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Tuesday 5 April 2011


It’s just coming up to noon. I’ve been up since four this morning. The dogs have been for three walks…..well two and an extended one on their own. The top button of my trousers has fallen off. They are Asda but the trousers cost less than a button so who am I to complain. I’ll just pat my bum and get on with life.

Last night we experienced continual rain. We are very close to the South Tyne and I was a trifle concerned about inundation, beautiful as the river is, I didn’t fancy becoming a part of it.  No worries it stayed within it’s allotted territory. Almost!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Things here are a week or more behind. The roe Deer are still in their winter coats. No sign of Frog or Toad. No sound of Woodpecker either. Last year this woodland was full of Woodpeckers. Annoying as their are tap tap tapping  and camera radar is I hope they are still around.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is not a large wood it runs for about a mile along the banks of the Tyne and is at most half a mile wide. It is bigger than it looks. It took me well over an hour to locate two West Highland Terriers. I walked them on the lead as far as the river would allow. Then, silly me, assuming any deer would have made themselves scarce let them off for the run home. Deer everywhere for a minute then no Deer and no dogs. Little devils. So that was it for today. The feeders are up and attracting Nuthatch, Great Tits, Blue Tits and Chaffinch. I’ll try for some pictures tomorrow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      This is a blend of three separate images one for each colour channel. It’s the Harris effect and to see it you will have to view large.

That is all for today, not one of the better ones. I’ll see what Wednesday sends my way.



  1. It looks alright, the river that meanders along through many places. That is a Harris effect, lol.

  2. Always a pleasure to stroll along with you and see your world through your camera lens.

  3. A full day in before noon! Looks like oil in the water with that effect :) What are the temps? It looks chilly and wet!

  4. Bob, it is an effect and a half.

    Hilary, I hope for a better day today though it's awful wet at the moment.

    Scrappy Grams, you are welcome.

    Glo, It is very wet but warm even warm at night.

  5. oh, thank you for sharing... I hope you are well

  6. Laura, we are fine. Struggling a bit with weather but otherwise enjoying life.

  7. After all the floods in Australia and the rising rivers and lesser floods here in NZ over this summer I keep thinking of the campsites washed away in France some years ago. I experienced something similar in Italy too. So I'd be a bit apprehensive camping too near a river even in your fine and sturdy home.

  8. I had the same problem this week, not with the deer or the dogs .... but with the trousers !!

  9. Graham, in theory we should get a few hours notice of flood. Glug, glug..........so much for theory.

    Jay, it's okay now I've sewn it back on.