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Sunday 1 January 2012

IT’S ARRIVED (01/01/12)

New years eve at Tan Hill. A grand evening the revellers aged from six to sixty had a wonderful party, food, music and a drop or three of the falling down water.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Gregory, not the youngest, oldest or prettiest but by far and away the best dressed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           A rather sheepish dog…….the first guest to spill a drink. He wasn’t the last, nor does he seem too upset.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          All are fed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Time for the music………….the trade mark shoes of Ian M. Anderson.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADespite suffering from man flu he played a brilliant set.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the best of four shots. there always has to be one who thinks it’s big and clever to keep jigging around.


Fortunately there is also always a poser and a clown. This is Laura.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Joanna and husband……I hope it is….if it’s someone else's husband then there could be trouble.

Time to walk the dogs again…..heavy rain squalls and very windy……..lovely! Tomorrow there is snow forecast. We’ll see.

I hope you are all bright eyed today.


  1. You've captured some great shots there Adrian.
    A real lively place, full of atmosphere.

    All the best for the coming year.

  2. Keith, cheers. It was just about right. It can get too busy in summer.
    You have a good year.

  3. Fabulous photos in this and the previous post, Adrian. For some reason the comment box would not appear for me on that one. Wishing you a very Happy New Year. I'm looking forward to many more wonderful images.

  4. Hilary, you have a really good year. I'll do my best to keep snapping.

  5. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all Adrian..
    Me in bed for 10.30 and up bright and early..
    Bah Humbug.

  6. Thanks for a look at the faces. It looks like a fun night.

  7. Looks like it was a Very Good Place to be!

  8. Looks like you had a good time. Best wishes for the rest of the new year!

  9. I keep thinking that these people must have travelled for miles, then again I remember that it once made the news for getting stuck in the snow on NYE.
    Some great captures here Adrian with a wide mix of people, a dog I wouldn't want to mess with, a clean G chord & people who don't know what Photography is meant to be about .... mugs frozen for good in Google !

  10. Looks like you had a great time. Great photos of the party. If I haven't said it before then Happy New Year.

  11. I think that must be the best place ever to spend New Year's Eve! Enjoyed seeing everyone having a jolly time. I remember your video of Ian Anderson's entertainment at a previous presentation at Tan Hill. Was your job there last night videotaping or were you doing other things?

  12. Andrew, it is my favourite pub. I wish i'd got to bed.

    JoLynne, a really good night thanks.

    Graham, I enjoyed it thanks.

    Monica, you have a good one.

    Jay, they have but they all stop the night. The dog is friendly unfriendly dogs and people are not tolerated.

    Horst not too good on the photo front. Happy new year to you.

    Glo, I don't do video anymore. I can't stand editing it. I did a bit of bar work, a bit of clearing up. They had plenty of staff in the end.

  13. I wish you a Happy New Year!
    Greetings from Hilda

  14. Looks like a good time was had by all,love the photo of the poser and the one of the shoes.
    Happy New year Adrian.

  15. Carolyn, it was a good night. It's rare to have a bad party up here. It's the mix of people. Hells Angels at one extreme and little children at the other.....loonies like laura really shouldn't be let out unaccompanied.
    You have a good year.