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Tuesday 10 January 2012



image   We have moved five miles as the goose flies. Leighton Moss which I’ve scribbled round in red is an RSPB reserve. There are also Red Deer in the grounds of Leighton Hall. So if this damned weather improves then It should be a good few days here. It’s almost dark today and raining that fine misty rain that soaks one through in minutes.

I will not be commenting or replying to comments from here as I only have a bit of internet. I may not even be posting from here either. I’ll do my best.

_1100765_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1  This is the causeway bisecting the reserve. The only bit that is dog friendly. The reeds are a good six feet tall. I felt like one of that mythical South American tribe the Fukawis…..they are only four feet tall on average and live on plains where the grass grows to seven feet high. If one gets close enough to hear them chattering all you will hear is ‘Where The F..k Are We?’

_1100770_1_2_3_4_tonemapped_edited-1  It looks a good place. There are hides, lots of geese, coots and ducks.

P1100002_edited-1  The only bird I found today within range was this very obliging Robin. Much too dark for pictures but it is forecast to turn much colder and brighter.

I’ll now see if this will post.


  1. Beautiful place to be. The RSPB deserve a big hug, and I mean a big HUG. It must have been a treasured moment to be at L.M.

  2. I remember the Fukawis ;-)

    It looks a great place Adrian, with bags of potential. I hope the weather improves for you.

  3. Super location Adrian, have fun exploring...[;o)

  4. Robins are always obliging! In fact they are so friendly that you could think that they are tamed! I love this causeway shot, simple yet very effective. Hope you have a great time in this reserve and sure that you'll have many opportunities for great photos...despite the rain. I don't know the Lake District, it's on my list to do...sometimes. Have a good week!

  5. Adrian you are so lucky to be in all these different place...

    the mood of the foto are so nice and malinchonic... love especial the one with the little street... have a nice time there Adrian

  6. I'm pleased you put the map on ... because I had doubts as to whether the third image was England or not ;-)
    ... then again I remember visiting Leighton Hall about 10 years ago and it was memorable for a tour guide waxing lyrical about some interior furniture and an unusual falconry display in the grounds where one of the birds decided to sit in protest in a nearby tree !

  7. Hi Adrian ....I am glad you put maps on where you are I really enjoy seeing these places ...somebody needs to keep track of you lol!!
    Hope you get to see plenty birds...I have been out for two days walking and have seen hardly a darn thing!!

  8. Red Deer ... mmmh, I assume you are talking about actual deer? Pardon my ignorance ... because I live in Red Deer, AB, Canada ... Love your pics ... Thanks for sharing. Always, cat.

  9. Looks like a great place. Hope the weather clears so you can go exploring.

  10. I like the reed shot and the next one. Have fun exploring the place once the weather clears up! Cheers.

  11. A chance for a Bearded Tit at L. Moss. A great place to visit with plenty of scope. Brings back happy memories.

  12. Bob, it is a good place but gets very busy.

    Keith, it has loads of birds but an equal number of bird watchers.

    Trevor, I'll have fun.

    Andrew, it is a well managed and groomed venue.

    DeeBee, this bit is just south of the Lake District. Call on the way. Don't go near the Lakes in school holidays unless you can avoid it.

    Laura, I am lucky...I see some wonderful things.

    Jay, it is a grand place for short walks.

    Grace, that's the way of the world.

    Cat, yes the mammal. Thanks.

    Laura, it is and so do I.

    Ruby, Many thanks.

    Trevor, I think the Bearded tit have been decimated at least. Many died when they were switching from insects to seed then back to insects during the mild autumn. They have stopped feeding them here.