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Thursday 12 January 2012


I was woken just after two this morning by a gale and heavy rain. At least it me got a signal on the internet. The wind must have been blowing the ether my way. The wind has dropped the sun is out and the signal has followed the wind. I had a couple of good hours down on Leighton Moss. Met a sociable birder who let me have a look through his scope. Brilliant things they are, I could see for miles. Pink footed Geese, Wigeon, Coot, Mallard, A Gull, Cormorant, Tufted Duck and lots of other birds that I couldn’t identify. It didn’t last…..I saw what I thought was a thin Buzzard. Apparently it was a Marsh Harrier.

The birder nearly wet himself with excitement. The waterfowl did. I had never appreciated the laxative properties of a Harrier. The first sunny day for ages and it rained crap. I really will have to get myself another long lens…..a really long prime lens…….and a waterproof wide brimmed hat.

Come on Camelot….I did mean to buy some numbers…..promise I will if you tell me the correct ones.

The feeders are doing brisk business, mostly Marsh Tits and Long-tailed Tits. This post is a right Hotch Potch.

_1120824_5_6_7_8_tonemapped_edited-1 Silage for the cows breakfast.

_1120829_30_31_32_33_tonemapped_edited-1     An old and obsolete Butter Churner.

lmosspan110112    A panorama looking northeast from the causeway.

_1120860_1_2_3_4_tonemapped_edited-1   Bull Rushes. I thought that was going to be it for today. A lovely sunny day. I went out at just turned three o’clock and went back down to the reserve.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  It’s bed time for the Starlings. I’m sorry about the power line. I’ll stand somewhere else tomorrow but I was too spellbound to move this evening……..Birders call this a murmaration or something like that……I call it fantastic.


I’ve seen them on film and other peoples pictures but never in the feather. It is a stunning sight. Somewhere in the mix There are two Buzzard, two Sparrow Hawk and a Merlin. I could just see bigger birds but am assured that’s what they were.

All pictures will enlarge with a click.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The sun went down and that was all for today……What a day and we are promised the same again tomorrow.


  1. Wonderful images Adrian.
    The starlings are fantastic to see.

  2. The starlings "cloud" and the sunset are absolutely brilliant shots!
    Sunsets are amazing at the moment...good luck for the coming days Adrian!

  3. The Starlings are one of natures wonders. A sight to remember.

  4. Those starlings look absolutely incredible...

  5. the sunset shot is my absolute favorite! but the starlings heading toward their nighttime perch...superb!

  6. Wow, fantastic catch, the Starlings use this type of formation, to hopefully evade predators. Small fish do this also.

  7. A lovely collection of images as usual Adrian. What a super place to stay. It's on my list now for 2013.

  8. A murmaration, what a terrific word. Sounds as good as it looks. The sunset is superb! May the sun shine again tomorrow.

  9. What an amazing experience for you to see the starlings...and the sunset...and the birder's scope...an amazing day sent to you on the wind!

  10. Wow for those starling formations, what a photo catch. I never even heard of that I think.

  11. Great set of images Adrian.

    I've never experienced that amount of Starlings 'performing' in the feather, as you put it, it must be amazing to see so many birds moving together as one?

    It's on my to do list I just need to get my a..e into gear and get out there before it's to late!!

    I hope you manage to get some more images today.

    I can see you becoming a 'birder' before too long!!...[;o)

  12. Wonderful photos Adrian,they are all good,but like the comments above,If I had to choose ,the starlings and the sunset would be my choice.Oh, and the bullrushes.
    Have good weekend,may the sun shine for you.

  13. Andrew, Thanks...A sight I wish I'd seen long ago.

    DeeBee, glad you enjoyed them.

    Keith, next winter is going to be Starling orientated.

    Annie, they are!

    Norma, it seems like weeks of boring weather. I enjoyed the day too.

    Horst, it is effective or was today.

    Katherine, I suspect winter is best. The Starling are away to Russia in the summer and the ones that stay are nesting.

    Pauline , thanks I'm enjoying myself here.

    Glo, one of the best days.

    Monica, they do it in several places but they only roost en mass in winter.

    Trevor, much better than Bonfire Night.
    Not much chance of my being a Birder, I am daft enough but not sociable enough. Walking round here I keep looking for their carers.

    Carolyn, Thanks, I hope you are enjoying this weather.

    Fernando, mucho gracias.

    1. Wow.. those starlings are just amazing. The formation is like a cloud.. I can see all sorts of images in them. Good for you for capturing such fabulous photos.

  14. lovely starlings formation. Shame about the line:( The last shot is wonderful!

  15. Hilary, it is one of the wonders of nature. I almost wet myself.

    Ruby, it would clone out. Unfortunately it's the best vantage point.

  16. I've seen a few murmurations but never when I was in a position to photograph them. I am very much on the way to committing the fourth deadly sin.

  17. Graham, this is the first time I've seen one. It is a grand sight.

  18. Those starling photos are awesome Adrian, they look like swarming bees.
    Nice work.

  19. The starling photos are truly AMAZING!!!!! Wow...I'm so glad I stopped by Hilary's to be pointed in your direction!

  20. Over from Hilary's to say well done .. and I am wondering do you use Topaz Labs plugins to get those HDR effects?

  21. i believe seeing the starling murmuration in person may have given me a laxative effect also! :) wonderful!

  22. Well, wow is all I can say. I wondered why the first photos were so bland, but there was not a thing bland about the birds or the sunset. Wonderful stuff. And here I am having trouble getting one shot posted a day.

  23. A very charming selection of photos. I had never seen a butter churn like that. The starlings mystify me with their formations.

  24. Absolutely stunning Starlings.
    Love all the texture and color in the first shot too.
    Hope you found your wide brimmed hat.

  25. Remarkable images Adrian ... loved how you processed the first few!

  26. Adrian, I'd say you outing resulted is some really captivating pics. I'm blown away by the bird formations notwithstanding the electrical line.


  27. Congrats on the POTW from Hillary. Excellent choice. I saw one of those "Murmarations" once while driving down the freeway. It was amazing to watch. It's a wonder people didn't run into each other as they drove and watched.

  28. Steve, thanks.

    Laura, glad you came by for a look.

    Daryl, no I use Photomatix. I have used Topaz in the past but it's a little extreme for my taste. So are the first two today.

    Texwixgirl, it is a mind blowing sight. The sound is wonderful too.

    Mage, I have little else to do most days.

    Out on the Prarie, here most old churns are similar to this one.

    Photowannabe, many thanks.

    Reena, I was bored so went a little over the top.

    Daniel, the following post has better bird formations.

    Scott, it's noot just the sight but the sound.