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Thursday 14 April 2011

HEAVEN AND HELL (14/04/11)

It was a wonderful idea to come back to the Lake District but I am a week too late…………..prices through the roof. Noisy children by the hundred…………not naughty……..noisy………I’m Mr grumpy. I was noisy once. Come to think about it…..a week ago… after a drop of the falling down water. So no pictures of hell.

On to heaven.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A boring pastoral scene…………the wee light bits are Ullswater.

We went down to walk the dogs just before sunset and found heaven.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Well the dogs did………Molly on the left and her cousin Alfie on the right. he’s looking for a stone. Don’t ask why……he can’t tell me but he does like a stone if it comes from underwater. …A deep sea salvage expert in a previous life?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Salvage?….. success!………………daft dog!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA clichéd shot. I liked it and had to lie down. I can see the days of lying down voluntarily are finite. It’s not so much the lying down at the moment; it’s the getting up again.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Ullswater……………north bit.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMe being arty farty…………Nothing like a dead tree to bring an image to life…………Me?…….if one is good three have to be superb. Or does that make for a dead image?

Well here we are. I’m out in the morning for dawn. Dogs love it.

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  1. They are beautiful images, not dead images.

  2. Bob, they are pushed and shoved the last one is going into the save bin. Cheers and thanks.
    How do you tell Mistle Thrush from Song Thrush?

  3. The dogs look very happy, and with such a lovely place to run around in, why not.
    The kids have far too much time off these days I think; two weeks a year is plenty, and not when I'm off.

    Mistle Thrush is a bit larger, with dark spots; Song Thrush has arrow shape spots. The song is very different too. Song Thrush is the repetitive song, from high in a tree, usually in the mornings and late afternoon. They repeat their 'phrases' at least three times, then go onto the next bit.

  4. There are worse places for noise in the Lakes, then again you are near Pooley Bridge... a place that i avoid like the plague !!

  5. You make me smile. :) Funny dog!
    So mesmerizing, the reflective color of the water. Lucky man!

  6. Keith, it's okay, would be brilliant without so many folk. It is beautiful, I prefer the south end. Ta for the thrush info.

    Jay, there are, Bowness is a complete write off.

    Scrappy Grams, It is a wonderful place. Photography is better early or late in the day. I prefer winter to summer.

  7. For me the Molly/Alfie photos are grand. Odd as I'm not really a pet person.

    I'll never mistake a Mistle Thrush. It was in the Lake District on honeymoon that my wife called to me to look at one and then, being distracted, she fell and sprained her ankle badly: end of honeymoon!

  8. Really lovely photos Adrian,love the 'mood' and colour.I like the three dead trees and the two happy dogs.

  9. Graham, they are pets but I have to be pack leader. They bicker non stop. Then play non stop. it gets a bit wearing at times enforcing discipline but I wouldn't be without them.
    Honeymoons aren't all they are cracked up to be but it is unusual to be distracted by a Thrush. Thrush possibly!

    Carolyn, they are, as nearly always, heavily processed. I am trying to get back for pictures of the Hunting Tower but England is shut down for a month...Easter....... Referendum...Royal Wedding....Whitsuntide.....Mayday. No doubt some I have forgotten.