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Friday 1 April 2011

A WEE BIT WINDY (31/3/11)

If I disregard the lack of a phone signal and the fact that internet is non existent then this place is superb. Today as the overnight rain and mist cleared I decided to go and investigate some old mine workings on the moor above the valley of Rosedale.

It’s a steep climb but the views back down into the valley were adequate compensation…………I think! The wind was horrendous. Almost impossible to stand in the stronger gusts. Broken cloud was sending patches of sunlight flying across the valley below. All in all a good morning and a refreshing wander.



image   This is all that remains of what I assume to be old lime kilns. It’s a little odd as there is no adjacent Limestone. There is or was a railway that runs at over a thousand feet around the valley. This is a twelve mile walk which was beyond me in gale force winds. It is possible that as well as ironstone there is some limestone and coal around. The local hysterical society have a web site so had I access I could have told you all about it. I think a Google of Rosedale Historical Society would probably fill the gaps in my knowledge………..one big gap if I’m honest.

On we were blown, the dogs flying like kites on the ends of their leads.

image   These sculptures are becoming prevalent…………..They are fine but the custom of writing puerile rubbish on them isn’t and I speak as an expert on the writing of rubbish. The rail bed is to the right. It dates from the mid eighteen hundreds I suspect and could well have used horses for motive power. I’ll check it all out before I return.

image    Rosedale valley looking north west over the North York Moors.

image   Looking south east down the valley.



image    All in all a beautiful place. Pity about the wind. It is warm though and dry.

By the time you get this I will be back at Raby Castle. It should be open this time.



  1. beautiful contrasts of the land! too bad about the wind

  2. Good to see you've blown back into the picture ;) What amazing views of the landscape spread out from your vantage point. I'm left with the thought of two fluffy white kites whirling in the atmosphere. Also enjoyed seeing your previous post of the church ~ interesting history and images.

  3. I was out walking in cold rain yesterday and it made me almost thankful 'after all' for the snowy winter (even though I've been complaining a lot about that). Fantastic landscapes in this post. I'm always amazed at how much of that kind of scenery there is in Yorkshire.

  4. Such a beautiful landscape. I would love to see that part of the world one day.

  5. Nice arches and views, I particularly like the second last one. I keep flicking through the walking books of North Yorkshire and always seem to discount this area as it's full of 12 mile walks, maybe these views are the inspiration I need.
    The memory I have of walking in the North York moors is the background of image 4 trying desperately not to disturb any grouse who in turn disturb me !!

  6. It's been a blowy wind, enough to blow your kilns down. Brilliant photos Adrian.

  7. Love the arches of the kilns,we still have them here in Ireland,I come across them on my walks,they are usually covered in briar and ivy,but I love finding them.
    Wonderful landscapes ,nice to see England still has lovely country sides,moors and dales.
    Have a great weekend.Carolyn

  8. Scrappy grams, the wind was horrendous but a beautiful day.

    Hilary, it's very compact. We look forward to offering our hospitality.....I sound like the Tourist Board.

    Glo, I enjoyed the four days. I'll admit to a little licence over flying dogs, they seem to cope with most things.

    Monica, it is a beautiful area. Every half mile there is a different perspective. When one also gets good light it's gorgeous.

    Jay, I was a bit disappointed with the kilns. The second last was the best image for me as well. I was walking with a mate so difficult to sit and wait for good light. Still good to have the company. This walk is on an old railbed so discounting the uphill from the valley is fine.

    Bob, looking at them I think it had.

    Carolyn, I love old industrial relics.........I'm an old relic.

    Keith, it's a wonderful place.......see you up here September.

  9. Wonderfull landscape pictures! Nice colors and good mood in the sky!

    Have a nice evening!

    Leiv Arne

  10. Leiv, thank you. I had a look at your blog, it's very impressive.