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Friday 30 September 2011

ANYBODY’S GUESS? (30/09/11)

My brain has turned to fungus. We were up early this morning but though there was mist it was no better than yesterday.

I’ve been busy………….walked down to the lake…….walked back and took no end of snaps, banged my head on a branch as I’m looking at my feet for mushrooms. If you are the slightest bit bored by fungi I suggest you click out now. I love them……..so much entertainment to be had from these wonderful forms of life…………perhaps it’s about time I got a life? I’ll be away to buy an anorak with a fur trimmed hood if I’m not careful.

I have joined a wonderful and helpful community called Wild About Britain. It seems the ‘Dogs Bollocks’. I upload a piccy,  type help and within an hour I get a guess. Lovely folk.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis I posted yesterday. It’s a baby Psathyrella. Cos it’s got a scaly stem I’m going to call it a young Scaly Brittle Head…………..Ta Peter.


At the lake Mr and Mrs Tufted duck…………Shot through my Macro lens.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A Common Hawker…….little beast wouldn’t settle. Patience is a virtue…………his wings got tired before I got sick of waiting. My first Dragonfly of the year. He’s a belter but was soon away to gobble up some poor fly.

From now on it’s all fungi………..we are enjoying an Indian Summer……..Indian as in curry not Indian as in tomahawk. Not sure why it is termed an Indian summer, if I were to be totally honest….. This is summer!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     I found the first Puff Balls of my year. Common Puff Ball. These taste superb. The smaller the better.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  False Chantrelle. …….Hey! Mark me out of ten………….I’ll be a misogamist shortly!


Porcelain Cap………………I hope! I had to crouch right down for the right hand one. It is white and shiny and I didn’t do it justice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Sulphur Caps…………….keep marking.

Now if you could be so kind stop marking.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I have no idea………….not the name of the fungus . I haven’t got a clue what it is.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I’m going for Giant Funnel Cap………..it’s big and whiteish. You mustn't eat it. The pound coin is 7/8ths of an inch in diameter……………it’s mine.


This is growing on a dead Beech……………..smelled of Marlboro………..it would…….I’d just put a fag out. I haven’t got a clue so nothing new here then. It is a pretty thing. I’ll upload to wildaboutbritain.

That’s my day……………marinating veg now for an other unexpected BBQ. Wonderful is our climate.

Have a really great weekend. I’m sorry I only take snaps and can’t tell you more about what I’ve snapped.


  1. Sorry - can't even make a guess about the one before the Funnel Cap. The Funnel Cap itself is brill.

    I'm chuffed about the Psathyrella - that's another of my old photos named. I'm less chuffed that while you are wandering around in fungi-land I'm stuck at home. Sorting the loft in this weather is not the ideal use of time! I guess that's one advantage of the travelling life - no loft to store rubbish in.

  2. John,
    apparently I caught the Psahtyrella at dawn. In minutes they turn a bit boring.Check the ID and lets see yours...........I didn't phrase that proper. Post a picture of your Psathyrella. We'll see. Apparently there are dozens of them........I'm supposed to give a picture of their gills.........I'm as low down as I can get.....covered in crap.......How much lower do they expect me to get? One can't get lower than ones Nadir. Bright?... Daft! They are.

  3. Hi Adrain ...our brain has turned to fungus ...hmmm what else is new...; }
    Hey just kidding...I am enjoying your mushrooms and fungus...of course with my eyes that is lol
    That Hawkeye is a winner and the False Chantrelle is a beauty!!
    How many different ones have you found so far...you are keeping count???

    I'm off for the weekend ...visiting my daughter who lives in Northern Maine...she is the sheep farmer...will bring back photo's of colored leaves and sheep!! lol no butterflies ...I think!!

    Have a good one and behave yourself ; }


  4. Hey I meant to say your brain...well maybe that's right afterall lol!!!

  5. I'm hopeless at fungi ID, so I'll take your word on the names.
    The False Chantrelle is a grand shot; and the folk at Wild About Britain are very helpful. I think I joined that forum some time ago.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Hey Adrian you are such a fungi !!! Don't know fungi have some to post myself from Landfill so you may come in very useful Great images love the Hawker Kev

  7. I'm with you, Adrian, fungi are such interesting plants! fantastic shot of the dragonfly!

  8. Lovely images Adrian and thanks for the link to Wild about Britain... It's been so dry here this year all I have seen are Earthballs and Birch Polypore.
    Have a great weekend while the warm weather lasts.

  9. Don't know the fungus Adrian but you have an excellent shot of a Migrant Hawker - not a Common Hawker! The yellow "golf-tee" on segment 2 of the abdomen together with the brown, not yellow, leading edge to the wings (the costa) are diagnostic of this species. Good luck with the fungi Ids!

  10. Funny little fungi.. but kinda pretty, sorta kinda, some.
    Have a great weekend, Adrian. Watch out for those attack branches.

  11. Beautiful mushrooms, I'd get fat with just a thought.

  12. Grace, I'll have to start cataloguing these images of fungi. I think the D catagory will be full so many Don't Knows.
    Have a good weekend.

    Keith, Ta. You have a good week.

    Kevin, I'm hopeless at ID'ing them. I'll try.

    Norma, they are wonderful things.

    Andrew,thanks, I have never seen so many fungi. This is a great place.

    George, many thanks for the correction. I had doubts but as it was on it's own I settled for the Common. Scarce I've only ever seen in groups.

    Laura, they are fascinating. I'll look where I'm going.

    Bob, cheers.

  13. Wonderful images Adrian as usual :) Fantastic dragonflies :) And I love muschrooms :)

  14. Ula, the fungi are keeping me amused. Thank you for the kind comment.

  15. I see the fungi are charging for photographs now ;)
    Great dragon shot.

  16. John, they do round here......too close to Yorkshire!