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Tuesday 27 September 2011


It’s been a day of mixed weather so far. First light this morning the sky was clear, it was chilly but no frost. I took the dogs out and lost the wee devils. Well I Knew where they were, they were squirreling. I could here the little darlings yipping away. Get near enough! No chance! Fifty yards of bramble betwixt they and me! I am still suffering from yesterdays tumble but kept my cool………….If I lose it and start F…ing and Blinding at them…. I've learnt. It’s counter productive! Saying I’m going this way and wandering off works better.  I wander fifty yards and wait……ten minutes later they arrive… A fraught ten minutes!…..what obedience!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     I shifted the van because the birds weren’t getting a look in at the feeder. First to arrive after the move was this little charmer. I thought it was eating meal worms, thought of buying a gun…….No, a sunflower seed. It was worth moving I’m down to two of these now. Before, six to ten of them at a time.

Back to today.

I then ran out of gas………..(cooking gas) so waited till nine to replenish it. Then we were off out with a bag full of gear to look inside the church.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I got inside but there was organ music playing. It stopped and a sepulchres voice started reciting some liturgy I’ve long forgotten. I did consider tapping the lady on the shoulder and enquiring…….in a whisper. ‘ Are you going to be long?’ ………..Even I have some standards so retreated and went mushrooming. Wish I had waited I love her in this light.

I rounded a corner in the path and caught my Fly Agaric vandal………..A crow……..ripping bits out of them and chucking the pieces left, right and centre. Little black demon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   They are doing fine despite the Crows attention.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   A real beauty is this one.

It was by now misty and cold so seeking further amusement I headed for Ash Wood. The person that christened it must have been a man after my own heart………….or thick! There isn’t an Ash tree in it! What there is………..


Alder Catkins and Cones…………….I’ve seen one or the other but never both together before.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The leaves are falling fast this morning……..what a snapper I am………………….No! If you look carefully this leave is suspended from a bit of spider silk.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Not a clue………….it is fun rummaging about in the leaf litter…….amazing what I find.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I can’t even hazard a guess……………Help, please?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Common White Fibre Cap…………..Not very white it could be the Charcoal Burner. I should have eaten one. If I had and die tomorrow then it’s the former.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I even switched to live view for a close up……………Whatever it is it’s gorgeous. Whilst I was taking this a ‘Please Miss’ turned up with half dozen children in tow. ‘Look children, what’s this?…’ ‘ Please Miss, It’s an old man lying down Miss.’….’Is he all right Miss?’…………..’Please Miss. It’s a tree stump Miss.’…………..’Please Miss It’s dead leaves Miss.’….’ Please Miss. Can I stroke the dogs Miss, pleeese can  I Miss?’  I looked up from my labour and thought ………….wouldn’t mind ten minutes on the forest floor with this Please Miss. Why do ‘Please Misses’ always have loads of children as chaperones?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This I’m going to call a Milk Cap or Russule………It’s perfect whatever it is. So much entertainment to be had from fungi……..Taking their picture, editing, pouring through the fungi book and then guessing. Passes a day on wonderfully. 

Now tomorrow I must get some food and fags in……….I have food but no cigarettes, not had a beer since Saturday………..life can be grim on the road. I may also call in the opticians…….on the way back I spotted a Tree Creeper.   The three of us sat down whilst it did it’s vertical spiral up the tree. I shot plenty of tree but no creeper then I caught a blur as it flew away and stopped…………..Gotcha!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Unfortunately not…………..the Gotcha I got was a Nuthatch……………Specsavers for me!

A good day……..I hope yours has been, will be or is.


  1. The squirrel looks well fed. The crow might not be!

  2. I think the 'Common White Fibre Cap' could be an Amethyst Deceiver but then again.... That's why I never eat wild mushrooms!

  3. Monica, it is, I'm thinking of eating it. The Crow wasn't eating just being a vandal. It will be fine.

    John, they are the very devil to identify. The Amethyst Deceiver is edible. I'll eat one tomorrow and let you know...or not! I love the flavour of fungi and i have been caught out and had an upset tummy. I know a friend of yours suffered kidney failure. There are not many of them that bad.........if they taste nasty they are. Except for those labelled Deceivers. They are out to get you! There are exceptions this one is edible.

  4. Ii do like those Fly Agaric, they have a magical quality about them.

    And 10 minutes? I'm impressed! lol

  5. Brilliant photos, the pictures of the Fly Agaric is my favourite.

  6. A wonderful read Adrian. Lovely images.
    The church is as beautiful inside as I imagined.
    You sound just like me I would love all my images to be free of strangers.
    People get in my way.

    To answer your last comment on my blog.
    Nostalgia... and my trip. Yes loads.

  7. Keith, they do indeed. How much magic is the problem.....I'm looking after them.
    Up 'ere it's considered polite to introduce ones self......That takes eight minutes well two but they tend to answer back. Thirty seconds to get her kit off and I'm back to near normal.....Sorry if I gave the impression I'm a super stud.

    Bob, they are a photogenic toadstool. I love the colour.

  8. Andrew, nostalgia is good. I'll get into the church for a good do. It's harder than usual. What with folk praying and singing. Seems out of order to ask them to shove up a bit.

  9. Hi Adrian you got a Nuthatch good capture, a nice selection of shrooms and a great church shot. Sorry I have not been about to comment recently mentally busy. Kev

  10. More nice shots today...and think the squirrel is getting attached to you! :)

  11. Hi Adrain..I had a nice long comment for you and something happened and I lost it..darn it was good to!!!
    So I'll say like other do ..nice post and shot's !! (lol)

  12. The church shot is wonderful,you always capture them so well,I can feel the atmosphere of them.
    As you know, I like taking shots of fungi,will be posting them soon,but I am too nervous to identify them even though I bought the book,they all look so similar- the good and the bad-so have never eaten any of them.!!!
    Enjoyed the commentary as much as the photos in this post Adrian.!!

  13. Kevin, no problem.......have fun.

    Dee Bee, it is is getting on my nerves. Little devils.

    Grace, Cheers.........that often happens to me.

    Carolyn, I have to get inside for an hour.
    Fungi can be the very devil to identify. Some need years of study and a microscope. It's best if you can find someone who knows a bit to show you. They almost all look different as they age. Puff balls are almost safe....Shaggy Ink Caps are unique.