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Saturday 16 April 2011


It is funny weather. Cool one moment and warm the next. Cloudy one minute and sunny the next. We walked up the lake this morning before the hoards were out of bed. Not a good day for pictures though with the merest of Zephyrs the reflections were worth going out for.

Again all images HDR and pushed within an inch of their lives…………some may think processed to death.

I got a paper on the way back and can’t do the crossword though I was delighted to read that Kate Middleton attended a wedding rehearsal yesterday. It didn’t say how she got on or whose wedding it was being rehearsed. I’ll be glad when this wedding is over. It’s a lot of fuss over a marriage that is unlikely to survive a decade. I just hope for her sake she remembers to keep out of tunnels.

Having alienated half my readers, something I can ill afford to do, I’ll get onto the pictures of Ullswater.

_4163156_57_58_59_60_tonemapped_edited-1    Looking across the lake to the delightfully named hamlet of Watermillock.

_4163161_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1The remains of a jetty and a Blackheaded Gull. The Gull is fine……not his remains the piers, you understand.

_4163166_67_68_69_70_tonemapped_edited-1A patch of clear sky……….Wow!

_4163176_77_78_79_80_tonemapped_edited-1An Ullswater steamer at Pooley Bridge Landing. This one is, I believe, Lady Wakefield.

That’s all for today…………I’m hoping for a good sunset or a few evening pictures……..we’ll see.


  1. The photos are lovely. It's always interesting to see how different folks like to process their images. It always adds another artistic dimension to the art of photography. I love the one with the gull in particular.

  2. I love the reflections in the 2nd and 4th photos and the colors of the boat. Nice shots! It's dreary and windy in Indiana today. :(

  3. You're a naughty individual, hee hee. Nice photos.

  4. The jetty one is my favorite ~ also the Lady Wakefield reflection. I looked up Watermillock - looks like a lovely spot.

  5. Hilary, I'm glad you like them. Photographs have always been processed, digital just makes it quicker and easier. I just have fun.

    Norma, Very mixed here but dry and not freezing. The second could do with the concrete block removing. It's truck cleaning day but I'll make time.

    Bob, I'll buy The Daily Mail next time that'll put me straight.

    Glo, I have to admit to only driving through it. I'll go and have a look this next week.

  6. Ah. Art v reality. In my book art wins in this case! I like the last one particularly.

  7. Graham, not sharp enough for print but looks okay to me on the web. I've not used the tripod and all that malarkey which is essential for sharp multiple exposures. This will be the last week in the lakes till next winter. Far too busy.

  8. Great images, not forgetting the stunning Lady Wakefield getting married to your camera !!
    I am one of those people who is pleased there is a royal wedding a week on friday. I asked for an annual leave day to co-lead some walks for a weekend group in Borrowdale and was told I couldn't have it. However the future king favours his subjects. Ha !

  9. Jay, it's an ill wind that blows and doesn't benefit someone.