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Friday 8 April 2011


Up this morning at two, didn’t get to bed till half ten.Trying to create digital smoke…………Don’t even think of asking. Okay! I’ll tell you, I was bored and thought what haven’t I seen done well in Photoshop Elements…..Smoke. I trawled the internet for (smoke + Photoshop Elements) and came up with various tutorials using the clouds filter. All Naff!. I’m getting there. In fact almost there. Last year I sent you flames for Easter. This year there is going to be smokey theme. Incense type smoke, not oil rig on fire smoke. I love playing in Photoshop, I’m also something of an arsonist………I hate just to be nodding off and having to try an idea that wandered into my semiconscious. Up and down all night I was……………No you can’t see smoke it’s for Easter…. Nor is it ready yet!…….It is looking good.

Not out at first light but shortly after……………………………..

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Daffodils in the dark.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Daffodil and a wee bit of another……….this is as good as I get at arty. Lying down!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            We carried on and found the Dipper these are little better than yesterdays but aren’t cropped. It is not blind it must have an inner eyelid like Gannets do. This little bird has big feet and walks around under water in fast flowing streams…………..an odd way of making a living don’t you think?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            This is the same bird a second later and if you click you will see it’s eye is normal………….thank God I was worried for a second.

We came back home for breakfast but on the way snapped an ………………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           Oystercatcher and a ……………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA             Pied Wagtail I know it looks small but it will enlarge………….it is only a small bird.

Today was supposed to be a shopping and make/mend/polish the truck up day. Went into town for a shop and had a look round the church.

_4082932_3_4_5_6_tonemapped_edited-1             This is The Church of the Holy Cross Haltwhistle It has old bits incorporated but is a mid eighteen hundreds edifice. not awful but far from good.

_4082937_38_39_40_41_tonemapped_edited-1This chaps family thought a lot of him but the money ran out for the son or the son ran out of money. I just noticed the difference in the quality of the masons art. it’s hard to see but it will enlarge with a click………….further still with CTRL>++++.

Inside we went, the tight beggars haven’t even installed an organ…..well miffed I was. I love church organs.

_4082977_78_79_80_81_tonemapped_edited-1This is as good as it’s going to get.. Enough timber in the roof to support lead but round ‘ere ones to be careful’……..it supports nowt more than slate. The Slate was imported the lead exported.

_4082967_68_69_70_71_tonemapped_edited-1I like this. When I get sick of smoke I’ll give this a good seeing to.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere is todays crossword…Just click, it will enlarge……As it was a raging hit last week then today you have a clean one. I know they are annoying but have a go and have a great weekend………..We will, we saw an Otter this morning………swimming in the river!… Not in one of those cess pits they call Otter Sanctuaries.  Cost me six pounds to see an Otter in Devon. The poor devils were in water filthier than the Tyne they deserted by choice a hundred years ago.

So I’m on to the Otters tomorrow and this evening. All the best. Have a good weekend.


  1. Wonderful cheerful daffodils! And I really like that last picture of the window. Don't lose the ray of sunshine if you edit!

  2. The Dipper is getting better all the time, and the church, looks like it had been there forever.

  3. Great post Adrian. Love the Dippers...goggles on or off. The church photographs are really good...you definitely have a feel for the older buildings.
    Good hunting for the Otter tomorrow...a photograph or two would be a feather in your easter bonnet.

  4. Splendid church. You can understand why people go there to worship!

  5. I like your church interior images. My problem in a place like this would be editing them down to just two. Have a good weekend

  6. Monica, I won't. In fact I will go back with a tripod and do the job properly.

    Bob, it's better but I need to get closer somehow. It's also very dark where it is.

    Trevor, The dipper falls well short of yours. This church id apparently 13th century. I would have put it mid 1800's though there is a lot of old masonry in it. I'll go back and do it properly.

    Graham, it has good bits but the back half has most unsympathetic modern oak panelling.

    Jay, it wasn't hard these are hand held so the only ones worth bothering with. I'll go back and have another do.

  7. I love old churches. Don't bother showing us the more modern parts if they are horrible. It's sad to me if one thinks that modern is always better. :(
    Your daffodil shots are lovely! I get down right excited when I see birds not native to the USA! Thanks for sharing those. :)

  8. Scrappy Grams, there is more to this building than I supposed. It is genuinely old, eight hundred years old. So I will go back and shoot for detail. New and old it may shame them. I have an acquaintance who is paid just fifteen pounds an ou

  9. Beautiful images, Adrian. I'm quite looking forward to seeing this smoke.

  10. Hilary, thanks, the smoke is coming along. I'll have another go or two yet.