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Wednesday 18 January 2012


It’s a very slow news day so click out now or be bored. I have a very strange sparrow visiting the feeders it feeds on the ground like a chaffinch. It has the same markings as a sparrow but more contrast and it’s a wee bit bigger. I’ll try and snap it. I suspect it’s a Spanish Sparrow it keeps going……… Que! Que!

I arrived back at Grisedale Farm this morning. I hadn’t even stopped the truck and pheasants were running towards me. On the way I did a Booth’s shop….the Cumbria and north Lancashire Tescbury’s. More Waitrose really.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Feeders set up and a bit of bread thrown out and a dozen were happily gorging themselves, ten days and they will be safe from shotgunists. Does anyone eat pheasant eggs? They are no sport as DeeBee commented about a week ago. The wee things can hardly fly and are almost tame. A lovely bird but in the males case a bit thick.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Does my bum look big on this feeder? No love! The feeder is small……………………….. I know the words!

I swapped my gas regulator. New years day I swapped a bottle and it’s threads were all anyhow. Much like me! These are for nothing a fiver sterling. Cheaper than fags…..Don’t tell Dithery Dave. Please! That fat bastard will tax them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the old one…..I have to have a habitation check on the camper……four hundred ponds for some numpty to find fault with gas or electric……..I’ll take a chance. This is purported to be crimp connected to the gas hose….Rubbish! The regulations say hose clip…..in the UK we call them Jubillee Clips.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I’m a pie man….it’s a week and more since I saw a good pie. Just to balance my diet I’m cooking Cullen Skink for tea. It’s fish stew. The Scots got it half right. I add onion and prawns and cheese….forgot to mention the potato milk and smoked haddock. It is nirvana. Tip some cream in at the last minute and it is orgasmic.

I’ll leave you with this……..My bum isn’t big. I can fit a garden bird feeder.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA              No worries, she is a handsome bird. As I write she is back using her wing for stabilisation….little minx.

Have fun, see you tomorrow.


  1. :-) Adrian! It's really nice and intresting to see your pics.
    I look at these imagines and I feel a good sensation of home and warm this is nice I think to be on the road with your camper and give to us a familiar feeling, very nice Adrian really.
    Maybe It's cause the pie... heheheh It must be delicious


  2. My favourite bird Adrian. That's quite a harem he has.

  3. I though I was doing well to have one visiting. That is quite a posh travelling feeder you have - beats the bits of string you used to use.

  4. Hi Adrian: I have joined the CC and the C&CC, thanks. First trip planned is 4-6 weeks touring the west coast of Scotland from Galloway to the far North West. This is what I bought (second-hand of course): http://home.btconnect.com/wheelhome/page17.html
    I think i'm going to have a great time.

  5. Beautiful birds Adrian...and what a good pie=)...have a nice day

  6. Simon Barnes claims the Pheasant as the stupidest (nearly) English bird. In "A bad birdwatcher's companion" he says "What to look for: long tail, suicidal tendencies. Where to look: country roads; round birds on roadsides, flat birds on road surface"!

  7. And I thought Rock Pigeons were a problem on my Eagleton feeders. That pie looks scrumptious. NZ is pie country too so you'd be happy here.

  8. Adrian, male AND female pheasants are thick!
    I do feel sorry for their slaughter but honestly sometimes I wish they could renounce crossing the road in front of my car...and re-crossing it straight away...to be sure that someone runs over them!
    I have the feeling that I moaned about this one already! i do every year when they release these silly birds in the "wild". :)

  9. Highly intelligent beast, that is what I would like to say, but, it's stupid. I love it anyway.

  10. The Pheasant are only stupid because they were raised in captivity. If they would have been raised in the wild you would have a hard time seeing any of them. We have lots of Pheasant here but they are hard to find. We also raise them here in captivity, but we are not allowed to hunt them like you do in the UK. We can hunt them in the fall for one month, and only in certain areas, and no beating of the bushes.

  11. Where does the cheese go? Just under the crust? Or in the sauce? Can't get haddock here so will have to substitute with snapper or kahawai, I guess.

  12. Wonderful images Adrian.. seeing a pheasant on the feeders has to be a life moment..
    Take care..

  13. Can't imagine the pheasants around here ever, ever visiting a feeder. They breed in the wild and can't be too stupid as they can be shot during shooting season and are wary year round. I know they are around, hear them and occasionally catch a glimpse of one. Seems quite wrong to me to breed something, release it into the wild and then allow someone to shoot at it.

  14. Hi Adrian, great series today. I have not been able access your blog recently from my computer, don't know why, so I borrowed another today. Probably just a bit thick, is my bum big? Ha, ha!

  15. Adrian it's good to see that you not only look after the 'pretty' birds but that you lavish the same attention to the 'stupid' ones as well!!

    I guess you're reassured to know that someone has your wellbeing in hand, even if it does cost you 400 quid, aren't you?!!...[;o)

  16. Normal it's your photos or your location or your natural history I envy but today it's definitely the pie! I'm just the envious sort, I guess.

  17. Katherine, Cullen Skink is a fish and potato stew. I just grate cheese in and let it melt.

  18. Love the pheasant on the feeder, and that pie looks wonderful. Never tried the stew, fresh prawns are expensive over here, but it sounds good.

  19. Laura, all in all it's a grand life I have. Some days better than others but that will always be the case no matter what I do.

    Keith, there are hundreds of them here. It's the end of the season too so I can only assume they are lousy shots. They take little skill to hit.

    John, £20.00 from B&Q. The string was fastened to the awning and I can't use the latter in strong winds. The feeders are mostly new. I'll get a new fat ball feeder from the funny farm.

    Emma, go close to home for a weekend first. You'll find out what you have forgotten. Have fun.

    Michelle, thank you.

    Bob, they are fine and brighten a dull day.

    George, I like that quote.

    Graham, I don't like wood pigeons on the feeders but not much I can do about it.

    Horst, it's big business here. Yes they are tame so not any real sport.

    Andrew, I'm dreading the rest copying it's behaviour.

    Pauline, it is all down to money.

    Gillian, it isn't you it will be blogger. It throws a hissy fit now and again.

    Trevor, I can it cost so much to spray a gas fitting or three and test half a dozen sockets for earth leakage? Bandits they are.

    John, a good pie it was.

  20. JoLynne, the prawns are optional. Fish milk and potato is the base.