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Thursday 21 April 2011


Today is a red letter week.  We are proud to be playing host to Keith from Holding Moments. We are back in Patterdale once again and he’s come as he can’t stand my appalling avian photography any longer.

We got straight down to work…………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         On the theory………..He even buys and fetches the necessary amber water to accompany the first tutorial. Three pints later I knew all there is to know about the art of crisp sharp shots of our feathered friends……….What did he say? We’ll have another lesson tomorrow. My sort of school.

We were out before sunrise but after dawn………..it takes an age for the sun to enter the valley.

_4193201_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1This is the Electric Boathouse at the southern end of Ullswater.

_4193226_27_28_29_30_tonemapped_edited-1    Tindall’s Boathouse is almost dead centre and the Electric Boathouse is to the right. A warm morning with not a breath of wind, we are lucky and grateful.

_4193241_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1    Western Belle, she is one of the last vessels I moved. I collected her from Weymouth and delivered her to Maryport on the Cumbrian coast. the Ullswater Steam Boat Company have restored her, she now looks immaculate  I thought she may sink under me crossing the Bristol Channel.

_4193246_47_48_49_50_tonemapped_edited-1A little hazy but dry. So no worries.

Back for breakfast and then out again to look at……………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAria Force. Not at it’s best but still beautiful.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   A fishes eye view of the canopy…………….like me the canopy is almost bald.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA soft focus view of the forest………….That’s all for this post. Tomorrow it’s birding with an expert.



  1. Gosh, your photos are a dream!
    The one with the tree on the 'island' is my favorite, wow!
    I admit, I had some trouble peeling my eyes off the amber liquid (non to be had here *sigh*).

  2. Heloo from Brasil, following the link from Holding Moments. he's really got some hair.
    lovely reflections.

  3. Great pictures! Well done!

    I wish you a peaceful and blessed Easter.

  4. Lovely pictures. I am jealous that you get to hang out with HM. Whatever he tells you, you'll pass it on, right?

  5. Nicole, move and quick amber liquid is a necessity for surreal images. Glad you came by. I'll catch up tomorrow but a week without internet.....like everything else there is a price.

    Gingerv, he has serious hair. I wish I had. I could borrow a bit for an extension or twenty.

    Claudia, not bad. I'm doing an Easter card tomorrow. So you will get it.

    JoLynne, I'll pass it on now. Neither of us are bad snappers. We both agreed that most of the time we are fighting for light. Light costs serious money. Prime long lenses at 10K US. It's where the great images come from. I use fill flash for birds........Keith is far better than me at birds. I like my landscape style. The Dipper he posted I edited and he edited...neither could believe the difference. I just hope he shoots in RAW.

  6. Well, a great set Adrian, from an equally great set of days. Love the last one.

    Looking at the first, I'm thinking I should have brushed my hair before we went out. :)

  7. Keith, thought you had.It's not a problem I do have. Come on here ladies bald and pony pony tail is naff. Full head at sixty is awful? First one to reply. I've found a dream boat.

  8. Hi Adrian.
    Nice to see Keith up there with you...I think we will be seeing some much improved bird photographs. A little bit of reflection has convinced me where the problem is..movement. Your landscapes and interior shots are superb, cannot fault them. Now bird photography is completely different...so what I have deduced from reading Keith's Blog is...you will be travelling a lot lighter and probably not so far. Hope you both have a good informative, birding day and I for one await the photograph evidence.

  9. Wonderful photos, Adrian. It looked like you were using a yellow filter on the first few photos of the lake, then realized that it was at sunrise and a little foggy. Beautiful place to take photos.

  10. All of these are stunning! Of course, you have wonderful landscapes around you, you lucky thing!

  11. Trevor, I'm probably a lost cause.

    Horst, it has a colour cast. But looked worse corrected. It was very murky.

    Norma, I am very lucky....it's a great life.

  12. Wow.. beautiful images.. yours always are. And it's a kick to see Keith over at your blog.

  13. Hilary, thanks........He came up for a break and we had a good wander. it's good to go out with someone who knows what he is looking at.

  14. Superb photos (your landscapes almost always are of course) evoking wonderful memories for me. I really must, I REALLY must get some of my old Lake District photos out of the archives!

  15. When I was at college a group of us had a motto - Every man is born 3 pints below par.

  16. Graham, not always but if I concentrate even I like some of them. It is a beautiful place....in winter.

    John, I'm three pints over par this morning.

  17. Great symmetry on the first one .... even down to the hair parting ;-) Some really good shots of the boathouses on Ullswater that I should really be looking out for instead of you know what I get up to here. I've never been that fortunate to get a good shot of Aira force in the past on my excursions up Gowbarrow Fell as it is so dark, but the stream above is quite pleasant.

  18. Jay, Aira Force is a bit dull. It's better in winter when there is less leaf cover.