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Saturday 24 September 2011

FRUITS (24/09/11)

Today didn’t go to plan at all. I was up and about at three thirty this morning. After an hour I went back to bed and reawakened at about seven. I was feeling tired so decided against going to the chapel or lake. After breakfast  I took the dogs for a wander through the woods. A business fraught with danger as the place was thronged with folk on mountain bikes..……..I can’t hear the devils coming.

It’s a good weekend, lovely and sunny. I have all week to enjoy the place so I suppose it’s only fair that the workers get a good couple of days off……Fair for them!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Whoops!…………..Sorry about that. me just moving the camera to show you this.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A wonderful day and the tree tops.

Now a few fruits of the forest.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                  Elder Berries.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGuelder Rose Berries……….I hope!

Now for the fruits of my labour.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    A spilt toned image of Clumber Lake with the chapel spire in the background.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      The Chapel of Saint Mary the Virgin, both these are from yesterday but the processing is todays.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Sunlight and Beech leaves. This is processed to achieve an approximation of the Michael Orton Effect. I think it suits woodland scenes and anyway I haven’t done one for a while.

Have a good Sunday and I hope the weather is fine for you.


  1. Très belle série de photos. La dernière est ma préférée.



  2. Rodger, Je vous remercie. Google Michael Orton. J'aime ce qu'il fait.

  3. I really love the last image, as well as all the non tinted ones.

  4. I can't get enough of your splendid Autumn shots!
    Well done for this beautiful blue sky and pine shot...i do the same now when we've got a bit of "visible" sky...it makes superb photos but is also symptomatic of people in NEED of SUN (like me!):)
    I heard that we should have a BBQ week! hahahha! should we trust them??????
    A good Sunday to you Adrian :)

  5. People do tend to spoil a landscape; I hate it when they take to their boats around my local lake.
    I love the shot of the Hawthorn Berries.

  6. The sky, berries, the chappel, and the autumn are brilliant.

  7. Wonderful images Adrian... Lot's of berries on the trees here...
    Signs of another severe winter?

  8. I love the first shot of the elegant little berries. And the blue sky. We had it yesterday, gone today.

  9. That first shot is an interesting effect, I'm glad you posted it. I also love the sky-through-the-trees and just about everything here. Have a good weekend!

  10. now thats strange today I photographed lots of berries. widfalls etc went and got a book on mushrooms and trees, seeing that is what seems to catch the camera's eye these Autumn days now I am back in wales. I do not have to rely on folks telling me Id's not that any one did.
    Andrew said..Signs of another severe winter? .
    I always thought it was a sign of a good spring,
    never seen so much fruit as this year,

  11. HI Adrian...Man..that last one is a winner..I don't have a clue what your taking about there I just know it is beautiful!!
    The ooops one is pretty cool. : }
    I also love the Hawthorn berries!!
    Have a good one tomorrow!!

  12. Horst, Glad you are back regularly. I'll try to stop split toning.

    Dee Bee, BBQ...........of course believe. I do but then I believe in Santa Claus.

    Keith, It's the bikes that do my head in. Zooming about frightening folk.

    Bob, many thanks.

    Andrew, I hope so........I like the cold dry winters.
    Squirrels are burying their nuts I see.

    Pauline, It's spring for you now........soon be baking hot.

    JoLynne, it's done in camera. Grey filters till I get about a 4s exposure then pan vertically. It's hit and miss. I usually start at the top but either works.

    Tony, it is a sign of a good spring past. Andrew is a sage and is predicting the future.
    Hope you are settled into Wales again. A culture shock?

    Grace, thank you. Google Michael Orton.......he was a cunning chap.......it works for street scenes too, as long as there are plenty of people........he couldn't do the latter as he uses two transparencies and stacks them prior to printing.

  13. I'm really enjoying your picturesque location ~ lovely to see the blue sky, makes such a difference to one's spirits as well as photos - lots of fruits and berries around here too, but not in my garden this year. The cherries split, the pears were 6 and I think 3 apples. I think the grape vines have run amok and strangled them.

    Anyway...your chapel seems to whisper tranquility ~

  14. Glo, I'm staying another week......plenty to keep me going so I've got to plan some days.
    It is a good place to be though not as peaceful as it looks.

  15. A wonderful set of images. The last picture is my favorite.

    Have a lovely day!

  16. It's funny how things strike one. The acorn cup seems curiously small for the acorn.

    The Orton Effect certainly suits woodland and countryside scenes when trying for an artistic effect. He's certainly an inventive photographer.

  17. Claudia, It worked well the last one. Thank you and you enjoy your day.

    Graham, The cups are small but I'm not sure which type of oak it is as it was only a shrub sized one.
    I enjoy Ortonizing from time to time. He was clever at it to do it in camera as too much out of focus and they look naff!

  18. Lovely, fruity images, Adrian. You never fail to find something of beauty everywhere you go. I'm glad you posted the Hawthorn berries. That has helped me to identify the plant where I found that unusual spiky growth in the photo I published last Sunday. It didn't however yield any more answers as to what or why it grew like that. But at least now I know what it is. Thanks for that. :)

  19. Hilary, Hawthorn and Blackthorn are awkward to distinguish in winter. In spring the blackthorn has flowers before leaves the Hawthorn after.
    This time of the year it's easy. Hawthorn has red berries and the Blackthorn has Sloes.they are purple.......you pop them in gin strain the liquid off and drink it at Christmas. Sloe Gin! Tastes like cough medicine.

  20. It really has been a good year for fruit of all kinds. The only objection I have to elderberries is the purple splodges on my paths where they have passed through the Wood Pigeons.

  21. John, it has and for acorns. The Sweet chestnut has not faired well and neither has the Hazel.

  22. There was a news item last year in, I think, Auckland where people were complaining about 'things' being jettisoned from civilian aircraft passing overhead. The airlines pleaded innocence. It turned out to be the huge NZ Wood Pigeons doing exactly what John described.

    The Hazelnuts appear to be non-existent here in this part of France this year too. Not so sure about the Sweet Chesnuts.

  23. Graham, I don't want to dwell on what aircraft discharge. Flash frozen then warmed up......I could get pregnant.......I keep my knickers on.
    Nut's don't seem to have done too well this year but acorns have. The sweet Chestnut trees have produced masts in abundance but none are worth eating.