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Saturday 9 April 2011

A RETRACTION (09/04/11)

Thanks for your comments yesterday and thanks to them I would like to apologise for my hasty and derogatory comments on The Church of the Holy Cross Haltwhistle. I wrongly assumed it was built during the towns expansion in the mid eighteen hundreds. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is early thirteenth century and a pristine example of the period. It was rebuilt in the mid nineteenth century. I suspect it had a new roof then. It still hasn’t got an organ but what a trifling matter.

I’ll go back next week as my plans have altered. I’ll take a tripod and all the gubbins and have a good look at it.

Here are a couple of out takes from yesterday.

_4082963_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1The west window.

 _4082972_3_4_5_6_tonemapped_edited-1       The alter and east window……the reredos is carved in marble and depicts the nativity.

You opened my eyes so thank you again.

_4082927_28_29_30_31_tonemapped_edited-1Stairs to nowhere. Another of yesterdays.

No sign of the otters either last night or this morning. So no blurry images of them. When I go to do the church I’ll but them a couple of fish. See if that tempts them out. I’ll also buy a new pair of wellies. I foolishly still wear the pair I have but they have a split in. It’s a peculiar split it lets water in but doesn’t appear to let water out. I am also getting short of peanuts…………Woody the Woodpecker is going through them at a fine rate. He hasn’t the common decency to pose but flies off at the first sign of the camera.

No paper today so no crossword…………How did you do?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI need a couple or maybe more if any are wrong.

Have a good Sunday…………It’s Grand Prix day or afternoon. So I know what I’ll be doing.


  1. I like the church photos but I love the steps to nowhere--the colors in the stone and the story it hints at.

  2. JoLynne, the church photos are exposure blended and not good even by my standards. The steps probably date from the early 1300's. Too much effort to dismantle them. So they built around them. Most big houses round here were fortified as our annoying Scottish cousins kept invading. Blair solved that problem he gave them free universities and medcine. He would he's Scottish so are Brown and Cameron. what force failed to achieve stealth did.

  3. I am not a christian, (woops, I shouldn't have said that, she will be after me). But, I love the way you show the best churches. And your way of telling it.

  4. I love these comments! Your churches are stunning and your stairway leading to ??? I love it! It kind of reminds me of this modern world of running to someplace but we don't know where we are going..I think the 1930s people left their mark on us this way to teach us to smell the roses and seize the moment....Perfect light and technique Adrian!!

  5. The steps to nowhere are terrific. The church photos are lovely and it's interesting to find out more info. It is strange that there is no organ...is there any musical instrument?

    I have to admit that I didn't dare look too closely at the crossword as I would have done nothing else...and we had ducks to see to! I like it when there are some answers anyway to help me along :)

  6. I think these are wonderful, both the interiors and the stairs to nowhere. How interesting that you found out more about the church. An impressive age.

  7. All in all a well cared for church Adrian. Great photos inside and out.

    A quick look - 17 toner?

  8. Bob, I'm not a religious person either but I do love the peace in churches and there variety. They are photogenic. But light in them is the very devil....please excuse the expression.

    Linda, Far from perfect technique. Thanks anyway. Should have been longer steps then it could have been Stairway To Heaven......Gene Vincent or Eddie Cochran? I forget?

    Glo, No musical instruments in sight. It is a better church than I first thought. I'm away back tomorrow. With a tripod and cable release. I'll see what that produces.

    Monica, it is a far better church than I first thought. I'm going back. The brother of Archbishop Riddley is buried here. He was burnt at the stake with Latimer.

    John, photos hand held HDR. I'm away back for another do tomorrow.

  9. The steps to no-where are genius, that was a great spot. It looks like the building has been added to at various points during it's lifetime.

  10. Jay they are brilliant. Pity in real life there is an extractor fan and a load of guttering. Philistines abound. If you take the gunnel from the market to Sainsbury it's on your right.