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Tuesday 26 April 2011

IAN ANDERSON (26/04/11)

Ian Anderson though  under pressure is a superb entertainer, he is brilliant. The landlady at the Tan Hill Inn is a pain in the bottom. Halfway through my artistic endeavours she switched from electric light to candles so half of the twenty five minutes of video I took is black……………with candles. I really detest editing video. You can hear me singing away, no not too much amber falling down water, I just like Bruce Springsteen and am not used to video. What have I admitted to……………never live this down.

Sober as a newt…….it’s ‘and ‘eld. beat that you pro video mens and womens!

The first song is. ‘The First Cut Is the Deepest’…….best covered by Rod Stewart, he would be challenged writing Rod Satwert but written by a brilliant bloke called Cat Stevens. his real name? I think not but if he can write a song like this then he can call himself Yuseff bin el Writin for all I care. Ian Im bin Singin Anderson is good at this one.

Ian Anderson

Now I think I may have missed the odd naughty word. I’m no away back to look for it. It’s difficult for us Evangelical Christmasses to tell bullock from bollock. Sorry about that. Enjoy my awful video and have a good week.



  1. I thought it was Jethro Tull for a minute.

    Enjoyed the video Adrian. I'm definitely going to have to come up there. My sort of pub.

  2. Keith, not that bad........he's full time. Cook. father, father, bar man and entertainer. His father in law is better, a one man Stalin on steroids. Falls out with himself after a couple of falling downs. Told you to come up. If you buy a posh camera I'll give you a loan of a tripod. This was in the bar they now have a stage and lights and sound mixing desk at the back of the barn. We northerners are dumb, the act is at the front and we are at the back. Cheers.

  3. Horst, not that good but it was a good night.

  4. There os nothing like live music for atmosphere even though it may not be the sort of pub music I would go and see, You made the very best of difficult lighting conditions.

  5. Jay, I take the video for practise. The video is better this time the editing is still pretty bad. I just love the atmosphere. Never any bother and folk from six to sixty plus enjoying themselves.