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Monday 4 April 2011

APRIL SHOWER (04/04/11)

No I didn’t miss the ‘S’ off showers though I am stretching a point as it has just stopped raining. We are just outside the town of Haltwhistle parked on the banks of the South Tyne. We were here last year and enjoyed endless fun or was it frustration trying to get pictures of Woodpecker and Dippers. I’m a glutton for punishment.


image      There are a couple of castles within striking distance, Roe Deer, and loads of birds. 

Not any real photographs today……………Shut up!…….I can hear you…………..”Never stopped him posting before!”…………It’s not kind to mock the afflicted.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     The South Tyne looking downstream. A murky picture…………it’s a murky day. To be honest, as I write this the sun is out and it’s a lovely late afternoon. A bit on the breezy side for a barbeque but tea is already on……..

(For those of culinary inclination it’s smoked mackerel and chopped hard boiled egg. When I’ve got this post out into the ether I’ll stir fry some spring cabbage and onion and stir the whole lot together with sour cream. I don’t need carbohydrates today as I bought a sticky bun for lunch and stopped at a roadside van for a sausage and egg sandwich for breakfast…….horrible the latter was but the dogs enjoyed it.)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The South Tyne looking upstream………….this is better but not much. There is a North Tyne and the confluence is just outside Hexham. It then becomes the Tyne and wanders it’s way eastwards to the North Sea at Newcastle Upon Tyne.

It’s a good job our present coalition weren’t in charge when this was decided. They would have been a year working it out.

Nick “Well it swings a bit south just before Hexham.”

David “It swings back North again.”

David “ We can’t afford to fall out…….Who gives a  …k what it’s called we’ll have referendum. Let the people decide. I’ve always had this dream of the big society”

Nick “I’m glad I got you on board…….let the people decide I like that. Then it’s their fault. After all, a year ago neither of us expected to be in a position of responsibility.”

David “ You got me on board?…… No problem. Don’t get upset. We’ll have a referendum! Let the people decide. When all is said and done we’ll be sitting here creaming in the dosh whilst they pay. That’s only fair and that is the BIG SOCIETY!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Got distracted. The other reason for visiting are these pools………….sounds better than swamp………..last year they were host to dozens of Toads and Frogs……..no sign of them today but hopefully they will reappear before I go.  There are a series of these and they are either an Oxbow lake or an Oxbow wood. We are parked on a mini flood plain.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe woodland is predominantly Silver Birch with the odd conifer thrown in. As one wanders up the hill the woodland is much more mature with proper trees. No good asking me! Come and see for yourselves. This Beech adds colour, amazing how they hang on to their dead leaves.

Tomorrow the forecast is for a general improvement so I’ll get the feeders out and see what is about. Already today a Shell Duck flying over the river and amazingly what looked like a couple of House Martins. Neither of them will visit my feeders, though last week a male Mallard did with catastrophic result…. To the feeder, he was fine, I know nothing about birds but do know ducks can’t perch on feeders……………he does now.

This is Fridays Crossword it’s only very small so as not to annoy. I can’t finish it. Help! Got one today haven’t finished that either.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt will enlarge if you click on it and should one have mislaid ones specs then press CTRL+ a few times.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings……Have a grand week.


  1. Beautiful pictures and a good speech.

  2. Bob, a bit of a rant we are paying for leaders not sheep.

  3. You're not far from my birthplace!

    19 down - arrest

    Hope to be back with more ;)

  4. Your crosswords are a bit whimsical from our newspaper ones here in the States.
    Even though it's murky, I enjoyed your shots.
    Got a bit lost on the reason for the ranting. ~sigh~ However, I find myself doing that bit about our government.

  5. Sorry I can't help with the crossword. I work with someone who looks like David Cameron... we call him his brother and he lives near here and commutes every day... Nice woody/wordy post from "Cameron country".

  6. 27 across - honeyeater


    I wondered if 7 down was Equator, but that wouldn't work with Boardingpass

  7. Hope you have a fruitful search for Woodpeckers and a Dipper or two. The Roadside Van breakfast are very good (crisp well done bacon)or a dire mess.... usually the latter. Not sure that Tea would suit me Adrian...still horses for courses.

  8. 23 Ashe

    You have a lot to answer for my friend! I've started doing the Dual Speed in the Dominion Post here in NZ and have almost finished twice using the cryptic clues only. It's becoming an obsession.

  9. Could 10 be ERSE writERS Elsewhere?

  10. 13 BEHOLDER is a viewer but I can't quite work out how to get there. ?

  11. Right. I MUST get on with some housework!

  12. Oh and by the way (by Beachcomber, remember?) I enjoyed the post and photos!

  13. PS I am SO glad that you don't have WV enabled!

  14. Nothing to contribute to your crossword. I like your swamp photo. Reminds me of a weekend visitor who commented about a farmer spraying 'slurry' onto his land. A much better s word than the one I use to describe effluent.

  15. Glo, thanks I agree with your contributions. Next week sometime I will take a picture before I start. Thanks.

    Scrappy grams, These are almost impossible for a non UK English speaker. The reverse would also apply.

    Jay, poor devil.....I hope he is a bit more decisive than the real one.

    Graham, Beholder is correct as are your others that's it finished. Beholder is bolder.....more apt........with he churned inside. Thanks. The only connection between my rambling and Beachcomber is that most of my paragraphs are unconnected.

    Pauline, It always amazes me the number euphemisms for sh..

  16. Trevor, sorry I missed this. snack vans are generally pretty awful. I just forget how bad they are then try one again. It's too wet for much picture taking and too windy. No sign of the Woodpeckers.