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Monday 12 September 2011


We have moved down to a place called Sewerby. It’s halfway between Flamborough and Bridlington. It’s a brand new site and is not dissimilar to a supermarket car park but with grass and gravel. Good showers and washing machines so it fits the bill for a couple of days. It’s also on the east coast so relatively sheltered. The van is rocking like crazy so Lord knows what it’s like on the west coast.

We wandered the couple of miles into Bridlington………..I’d run out of fags and needed a map. Silly me…….got the cigarettes but the map shop had run out of local maps……. Shopkeepers, I DON’T KNOW!  I could barely stand in the gusts so snapping was a hit and miss affair. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Flamborough Head…………………………

’They didn’t think much to the seaside.                                            

The waves, they was fiddling and small.

There were no shipwrecks and nobody drownded.

In fact nothing to laugh at at all!’

Marriot Edgar…………’Albert and the Lion’………..A Stanley Holloway Monologue. It will be on You Tube. Well worth a listen or even a read.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I’m getting a bit in front of myself here. I’d no sooner started packing the truck than my friends the hens came dashing for their breakfast. I’d just put the bird feeder away so emptied the peanuts, bits of fat ball, the seed feeder and the meal worm tray……..I must be getting soft………feeding hens meal worms at twenty pence each! It was early! I also love watching hens run……….these are Sussex Lights…….A home counties bird so used to the best.

Back to Bridlington…………………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Harbour………….no boats rigged for trawling……..Crabs and Lobster are what they are after. Not after anything today and very wise of them. There is an old Cornish saying……..’ Those that are unafraid of the sea are often drowned but those that fear it are only drowned now and again.’


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   I was almost tempted…………..Almost!…………Sorry about the distracting cloud I ought to have waited for the shot or cloned the cloud a bit. Too busy waiting for traffic for the former and too busy colour popping for the latter. My apologies.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The places one finds when looking for a map……..Pity I’m too fat to fit in a Noddy Car or Thomas The Tank Engine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This lass was really funny………….hails from somewhere near the hens. I called stay there……..she took one look and turned away. Where are the Geordie lasses or Yorkshire girls when one wants one? I'd have been taking their pictures now…….perched on litter bins, sitting in wheelie bins pushing one another around  and generally having fun on a beautiful if breezy day.

Tomorrow we are going to Flamborough. It is giving another sunny day. We will see.

Hope you are all safe and sound.


  1. Adrian, this post is a great delight. These lovely views and the charming hens are a joy for my eyes.

  2. Cheerful colour-popping! I've been to Bridlington once. Nearly 40 years ago! when I was staying with an English family in a village near Doncaster...

  3. Hi Adrian...if you hadn't mentioned it I would never have noticed the clouds... ; ]

    Love those hen's especially those little puffs on there little bun's...lol
    That photo also has a lot pf character with the clothes on the line , and I love those houses!!
    Looks like a great place with lots of flashy colors...or is that you tinkering again??

    You must be getting what's left of the X storm Katia....tie that your van and hang on!!


    PS still some ADD going on ; }

  4. Adrian, it's time to put on our swimming trunks and who will be first in the sea? Nice and breezy type at Flamborough Head.

  5. Awesome blog Adrian, love the chicken photo. The isolated color on B&W are awesome, love what you did. Keep on having fun and do keep showing us these wonderful photos of your travels.

  6. Lovely photographs of an English resort after the summer rush. Most are slowly dying..the death knell rings. What is left but a couple of pensioners gazing seaward from a windswept shelter.

  7. A lovely read... made me smile when I saw 'Albert and the Lion' a wonderful piece.
    Great images by the way and the wind is getting up in Cheshire right now.

  8. Love the chippy and the high street. Really works well with that treatment.
    Good angle on the chickens too.

  9. Never been to Bridlington I don't think.

    Not fat...generously proportioned!

    Ah, you can never find a Geordie lass when you need one. You don't! Three turn up at once and start mucking around. Stands to reason.

  10. Olga, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Monica, it is not a very attractive place....run down best describes it.

    Grace, not ADD just different thing happening. The colours are real. AS if I would adulterate an image!

    Bob, not me the sea will be freezing.

    Horst, thanks.

    Trevor, it is a bit tatty. Plenty of folk about though.

    Andrew, Thanks, The return of Albert is my favourite.

    Keith, i laid down for the hens.

    Fransesc, thank you.

    Graham, neither had I. It really isn't very good. Yes just wanted the girl to add interest. Her jacket was blue but it would have been a minutes work to swap it to yellow or orange.

  11. Sunshine ? What country have you moved to????

  12. Adrian, excellent colour popped chippy and shops, not sure about the location tho'

    And those hens have surely got potential for some more good shots on your next visit!...[;o)

  13. John, a great day, not one drop of rain and warm.

    Trevor, I tried to make it look good. It looks fine in the pictures but it is a depressing spot.
    I love hens and cattle...........very soothing to have around. These are very tame.

  14. The popped Nosh Bar worked well and the next shows a typical gaudy seaside resort originally designed for day trippers and short stay visitors.

  15. John, I think they still are from my time in Whitby.............this is a wee bit, well...Not as cosmopolitan as Whitby.

  16. Great images and some childhood memories, It's been decades since I was last there. Inspiration for me to visit with the camera. Anything with boat attracts my attention. I Love the colour/monochrome processing.