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Saturday 23 April 2011

IS IT ME? (23/04/11)

I’m in a bit of a quandary. Molly and I went out for an early to mid morning bird shoot. Thrilled to bits I was. Wetting trousers thrilled. These are all todays images, no HDR or any of that Tom Foolery. No Catchy Uppy…Back to normal?

The view from Tan Hill…………………………………………………….stitched. Been here two days and it was hazy. Fell in lust last night…..not reciprocated………though she came round for an espresso this morning…..Story of my life!!!

     ‘OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Nothing special but it was so much worse yesterday and the day before.

We have so many nesting birds up here that one has to be careful, dogs on a lead………….ALWAYS!…. Townies take note!…..It’s only for a couple of months.

Now………..shall I post lunacy first or sensible second?…………….I have to make an editorial decision. I’m thrilled to bits with today so Lunacy comes second.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The Golden Plover…………………..A lucky hit?………………..No Way! Lying down on wet bog under my poncho. Ta Trevor……….and you too Keith. Really happy bunny I am, birding with a hangover……must be horrific sober. Seriously, thanks one and all. I’ve been a dumb cluck but I’m now getting there. Keith last week pointed out my major fault…..Birders are not supposed to bellow ‘SIT’ One lives and one learns.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here it is again.Not true, this is another………….about to b…….r off…………….sorry go away. That’s another off my list…….I feels like a train spotter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Whilst lying in a bog a Red Grouse hopped, or whatever grouse do, onto my horizon. Spotted me straight away.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Kicked up one hell of a racket and b……..d off………….Flew away I meant.

This is a long post be patient please.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      I only took this because I find it hard to take shiny metal without blow out………….it’s also drop dead gorgeous.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADon’t click out this is a ten year old Triumph Tiger………..Okay not a Fireblade….stick with me here.

The passenger…………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA Jack Russel Terrier goggles and all! As soon as the motorcyclist reached for his keys she jumped into the harness. Last year she went to Italy this year it’s Austria. Look out for the loon with a dog on a bike.


Think I’ve finished …………………Nay there is more…………….his dog has goggles this one, a real Hells Angel, has a helmet….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       These, although it’s hard to believe, were taken an hour apart And in one of the remotest parts of England. No police , no bother………Is it me or has the world turned barking mad.Molly has, she was green with envy. She now wants a crash helmet and a pair of goggles.

This place is not good for my sanity…………….Is It Me?

Have a cracking Easter.



  1. Great pic of the golden plover Adrian - but that biking bonzo is something else! The Jack Russel looks remarkably like Snoopy...

  2. That Golden Plover is superb Adrian. You've got some excellent birds there.

    Dogs in harness's, goggles and helmets; what an amazing place.

  3. You are having a great Easter up there in wild and woolly country. Love the GP photos, and the grouse.
    You will have to tell Molly she can't have a doggy carry pouch as you wouldn't be able to lie down to photo the birds. She wouldn't want goggles - wouldn't be able to see the muddiest bits to paddle through.

  4. So the trick is to lie down to photograph the birds? I got all caught up with the shiny car!
    Dogs with goggles and helmets-so fun!
    Happy Easter, Adrian.

  5. I've just decided to wipe "Get a decent bird shot' off my Bucket List. No way am I laying down in a bog!

    Better not let my grandkids see those dogs and their gear! Not that the dogs would mind, it would be a better look than being strapped into an old pram with baby bonnets on their heads.

    Hope you have a Happy Easter!

  6. Sounds like a great locale for a 'TV sitcom'! You couldn't make up stuff this good :) I guess a person just has to drop his sanity off at the door and carry on.

    Terrific Golden Plover shots, and who knows what the Red Grouse thought when he found you peering up at him before he ...left!

    Unique vehicles, travelling companions and gear. I can see why you enjoy frequenting the pub.

  7. Great pics of the Golden Plover and Red Grouse. So you have to lie down ... do you have to get up again too?
    When we lived in France there was a huge Harley Davidson rally held nearby. A surprising number of bikers arrived with dogs, usually Jack Russells or Yorkies, wearing kilts. No .. the bikers were wearing kilts, not the dogs!
    Handlebar baskets, pillion baskets, their own seat on a trike but I never saw harnesses like this!

  8. Phil, I've never seen a dog on a motorbike with or without goggles. Then two within an hour or so.

    Keith, I'm happy with the Plover. Merlin and Meadow Pipit today. The world is going mad.

    John, burst shooting seems to be the answer and bin the rubbish. Great dogs I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Molly is filthy this morning been digging in the duck stream.....lovely.

    Norma, lying down seem s to help, it is a crazy place.

    Pauline a semi dry bog. A first for me biker dogs.

    Glo, it is a unique place and attracts a clientèle that in any normal society would candidates for the funny farm.

    George, apparently the gear for dogs is imported from America, It's the getting up that is the problem.

  9. The Golden Plover is awesome and a rare view of a grouse. It made me realise how special your posts are as you have a dog to contend with at sensitive moments. Unlike the rest of the post ... Like dog, like owner. Never been to Tan Hill before but the atmosphere reminds me of a remote Hartside but with pub and not cafe.

  10. Jay, the plover made my day, or I thought it did till the Hells Angel dogs appeared. Tan Hill is well worth a visit though Bowes Moor is awfully hard work.

  11. What an absolutely crackin' post Grommit! One of the best and funniest I've seen for , oh, I don't know, er several days anyway. Seriously though (serious I am through and through) it is a crackin' post. Photos aren't bad either.

  12. I like the bird shots, but your portrait of the motorcyclist with the Jack Russell is my favorite. Happy Easter!

  13. Graham, it's not down to me it's down to the place I'm in...........It helps my being slightly nutty. It helps that the pub attracts professional loons.

    Jolynne, Happy Easter to you and yours. It took a while chatting before he posed but after listening to his life history....attentively.......I got the picture. The Golden Plover Is my favourite one of twenty and almost two hours keeping still. Another twenty minutes regaining a Neanderthal approximation of upright.

  14. Awesome images, and thanks for the big smile I got from looking at those biker dogs.

  15. Horst, thanks.......there are thank heaven some crazy folk about.

  16. This is such a fun post! You *know* I love the dog pictures - what a hoot! Molly would look SO hot in a leather jacket! ;o)

    Hope you've had a great weekend! It's back to the grind for me this morning. Blech. Wish I could b..... off and go take some pictures. Got some *great* swan shots this weekend, only to delete them in the field. I'm a Moron. lol

  17. Krista. We've had a magical Easter, still got the headache to prove it. I would come back as a journalist if I had the time. Aren't all my posts fun? Deleted shots..........shame on you...it's why we proper snappers have four or five memory cards. Women are different they can remember........sure you are not hermaphrodite? nah! all woman. Nice to find a fallible one, cheers.