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Friday 13 January 2012

COOL AND CRISP (13/01/12)

The rain, mist and windy weather is just a distant memory. it’s been another wonderful day. It is cool and frosty but I can live with that.

I decided to give the funny farm, sorry, Leighton Moss, a miss this morning. I have met several very pleasant and knowledgeable people there but barm pots both harmless and aggressive are in the majority. So it was a wander to Warton Crags Nature Reserve to look for the deer and some Peregrine Falcons. Seven miles of uphill and downhill and three hours later I’d seen a Nuthatch. I had the dogs on full deer alert but they showed no sign of having smelt them. The falcons, well it’s possibly a bit early for them to be looking for a nest. No worries, it was a very pleasant walk.

_1130956_57_58_59_60_fused_edited-1  On Sunday I am moving to Ingleborough it’s the grey lump breaking the skyline dead centre. I never realised it was visible from here.

_1130941_2_3_4_5_fused_edited-1  This is Leighton Hall in sunshine. It is a mess looking from the rear but this aspect is not too bad.

The feeders are doing well. A pair of Greater Spotted Woodpecker and a Nuthatch have joined the throng of Long-tailed Tits. It was soon half past three and time to wander down to the Moss.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Starlings never came close today and in the absence of all but one Sparrow Hawk were restrained in their display. It is still a sight I love to see, a truly wondrous experience. I am here tomorrow so will have another go then. It’s truck clean first as all the wet weather has turned it into a real pit. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA That’s all for today…..Enjoy the weekend.


  1. Those Starlings still look spectacular Adrian.

    As you say the hall looks not to bad on its good side, I reckon I could just about cope with a pile like that in the countryside!!

    And the last shot?...It's a stunner...[;o)

  2. Adrian the photos of the birds aerial display are wonderful and the colours in that last one, memorable.

  3. I'd never heard of a barmpot before, couldn't find it's origin though. The starlings still make a wonderful sight, even at a distance. Like the serenity of the last shot!

  4. Leighton Hall looks rather splendid in that shot Adrian.

    Starlings are the stars though. Fantastic sight to see.

  5. Trevor, I'll have another go at them...I wish they would do it for an hour.
    It's okay is the hall...a cottage in a similar location would do for me.

    Gillian, many thanks, good to see you enjoyed them.

    Pauline, I think it comes from the Midlands, means A Silly Person. A barm is a bread roll or bap or it could be a contraction of barmey. You inspired the last shot.

    Keith, I'll be back here. A good spot it is.

  6. All the shots are spectacular. The last one is dreamy. Have a good weekend!

  7. Another great set of shots...with the sun as a bonus! The hall looks superb, these stately homes always do in general.
    Wish you a sunny week end Adrian. :)

  8. I have never seen the Starlings going to roost - I'd love to. It's one of those sights which, when you see it on television, is totally captivating.

  9. Ruby, thank you. You enjoy what's left of your weekend.

    DeeBee, the sun is wonderful. The Hall opens May to September. It could be fine inside but the rear is pretty grim. Thanks.

    John, as you said it's only 76.2miles. Car park to the viewing point is a hundred yards. The last two nights they come about 15mins before civil sunset and drop about 15mins after. You can see them for free which is a bonus. To get good patterns there has to be a couple of raptors giving them grief so if you know a hawkist then bring him along.

  10. I love those photos of starling flocks. Thanks for reminding me to appreciate them--I'm usually not thinking kind things about them when I find they left deposits on the clothes I hung out.

  11. Love the Starling and sunset with reeds shots, Adrian. Think I'll give Leighton Moss a miss after your description!

  12. JoLynne, I love them but then I use a tumble drier.

    Jeremy, take no notice of me. I have to go away for four days but I'm coming back....It's a source of both wonder and entertainment. A great if slightly surreal place....The young lady in the shop is smashing...I'm buying bird food two seeds at a time!

  13. The place where I've seen the starlings doing their roosting displays on several occasions is the Runcorn/Widness Bridge where they roost in their thousands. Not an easy place to stop though!

  14. Graham, is that the bridge that is purported to be a model for Sydney Harbour Bridge?

  15. No Adrian, although they are both arch bridges. Sydney was opened in 1932 and the Widnes/Runcorn in 1961.