happy to be back :) It sounds like you have some lovely wildlife where you are now. That is one very large 'Blue Tit' on the feeder :) and I love the LTTs! I hope you see the Otters soon.

  13. Yes it seems that your lady pheasant suffers from dual personality syndrome! She ain't a Blue Tit at all!!:))
    Talk tomorrow!

  14. You are treating those birds very well, no wonder the pheasant wants to act the part of a tit. Great shots, thanks,

  15. Good luck with the otter! You do seem in very high spirits today.

  16. The pheasant with red eye is a beauty!!