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Tuesday 12 April 2011

SMOKING AGAIN (12/04/11)

Today has been a write off. Freezing first thing and yet again nothing about. The woodpecker was on the feeder for it’s breakfast, I love these birds but they are a touch camera shy.

We went out with the macro lens. Too much wind. Too cold for butterflies. Too cold for beetles. Just a bit on the miserable side of pleasant.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                Primrose………that sort of day something ate bits of the primrose and I missed seeing it do it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA             This is a tiny flower blowing in the wind…………..what is it please? I know it’s no a Snowdrop. it’s smaller than my little finger nail…not by much.

That’s about it for today……………a really bad day but the smoke gets better………..I think!

smoke20Still not right but better than this………………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAor is it………………….I need an editor or a Psychiatrist!

Have fun we will be out tomorrow.



  1. well you said that this days was not good, but I find your foto grat, especial the smokes foto

  2. Yes, it is getting better.. more wispy.

  3. Laura, it is not good enough yet. I am working towards perfection for Easter and a card for you all.

    Hilary, it's hard work for me one has to be subtle. Not easy. I instinctively go for big bright sharp colour. The pure black is laziness. but allows one to see what one is doing. Drop it into another image and use blend modes the black disappears.

  4. The flower is Wood-Sorrel, (Oxalis acetosella). If you were in Ireland they would tell you that it is Shamrock!

  5. George, many thanks I am a dumb cluck.

  6. The smoke is looking good.

    And George beat me to it. A lovely little flower, but they don't stay open for very long.

  7. This is so perfect for Easter Adrian~ You have captured it beautifully!! It is absolutely delightful, nicely done......The smoke is awesome, as it looks like it is forever floating and I can almost smell it...Have a great week, Linda

  8. Keith, now to think of an Easter theme and use it.
    Fancy attaining the age of Sixty one and not knowing what a Shamrock looked like. I've drunk enough Guiness in my time.

    Linda, I now have to start building this years greeting card. If ever you want to know how to do it I can do a Seeing To Pictures tutorial on my other Blog.

  9. The first flower is brilliant, and I like the two psychedelias.

  10. Bob, it was a bit windy for the macro lens. I'm fed up with smoke now. For a while anyway.