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Tuesday 26 April 2011

HAVE I GOT TOO SOFT (26/04/11)

I have moved from Tan Hill to the relative sanity of Croft just outside Darlington. The primary reason for stopping here is that the dogs have a haircut on Thursday. The weather is much colder and overcast. I was getting to enjoy wandering around in a T-Shirt. Never mind, it’s still dry.

Had a wander down to the river Tees and took a couple of pictures of the bridge at Croft Spa. About twenty five truth be told. Here are three………heavily processed HDR then given the Michael Orton look. I didn’t want to short change you with just three images. I’ll bet you are glad there are only three after you have seen these.

_4263535_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1   The Tees looking upstream from the bridge.

_4263540_1_2_3_4_tonemapped_edited-1     Croft Bridge…………..There are a pair of Goosander nesting on the shingle bank so this afternoon I’ll see if I can get a shot or two.

_4263550_1_2_3_4_tonemapped_edited-1     The bridge, a bit bigger………….the bridge is actually just the same size it was me trying to trick you……I moved a bit closer.

I got a paper this morning but it is full of royal wedding………….I also got them a card. It as a touching message inside……………” Marriage is like a hand of cards, it starts with a diamond and two hearts but it’s not long before one is wishing for a club and a spade.”

Perhaps I won’t send it.

Have a good week, tomorrow I’ll check how big the Giant Hogweed has grown, look for the Heron and should it rain I’ll have another look round the church.


  1. Lovely trio Adrian, especially that first one.

    Good words on the card too. I think you should send it ;)

  2. Wow, these are stunning, stunning, and more stunning!! The soft dreamy effect is working on these wonderful landscapes. Nice work and the card is too funny, greetings, Linda .....

  3. I need to learn HDR, and, the card.... send it. ;)

  4. Keith, I like this effect. the card is in my head, suppose I could do one.

    Linda it's not original but if I'm short of snaps I use either processing or bad language. processing today. If you want to know how to do it just ask. I'll do a Seeing to Pictures .....next rainy day.

    Dale, it's free from Photomatix, until you pay you will get watermarks all over but it does allow you to play. When I first went digital I didn't realize the downside...lack of dynamic range but most of all sharpness. You Americans tend to send it over the top but check out Dave Hill, he's spot on with flash HDR and editing. if you get stuck then I'll do my work flow at Seeing to Pictures. Then you have to decide what you like.

  5. Just beautiful. I don't know which it is you excel at more.. your photography skills or your sense of humour. Let's just call it a draw. :)

  6. Pity that the card is just in your head because I was going to suggest that you send it and sign it from me.......

  7. My eyes were straining trying to bring the photos in focus lol.
    BTW have you tried the 'Back to the Future' style of photo as seen on London Daily Nature Photo?

  8. Hilary, I work at it but I'm really into razor sharp bird picys at the moment. Video... as well. It's hard work being an old age dilettante. It is just wonderful to have digital though.

    Trevor, you wicked republican. I shouldn't put such naughty thoughts in your head.

    John, as always I tend to go to extremes if bored. Wasn't bored just did not want to edit video. No will look it up. Cheers

  9. Adrian, do you hand hold or tripod your camera when you go for the HDR effect? You can do HDR in Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5.

  10. Almost like a dream sequence Adrian...
    A softer focus can often create a romantic feel to a shot. I would use it when I did a bit of wedding photography years ago.


  11. Pretty. I know it's a feeble word but that's what they are.

    I'm going to steal your words for a card I'm making for a ladies Royal Wedding night. Don't think you'll mind?

  12. Horst, these were hand held. were i going for good ones then it's tripod and cable release. everything to manual and adjust shutter speed from the lightest part of the image to the darkest at two stop increments.

    Trevor I like the Michael Orton effect but must admit to overdoing the blurred layer on these.

    Pauline, my eyes were going a bit funny looking at these.
    I don't mind in the least.......I pinched it from somewhere.

  13. Nice idea for the card although I'm sure all this computer work means I need to get my eyes tested !

  14. Jay, I'll take this as a yes far too soft....my eyes were none too good after this hours playtime.

  15. Well I'm looking at these over a week later and they still make my eyes go funny. Or perhaps my brain isn't translating them properly!

    So far as the card is concerned do I detect.... No. Surely not!

  16. Graham, I must admit they made me feel a bit sick. The card.........no not me!