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Sunday 17 April 2011

SUNDAY SINEMA (17/04/11)

What a change in the weather, a moderate frost last night but a grand morning for a walk. Clear and bright, sparkling bright.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Looking across Ullswater towards Helvelyn. I believe I have Sheffield Pike on the left mid picture. This is a panoramic crop not a stitched image.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMum checking which lambs are hers……..it gets awfully confusing.

Lambs at Park Foot

That’s all for today, it’s Sunday so truck clean…………..hopefully a Grand Prix but I’m really short of bandwidth here.

gull on stick

I reworked yesterdays Gull on a stick. Got rid of the lump of concrete and flipped it. It’s also had a different crop.

Have a good week…………I’ll be out of internet range from tomorrow morning until Thursday……………..Unless I wander to the pub……..As If!


  1. Both beauties in that wonderful sunlight but if I had to pick a favourite.. "it had to be ewe, it had to be ewe.." ;)

  2. Hilary, I love early and late........late is not so good as humans stop up late.
    The sheep lamb later up here, it was minus two this morning but thankfully dry. Lambs, if they are feeding survive cold but not wet. These are between a day and three or four days old. Sheep are generally very good mothers.

  3. A taster for what to expect ;)

    A pub you say? Sounds good to me. :)

  4. Like the gull onna stick! I liked the version yesterday WITH the concrete too.

  5. Beautiful landscape. The word pastoral comes to mind... ;)

  6. Keith, not just a pub but a choice......only one good one.

    George, thanks. I prefer it without and it could still do with losing a stick or two.

    Monica, it's seven thirty in the evening here and I am actually running air con......on cold. Go up a thousand feet or so and it will be a different story.

  7. There was me thinking only Tricia went for the Awwww factor lol.
    The gull picture does look better without the concrete lump.

  8. Awww.. those little lambs are just too cute for words Adrian!

    And you and Keith out with cameras together - we're in for a treat.

    (Pub sounds a good idea toooooo ;)
    P.S. Keith makes wicked sandwiches..

  9. John, no I'm guilty as well. They are better in the evening so I have another load to edit with them really acting the fool. I think the gull could still do with one more stick rubbing out.

    Tricia, you like these then wait till Thursday. Or maybe before if I get WIFI. Yes he's coming up for a few days. I'm a solitary photographer but it will be good to have company.

  10. Spring lambs gamboling in green pastures ~ can't beat that combination! The video takes us all right there! Really enjoyed seeing the views and the lighting in the first one is just lovely.

    Fiddling with sticks and gulls just goes to show what can be done! Looking forward to seeing more and have fun with your company :)

  11. Umm. I'm thinking double trouble.
    Although I don't generally care much for sheep, I did enjoy your video. Would be fun to catch them playing in the last light of day, too.
    Really like your re-worked gull on a stick!

  12. Nice pictures,especially the sheep.

  13. Like the first image a lot nice job Adrian first time I have visited.

  14. All your photos are so amazing. They are a visual treat for me.

  15. What treat that movie is! the pigeons cooing, really lovely! Thank you for posting it. Well, and taking it too!

  16. A nicely composed image of the sheep family. It's great to hear the natural sounds in the background of the video. I never seem to give myself enough time to take in this kind of thing as I am always seem to be on the go !!

  17. Such a perfect day! The nature, the panorama, the animals and on the evening the pub;-)) Adrian, I wish you happy easter and a lot of fun! Hugs from Luzia.

  18. Glo, it is a superb time of year.

    Pauline, it is being edited.....It needs it I am afraid a foul word was picked up as I was cursing the dogs.

    Bob, cheers.

    Picturit, I'm glad you called by. i'll get round to catching up properly.

    Olga, i'm glad you like them.

    Katherine, I'll clean up the evening one which is better.

    Laura, thank you.

    Jay, It's one of the benefits of old age. I have to move slowly.

    Lucy, the weather is perfect. There will be a water shortage soon.

    Jean, thank you

  19. Amazing the difference a piece of concrete, or lack of a piece of concrete, makes.

  20. Graham, It could still be improved by the removal of another stick.....