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Thursday 7 April 2011


To be precise birds and bridge. We were up later than usual but out and about earlier. It wasn’t until we had been wandering for a couple of hours that I solved this minor conundrum…….I was starving. Silly me I’d forgotten breakfast.

I can’t decide whether to start with the good stuff or the rubbish so I’ll just start and let you decide.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI found the Woodpecker late yesterday afternoon. The tree is spot on for focus! All other images are from today as is usually the case on this blog.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      I found the Dipper this morning, he was too far away and then went even further in the wrong direction. I’ll have another go. If you would like to see what one should look like then have a look here at A&T BIRDING. Trevor is the benchmark by which Dipper images should be judged. Whilst I’m plugging the opposition I’ll give you this link to the best Wren pictures I’ve ever seen MIDMARSH JOTTINGS. Both are superb and well worth a look.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I found the ducks as well so all objectives met. They are a pair of Goosander……..I hope. They are also a long way away and within seconds of this picture were out of sight.

_4072845_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1          The South Tyne looking downstream from Featherstone Bridge. Even the bridge has feathers today…………and here it is.

_4072835_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1       Looking upstream at it’s downstream face.

_4072855_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1       Looking downstream at…………..we been through all that rubbish a moment ago.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Daffodils and brand new lambs………..it really is spring. I should have cleaned the twigs out of the way. Sorry I forgot.

Tomorrow I’ll have to go shopping………….I’ll have another look around after that. All images will enlarge but the avian pictures are heavily cropped so the quality will not really make it worth the click.

Have fun and be good.


  1. I like the look of that 'Featherstone Bridge- it has some very photogenic lines to it.....

    I don't know how you 'forgot' to have breakfast...first thing I think of upon waking up is food...!!


  2. You're getting some great birds up there Adrian; and I love that last bridge shot, with the curve.

  3. Trevor, it is a good bridge. I sometimes forget who I am so forgetting break fast is a minor matter.

    Keith, It's a pretty good place or was till a load of children have arrived. Surely it can't be Easter holidays already......most likely a Baker day or some such.

  4. Really great is the Dipper and the bridges.

  5. I know that having fun and being good are not necessarily mutually exclusive but.... Actually I always aim to be superb (but rarely, if ever, achieve my objective).

    Anyway as usual I enjoyed this post plus some more complimentary adjectives for the birds and the daffodils. The latter because I never see daffodils these days 'cos I miss the spring here and in Scotland. Bummer really 'cos Pat says my garden was absolutely full of them.

  6. I'm not happy with the birds will have another go today. You should still have daffodils on South Lewis......loads here. I'll pop the macro lens on and get some more.......should be thinking of doing an Easter card anyway.

    Bob, the dipper pictures are the best I've managed so far. I'll have another go. It is a lovely bridge.

  7. Like Keith I think the second bridge shot is great. Bridges can be fairly boring viewed straight on but the curve helps the perspective as well as the composition. Nice you are managing to find some birds, even if they are keeping their distance.
    Many thanks for the link.

  8. I read a bit about Featherstone Bridge here

    Neat photo of the Woodpecker ~ I'm not familiar with the other birds, but good that you found them. Love the photo of the farmer and lambs. Your photo of the river is very picturesque.

    You could leave a note on the inside of your door, so before you step out... ~ "Have you had your breakfast?" ;)

  9. John, It could have more parapet but it was beyond me to get a better angle. Plenty of birds around but they know I am. It's a puzzle to me if one is in the tropics the birds are almost tame and so are the fish. Up here they are anything but.

    Glo, The river is my favourite. It's HDR but I like tone mapped images. The woodpecker could be sharper...........I don't think a note would work....I have a large felt tip written note in my camera bag lid....CHECK CAMERA SETTINGS...Not often that it works. Thanks for the link.

  10. great pictures, Adrian. I prefer the bridges to the birds, at least they stay still long enough.

    You want to come to Shropshire for some really spectacular views when you have run out of your own to shoot.

  11. Very much like the Dipper and the first bridge picture. The branches illustrate the difference in our approach. I have only ever deleted one thing in my photos - one gull's wing poked into view in the upper corner and didn't make sense; was just a blodge - so I rubbed it out. Beyond that - my approach is to photo-as-is and the branches are part of what's there, so I' glad you left them.


  12. Lucy, we'll agree to differ if you delete the bit of building from Red the and white lighthouse. It distracts. I put distraction in sometimes. Most times I have an hour a day to post.
    The dipper is okay but nowhere near A3 print. The bridge is.... if I rework the wires cloning. As is it's better than anything I've seen. Yet.
    No excuses here. I do sell pictures for peanuts every now and again but this blog is just a diary so good and bad creep in.

  13. Friko, they are only good in the eye of the beholder. I'm so happy you popped by. I'll think about Shropshire but the wilds of Scotland beckon.

  14. Love the one of the lambs and daffodils. Our daffodils are not in bloom yet and lambs is not something I come across, living in town!

  15. Nice post in a quiet part of the country. It's good to see signs of spring and the Tyne looking like this... unlike the bit I see everyday !! I'm just wondering how far you have to go for shopping... no doubt the Co-op in Haltwhistle !

  16. Monica, I love seeing lambs. They make my day.

    Jay, it is a good spot. It's acouple of miles into Haltwhistle and there is a Sainsbury as well.