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Monday 9 January 2012

A VERY LUCKY BIRD (09/01/12)

Another damp day which turned into a beautifully sunny afternoon. Another seven mile walk this morning. The pie run or wander. I came back and changed the oil on the van. It likes a drink every six months. I need one considerably more frequently…….I need one now and will stroll to the pub as and when I've posted this. Tonight I’ll remember to put new batteries in the torch…..It’s not far but I have to cut through the woods and it is as black as a witches hat.

Not many pictures today. I took the camera to the pie shop but as seems to happen from time to time the dogs forgot to remind me to put the memory card in it. You’ve missed nothing except a rather ferocious rain storm so no worries.


This is one very lucky Blue Tit. Three days ago a Kestrel caught it and flew off with it but dropped it and it has survived. It is a mess but is feeding and flying. It makes the Coal Tits look positively dapper. It makes me look well groomed and polished. I don’t know why the Kestrel let go of it. They usually kill them on the spot, firing feathers left right and centre in the process.


Plenty of Long tailed Tits on the feeders today…..There are now three pairs of Bullfinch…..a Squirrel and Wood pigeon in addition to all the usual visitors. Before I leave the birds here are two dreadful images of …………….


I have to guess at a Willow Tit……It could be a Marsh Tit. Blowed, even after going to the paintings the RSPB post,  if I can make my mind up. It seems to have a shiny head…. Should I change my mind again?

Now as the sun came out here is a rare sight.

_1090745_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1 I include lots of sky as it is a lovely blue colour.

_1090755_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1  A little bit of road……a little bit arty farty…..Right time for the hostelry for an hour. Tomorrow it’s Leighton Moss to watch Canada Geese and Blackheaded Gulls.

See you from there.


  1. That is odd that the bird let go of its prey but the little thing sure is lucky. I like what you did with that last image. You can feel the warm glow of the sun.

  2. I'm glad the Blue Tit got away with it, though, I can't work out why the Kestrel let its prey, maybe it is a young one, maybe. I wish I had gone to your hostelry, ah well.

  3. That is one lucky Blue Tit indeed.
    Must have been a cat in a previous life.

    That last shot is like a painting; very nice.
    Have a good time at Leighton Moss.

  4. I am glad this little bird escaped but it looks so scruffy, hope it will recover quickly!
    Great shots of birds and landscape!
    Have a good one at the pub Adrian!

  5. A lucky little bird indeed, that Blue Tit!

    As for your Willow/Marsh Tit conundrum I reckon it's a Marsh Tit, going by the small white mark on its bill (see comments on my blog!)

    And that last shot, it's a stunner!...[;o)

  6. Nothing wrong with a bit of 'Arty Farty' Adrian.

    For me the last image is the best of the lot.
    The others are just recordings of a moment in time (IMO)....
    but with the last shot you have injected some creativity into the image and come up with something that has a dreamy almost romantic texture to it... I really like it.


  7. Wonderful to see the Blue Tit feeding as though nothing happened Adrian..
    The countryside looks wonderful..

  8. Yes what a lucky little bird. Loved all the pictures, especially your "arty farty" one, it looks like a painting.

  9. Oh, I read the old post first. Maybe that Blue Tit will survive?!

    Lovely arty-farty shot at the end. Where was this, by the way?

  10. Hilary, I like playing with the Orton effect. Some work some don't.

    Bob, kestrel have to eat...I love seeing raptors.

    Keith, they don't usually drop them.

    DeeBee, thanks I went to the pub but only had a pint the beer was not good.

    Trevor, thanks for the help. I have more as I type.

    Trevor, thanks I like arty farty passes time on a wet day.

    Andrew, it's okay but there aren't many walks.

    Gillian, thanks, I can't paint. Wish i could.

    Katherine, in the south Lake District. Morecambe Bay.