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Saturday 3 September 2011

A BAKERS DOZEN (03/09/11)

Now I don’t know how true this is but a Baker’s Dozen is thirteen. Years ago Bakers could be hung, drawn and quartered should they sell under weight loaves. They stuck an extra one on to insure against this. I suspect this is apocryphal…..that is another reely difficult word…………Who buys twelve loaves of bread? Folk do! At Christmas! Chuck eleven away but they still purchase the dozen. Have to, the shops are shut for two days.

Hurricane Irene was a godsend to Obama and Wal-Mart…………..Pound to a dollar there was nothing on the shelves in any of their east coast stores.

I do get distracted. The baker’s dozen or thirteen is the number of different birds visiting the camper today. The weather is vile…………heavy showers so I sat in the truck and watched the birds. Read a bit of my current book. Wrote this. How do I fit everything in?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Blue Tits predominated………….it’s not watching me but the wee rocket coming in.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Chaos…………half a dozen of them plus a Coal Tit.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  In and out they come………..fat balls are favourite but the seed feeder is on it’s third refill.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  For a change. A young Chaffinch, Coal Tit and Great Tit.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA young Nuthatch and Blue Tit.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI know it’s young because it landed on the ground to pick up a bit of fat ball…………..silly bird.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGreenfinch and………You know by now.

better than TV is the bird feeder…… I almost forgot…………….proper sausages…………….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA From William Peat in Barney. Restored my faith in food………..TA!

Now I realize I don’t have pictures of thirteen different birds……………there were. I wrote them down……

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA See!…………I need to get a life.

Have a great Sunday.

PS. For those that are wondering. Hairy Keith is on holiday in Wales. He’s Wales Watching.


  1. Hi Adrian...Wow just came in from weeding in the garden..and there you are again with a post...but kept forgetting the time difference!

    It has gone for 59f to 80f in just two hour's and is getting humid ..it is supposed to bring on thunder storms this afternoon, and people think Maine is always cold!!

    Your photo's show a lot of activity ...how's your wallet holding up...costly little guys aren't they !! Good thing they are cute... : }

    That saugage look fantastic..so what's cooking to go with it!! I'm hungry!!


    ps...thanks for the info on the "Old Bugger" I love the Wales watching crack!!
    At least I know he is alive!!

  2. Brilliant images, which brings me to your writing, it is.................................

  3. A lovely post Adrian... very entertaining.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend...I hope to.

  4. chuckling out loud, Adrian!
    not fair that the birds at your feeder are so much lovelier than those at mine!

  5. Grace, Hairy is fine.
    Mash and onion gravy with the sausages...... broccoli if it's still fit to eat.

    Bob, they are more fun to watch than the TV.

    Andrew, thanks and you too.

    Norma, all birds are good. I get so much pleasure from them.

  6. Adrian , a great post.

    I could...I do!.....sit for hours just watching the antics of the birds coming to the feeders in my garden!

    I hope those bangers tasted as good as they look....did you manage the whole bakers dozen? [;o)

  7. Trevor, a fine way to pass a wet afternoon. I still have two bangers left. They are excellent but the best ones I get from Bootle in Cumbria.

  8. Lovely as always but the sight of sausage made me gag. But I forgive you because "Wales watching" made me laugh.

  9. Hilary, sorry about the bangers.....I got hundreds of requests...........well, two.......for a snap of them.
    Hairy Keith is fine and I suspect he has a new phone.......I got a Multimedia text from him. If I could remember what I had done with the wires for my steam driven phone I'd have posted it. Very impressive it was.

  10. Well I've had a day in today as well but because I had to catch up and the sun was perfect. Any sensible person in my place would have walked down to the beach below the house and got some fresh air and exercise. But sensible I'm not. So I took 536 photos of birds (mainly spadgers) visiting the bird feeder (mainly) whilst doing letters and emails and phone calls and all the things we retired folk find to fill our days. Now it's time to sort them out and have a glass of wine. Or vice versa.

  11. Graham, at least it wasn't a wasted day......watching TV. Usually something slightly unusual will turn up at the feeders. Usually disappears again as soon as the camera is ready. Never mind.

  12. Great pictures of the birds. If anyone was looking in by chance, they would be wondering what was going on here. Ah well ... a butchers half dozen !

  13. Jay, I write this stuff and I wonder what is going on.